ArkGeo Election Schedule

January Board Meeting:  Board elects new Executive Committee.  (This determines how many Board positions will be open.)

January 1:  Nominations from general membership begin (open for 30 days).

January 31:  Nominations close.

February 8:  Board compiles a slate of nominees. This may be done via forum discussion or email.

February 15:  (1) Election Committee posts finalized ballot to web site.  Ballot should include all nominees and the number of Board positions to be filled.  (2) Election Committee sends notification (including ballot) to Voting Members (must be sent at least two weeks prior to beginning of election).  (3) Web site admin sets up election.

March 1:  Election begins the first day of the month and will remain open until the final day of the month.

March 31:  Election closes and winners are announced.

April Board Meeting:  Newly-elected Board members take office and should be prepared to fulfill their duties. The goal is to hold the April meeting in conjunction with the ArkGeo Annual Meeting.