Hi Corbett, Chase and Caleb! 

My purpose and mission on this planet are to help people awaken and therefore become fully conscious and discover the Truth of who they truly are.

Why? - Because it happened to me in my life, it transformed my entire life, the light had emanated within me and since then I wasn't the same person anymore. I am a living proof that anyone can discover the Truth of who they truly are which in turn might lead to one's awakening.

My intention and vision in achieving this are to create a global online network of enlightened and awakened people and those who are intending to awake themselves. There would be an online community where people could help and assist each other, share their journeys of awakening and how they became enlightened and fully conscious.

The purpose behind it all is to shift a collective consciousness of humanity and to stop all the suffering, pain and drama that people unconsciously experience in their lives.

The online network that I have as an idea will be named - SoulQuest.

I have been inspired by this unique and significant opportunity and wrote for you guys a small essay/post titled "Awakening for a New Life" and a poem titled "It's time" reflecting my intention, mission and vision.


                                   Awakening for a New Life

What or Who is Life? What is the meaning and purpose of it? What or Who is the essence of Life? What or Who is its Source?

These are the questions that still remain unanswered during the life span of most human beings. Regrettably, most people are even unconscious of such questions, and those who ask these questions are those who are searching for answers, but unfortunately, quite often, they are looking in the wrong places, eventually ending up at the same point they started from. And it all gets so challenging, unrewarding and time-consuming that they accept their lives as it is with its mystery and uncertainty, having a failure to unveil the meaning of their existence as a satisfying answer for the rest of their lives.

Humanity for the past several decades increased its pace in evolutionary progress. Humans transcended their own vision of the future, of their potential  possibilities and mind creations. Science and technology became two leading forces of materialistic discoveries deriving from mind sources.

They became so immersed, so occupied with external things that it began to shape their own lives, their reality, and a mere shortage or lack of their necessities would make them suffer and go through temporary or even permanent pain, therefore the only solution they would see is to escape it which would lead to even more suffering and pain. They live a life of routine and repeated patterns that don't allow them to stop, reflect and to see the beauty of Life, the meaning that lies in every moment, every breath and every feeling. Their identification with outer reality became so rigid, solid and intense that they would perceive it as their core, their nature, their Self. Their attachment to immediate pleasures became their source of happiness, their achievements of success made them even deeply identified with their possessions: be it a social status, a materialistic wealth or an intimate relationship, and their unconnectedness with a Source caused a chaotic floating through life of materiality and forms.

Where do they need to start? And how they will recognise the Life itself?

Wherever in external reality a human being might be looking, one wouldn't find the Truth there. The Truth that is a catalyst of all true change in life, a seed of light that is a potential of awakening of human's soul, and a source of all earthly wisdom. The Truth is within, in the colourful energy of Being, in the light from the Source. The Truth is one, and therefore, everything.

The biggest problem of humans is a mind-made reality, where everything that exists has its beginning from human's mind, therefore creating a life that depends on a physical reality of forms and matter. Nothing goes beyond this point, all is entrenched and woven into materiality of life with all its complexities and problems that have their origins in the mind.

Human's ego is its evil. It is the reason behind all the negative manifestations of physical reality in people's lives and our planet. Ego is a place of darkness that is fed on human's earthly desires, where there is nothing more important than a temporary pleasure and satisfaction of one's physical needs.

It lives and thrives in an unconscious mode, it creates its own conditioned patterns in human's mind since early childhood that in time can become unbreakable. Environment plays a vital part in forming those patterns, but people are unconscious to realise that, they just float along.

And when time comes and a person realises deep inside that the mind is not everything and that there is something greater, more profound that is responsible for human's own existence, a human's light starts to emerge.

And there is nothing more beautiful, more peaceful and more joyous than a realisation of true Self: an awakening of soul. The same light is then transmuted into consciousness of a human being that dissolves Ego and makes life a journey of being rather than doing. That's when everything comes together beautifully like in a puzzle and you become joyous like a child who completes the puzzle and sees the whole picture of Life. Consciousness then makes life present, free of compulsive thoughts and needs of Ego. That's when you feel and live a true freedom. A freedom from forms and material needs, from attachment to physicality and its identification.

When a human being awakens, there is no more pain, no more suffering and no more fear as the root of all evil in life is diminished. Then you start to see a true Life, it's essence, its meaning. You become a part of it rather than being a separate entity. All that has been your past detaches from your life and all that awaits you become a present moment in perspective. There is no more past and present for an enlightened person, and there is no more need to derive your sense of self from it. As You, your true Self, the essence of your life is in the present moment. An ordinary life becomes full of purpose and realisation. Life transforms into an intuitive being opposing to reactive doing.

Whenever there is a place of darkness, the Truth that is within becomes your light, intuition becomes your guide and the sense of oneness with Life gives you an inner purpose of peace, joy and love. All false relationships in your life disappear and your environment shapes a different reality in your life, one that is free of all things that were manifested by your Ego. When you start living the Truth, life grants you the wisdom, understanding of all things and its purpose. All the events, situations and problems that happened to you in the past become somewhat meaningful and all that was happening to you, even the most insignificant things or events had its meaning in your purposeful reality.

When you become connected to the abundant source of all creations, you become whole and you never feel lost in the darkness of Ego anymore. That's when you awaken your Life, your divinity within. That's when your start to truly feel fulfilled and loved. That's when you begin to truly live.


                                                         It's time...         

It's time to rise, it's time to shine,

When sun is up, and the world is mine,

When birds start singing a beautiful song,

That's where my soul and heart belong.


It's time for freedom of a human thought,

It's time for people to be profoundly taught,

And that's when you see your path far ahead,

You start understanding the power you had.

It's time for us to be more tender and kind,

And look for peace we thought we wouldn't find,

It's time for us to be generous and sincere,

And appreciate those who are precious and dear.

It's time for us to be who we are,

There is no need to be searching that far,

If we are being ourselves during times of despair,

It therefore means that freedom is near.

It's time to be grateful for things that we have,

To be thankful for being healthy and safe,

To cherish and nurture our inner talents,

And care for two people, our loving parents.

It's time to awake a child within,

To smile, to laugh, to imagine and dream,

As we, ourselves draw our lives,

When alone or together throughout the nights.

It's time at last to make a choice,  

Despite our fears, we shall rejoice,

Only we can master the ego within,

Despite our struggles we shall always grin.


Once again, thanks a million guys for being who you truly are and doing things that change the world in its own, unique way.

Warmest wishes,

Timur Shakirov