craigdarling round.png Darling Digital SEO Regimen Optimizes in a manner not done before.

Spammy Content and “keyword” stuffing on your web site no longer deliver optimization for the search engines.  Content marketing is key.  Sadly, most small businesses don’t have millions of followers. Good content isn’t rewarded if no one sees it.

Since the “pigeon” update from Google, traditional web ranking signals were subjected to different rules in its ranking algorithm.  Social Media signals are read as well, but each post is treated as a separate web page.  So.. What do do to overcome this trend?

We use Google tools to republish your social media. Using your keywords and search phrases.  Google rewards these efforts.  Sometimes so quickly, the results happen in minutes.   Each picture or video that you post to your social media channels is saved, reviewed, optimized and reposted. This delivers an astounding avenue of organic push in the search results.

This process is not as effective as an Adwords campaign, however, it functions permanently as opposed to being on or off depending on the status of your adwords buy. It is also a fraction of the cost and doesn’t require the 24 / 7 oversight that your Adwords buys do.

It is not uncommon for our results to dominate the first page of the search results, we have seen as many as 7 of our results when searching our clients keywords or phrases from computers and devices across the country.. Not just local to our data center.

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Many of the prospects that we encounter, after performing a review of their digital footprint, we find they are not using the google tools that allow present day SEO.  We seek to capitalize on this with a robust regimen implemented on a regular basis.

Craig has been responsible for internet marketing, Website management, email marketing and other digital related endeavors since 1992.  His largest products generate over 35 million dollars in yearly revenue and the websites sustain over one hundred thousand hins monthly.