In the white box, find a picture or draw a picture of what happened in that part of the story. In the grey box, write one sentence to summarize what happened there.

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Tiddler was riding on a

Big seahorse in the sea

Tiddler was riding on a ray

In the sea & he said to his class sorry i’m late.I was riding on a ray.  

Lots & lots of fish hearing tiddler story

Tiddler is getting saved from a mermaid tiddler was locked in a treasure chest.

At nine o’clock miss Skate was calling the register she was calling all of the kids & she said Tiddler Tiddler Tiddler late!

Tiddler was lots in the sea & a fish sait NET! Then a big big bout got Tiddler & the man said this is just a little Tiddler & they let Tiddler go.

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He was hiding in the seaweed & he heard a story that he know’s.

Lots & lots of fish said i heard it from a shrimp,i heard it from a whale,i heard it from a herring,i heard it from a eel, i heard it from a lobster.

& the story lead him home then he went to school then in swam Tiddler,Tiddler said to the class his story.

& tiddler told it to a writer friend...who wrote it down for YOU!

This is how the gruffalo looks like.

When the gruffalo saw the mouse he said’’i like to eat mouse and the mouse said’’ha ha ha ha you can’t eat me i’m the scariest anamoose in the woods i will walk behide you & you will see.

Then the mouse walked behind him & fox came & said ha ha ha bay bay mouse said the fox & the gruffalo said really really good said the gruffalo, & at the end the little mouse said i like to eat gruffalo

The end

The end