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Wheeler Middle School is proud to have an extracurricular sports program. The LOA Program (Learning Opportunities Academy) may include the following sports: cheerleading, volleyball, basketball, soccer and track. Usually there is one team for cheerleading and track, two teams for soccer, and four teams for volleyball and basketball – 6th/7th grade girls, 6th/7th grade boys, 8th grade girls, and 8th grade boys.


Typically, the seasons are as follows:

• Cross Country (1st and 2ndQuarter)

• Volleyball (1st & 2nd Quarter)

• Basketball (2nd & 3rd Quarter)

• Soccer (3rd & 4th Quarter)

• Track (4th Quarter)


Announcements for tryouts are placed in the school’s morning bulletin. Games are scheduled among middle school teams in Central District.


Any student may try out for a team; those selected must pay their student dues and maintain a 2.0 (or higher) grade point average, with passing grades in all classes and an “S” in exploratory wheel. Grade checks are to be done on a regular basis during the sports season.


It is a privilege for students to represent the school; consequences for academic and behavioral infractions, including suspension, range from game ineligibility to dismissal from the team.

Here is the upcoming volleyball schedule for SY 2018-2019

2018 Spartans Volleyball Schedule






September 8


Moanalua vs. Wheeler

3 games

Moanalua High School

September 15


Wheeler vs. Mililani

3 games

Radford High School

September 22


Wahiawa vs. Wheeler

3 games

Radford High School

September 29


Wheeler vs. Aiea

3 games

Waialua High School

October 27


Wheeler vs. Aliamanu

3 games

Leilehua High School

November 3


Waialua vs. Wheeler

3 games

Leilehua High School


Volleyball Rules


1.  Rally scoring, let serve is allowed, no time, 2 out of 3 games.

2.  Team reaching 21 in the first two games are the winners.  First to 21,

     no two point differential.

3.  If a third game is needed, the team to 15 is the winner.  No two point


4.  Each team will have the whole court for 4 minutes for warm ups.  Home

    team has the floor first.

5.  One minute between games.

6.  One time out per game per team (thirty seconds).

7.  Unlimited substitution.  Front court player cannot re-enter until the

     substitute comes to the front court.

8.  Height of the net for all games will be 7'4".

9.  High schools will provide officials, scorekeepers, trainer, and game


10.  Middle Schools will provide lines persons.

11.  Home team is listed first. Home team serve first.

12.  Games are played on two courts.

As a reminder, there is no school transportation available.  Your coaches will let you know when to report to the gym.


Moanalua Middle School Cross Country Invitational


Aloha Cross Country Teams,

We welcome you to join us at our first annual Moanalua Mustangs Cross Country Meet which will be held on Thursday, November 15, 2018 at Moanalua Middle School.  We are very fortunate to have part of our 2 mile course go through the beautiful Moanalua Gardens Park adjacent to our school.

This year’s meet is open to intermediate and middle school students in 7th and 8th grades.  Those intermediate and middle schools that have 6th graders may enter them as part of their 7th grade team.

For this year’s 2018 meet, there will be four divisions: 7th Grade Boys, 7th Grade Girls, 8th Grade Boys, 8th Grade Girls.  There will however only be two races with both 7th and 8th grade boys running together and then 7th and 8th grade girls running together.  

We will be having a concession stand and encourage your teams to stop by for food and drinks.

Best of luck,

Erik Okamura

Head Coach: Cross Country

Moanalua Middle School


2018 Moanalua Middle School XC Invitational Schedule

Thursday, November 15, 2018

3:00 pm

3:30 pm

4:00 - 4:30 pm

4:30 - 5:00 pm

5:30 - 6:00 pm

Course Opens

Coaches Meeting

Girls Intermediate Race (7th & 8th)

Boys Intermediate Race (7th & 8th)

Awards Ceremony

Course closes at 7:00 pm

*These times are all approximate and are subject to change


This year’s course starts at Moanalua Middle School and the adjacent fields, and will then go around the perimeter of Moanalua Gardens Park before returning to our campus and finishing back on the field.  This two-mile course is primarily flat and mostly on grass and there are also some sections where runners will be running on cement and asphalt.  We are expecting hot and humid conditions and ask runners to stay hydrated before and after their race.  Teams are allowed to bring their own tents and may set it up on the fields adjacent to our school, see the map for details.  Schools are allowed to set up prior to the opening of the course but must remain on the field until the course opens, if your team is coming earlier please let us know so we can make the appropriate accommodations.  Teams are not permitted to set up any tents in Moanalua Garden Park.  


  1. All athletes must meet the eligibility requirements for their own interscholastic league.
  • Your school will be responsible for verifying the eligibility of their athletes.
  1. All athletes must have a completed waiver submitted prior to the race.
  2. All athletes must complete the race within 30 minutes or they may be asked to stop.


  1. There are four divisions in which athletes can be entered: 7th Grade Girls, 8th Grade Girls, 7th Grade Boys and 8th Grade Boys.  
  2. For intermediate and middle schools that have 6th graders, athletes can compete in their respective 7th grade division.  
  3. Five athletes must finish the race in their division in order to qualify for a team score.
  4. Teams with more than five runners will have the next two runners serve as blockers.
  5. Athletes from schools with less than five runners participating will be entered as individuals.
  6. There is a $5.00 entrance fee per runner.  Checks and payments can be made out to Moanalua Middle School.


  1. Medals will be given to the top 10 individual runners from each division.  
  2. Top 3 teams from each division will receive an award plaque.
  3. All awards will be presented at the awards ceremony following the races
  4. Coaches can pick up the meet results after the awards ceremony.
  • Results will be posted on the meet website after the race.


  1. All runners must be dressed appropriately in a uniform shirt and shorts.
  2. Athletes are required to wear shoes during their race.
  • Spikes are not permitted on the course.
  1. Runners will not need to write a number on their arm as they will be given a card with a number at the end of the race.


We will be having a concession where athletes, coaches and spectators can purchase food and drinks.  The proceeds from the concession stand goes to help our school and our athletic programs.  Please encourage your teams to stop by and support our school.


All athletes are responsible for knowing the course route for their race.  There will be a course marshals throughout the race route and the course will be clearly marked.  Please look over the course map and ask for any clarification on directions prior to the start of the race.  The course will open at 3:00 pm after school finishes when the on-campus sections of the course can be marked off.

Course marshals will monitor the course throughout the meet to ensure a safe and fair race.  Moanalua Middle School faculty and staff as well members of Moanalua High School’s Cross Country Team will be volunteering as course marshals.  All marshals are able to intercede on any course violation and will report all violations to the head judge for final decisions.

The following rules are for runners.  Please ensure that all athletes understand and are aware of these rules so that participants can enjoy a safe and fair race.

  1. Athletes must stay on the course route; no shortcuts are permitted.
  2. In the event of an athlete making a mistake and taking a shortcut or running off of the course route they may go back to their last legal location and continue the course.
  3. Athletes must run within 6 feet to the left or right of the line.
  4. When running through Moanalua Gardens, athletes must stay on the course route.
  5. Athletes are not to interfere with other runners by making physical contact, cutting off other runners, or other unsportsmanlike conduct.

We are very fortunate to have part of our course go through Moanalua Gardens Park.  As a result we ask that you please take care of the park as well as the fields and our campus.  Teams are not permitted to set up tents on the grounds of Moanalua Gardens Park.  Please make sure that all trash is disposed of in properly before leaving.


2018-2019 Spartan Basketball Schedule








9:30 am

Wheeler vs. Aliamanu

3 games

Moanalua High School

Dec. 1

8:00 am

Wahiawa vs. Wheeler

3 games

Leilehua High School

Jan. 12

9:30 am

Aiea vs. Wheeler

3 games


Jan 26





Feb. 2

11:00 am

Mililani vs.


3 games

Leilehua High School

Feb 9

11:00 am

Wheeler vs.


3 games

Radford High School




1. 11 minute halves, running time for the first 10 minutes; stop clock for the last minute of each half.

2. Clock will stop for time outs, and injuries.

3. The last minute of each half, the clock will stop for all whistle (like in high school).

4. Each team will have one time out (30 seconds)per half.

5. One minute half time.

6. In case of a tied game, sudden death overtime will be played.  First to score wins.

7. Free throws will be awarded for shooting fouls (also and one). During running time, the clock will still run during the free throw.

8. All fouls committed in the last minute of each half will result in two free throws (clock will stop).

9.  Four minute warm up time between games.

10. No full court press allowed for the grade 7 games.

11. No player can move up and down between the grade levels. Once a player participates with the 8th graders, he/she must remain on the grade 8 team for the rest of the season.  

            8th graders cannot play on the 7th grade team.

12. No athlete can play two games in one day.

13. Any player ejected for fighting or unsportsmanlike conduct will be suspended for the season.

14. One coach is allowed to stand in the coach's box. First offense (warning); second offense is a technical on the head coach (must leave the gym).

15. No potluck at the high school site. Make sure your parents know!

16.  A middle school administrator must be at the site. Middle school administrator is responsible for their parents and coaches.



As a reminder, there is no school transportation available.

Your coaches will let you know when to report to the gym.


6th/7th grade boys play first followed by 8th grade girls and 8th grade boys.