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Wheeler Middle School is proud to have an extracurricular sports program. The LOA Program (Learning Opportunities Academy) may include the following sports: cheerleading, volleyball, basketball, soccer and track. Usually there is one team for cheerleading and track, two teams for soccer, and four teams for volleyball and basketball – 6th/7th grade girls, 6th/7th grade boys, 8th grade girls, and 8th grade boys.


Typically, the seasons are as follows:

• Cheerleading (throughout the year)

• Volleyball (1st & 2nd Quarter)

• Basketball (2nd & 3rd Quarter)

• Soccer (3rd & 4th Quarter)

• Track (4th Quarter)


Announcements for tryouts are placed in the school’s morning bulletin. Games are scheduled among middle school teams in Central District.


Any student may try out for a team; those selected must pay their student dues and maintain a 2.0 (or higher) grade point average, with passing grades in all classes and an “S” in exploratory wheel. Grade checks are to be done on a regular basis during the sports season.


It is a privilege for students to represent the school; consequences for academic and behavioral infractions, including suspension, range from game ineligibility to dismissal from the team.

The following is the Volley Schedule for this season.

2017 Spartans Volleyball Schedule






September 9


Moanalua vs. Wheeler

3 games

Waialua High School

September 16


Wheeler vs. Mililani

3 games

Moanalua High School

September 23


Wahiawa vs. Wheeler

3 games

Aiea High School

September 30


Wheeler vs. Aliamanu

3 games

Radford High School

October 21


Wheeler vs. Waialua

3 games

Mililani High School

November 11


Aiea vs. Wheeler

3 games

Leilehua High School


*6 & 7th grade girls and 8th grade boys will play first

8th grade girls to play on the court that first becomes available after first games



Middle School Volleyball Rules:

Rally scoring, let serve is allowed, no time, 2 out of 3 games.

Team reaching 21 in the first two games is the winner.  First to 21, no two-point differential.

If a third game is needed, the team to 15 is the winner.  No two-point differential.

Each team will have the whole court for 4 minutes for warm ups.  Home team has the floor first.

One minute between games.

One timeout per game per team (30 seconds).

Unlimited substitution.  Frontcourt player cannot re-enter until the substitute comes to the frontcourt.

Height of the net for all games will be 7’4”.

High schools will provide officials, scorekeepers, trainer, and game balls.

Middle schools will provide linepersons.

Home team is listed second.  Home team serves first.

Games played on two courts.