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VLSI Communication Systems
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VLSI Communication Systems

Executive MS class meets January 18-19, February 15-16, March 8-9, April 12-13, May 10-11 in Room CMS 1.164, Commons Building at PRC 

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This course aims to study solutions in digital VLSI to problems arising in communication system design. 

Sample applications include:

The course is targeted towards communication products rather than processors. Examples of companies that make such products are Qualcomm, TI, Broadcom, Lucent, and Cisco; many processor companies also have large communications products divisions.

This course is intended for ECE graduate students. It is self-contained, with review material on both VLSI and communication theory.

The contents of this page will likely change over time - I may change lecture topics and homework/lab problems.


Important Dates


Teaching Assistant

Homework and Labs

HWs are due at 11:59pm on Sunday two weeks after they are assigned. Labs are due at 11:59pm on the Sunday of the following unit.

Submission Guidelines

You can turn in a Softcopy or a Hardcopy as you like:

  1. Make sure that the Doc is under the GoogleDoc Collection that you will be creating in HW0
  2. Change permissions of TA  to be "Is owner" and your own permissions to be "Can view" (For PDFs, "Can edit" for the TA is fine)
  3. Put a link to the Doc from your class homepage that you will be creating in HW0

All of these should be done by 11:59pm on due date or your submission will be deemed late


HW0 Getting Started

HW1 VLSI Principles and Comm Theory

HW2 Iteration Bound, Pipelining & Parallel Proc

HW3 Retiming, Folding & Unfolding

HW4 IIR and Numerical Strength Reduction


LAB 1 Communication System Modeling 

Simulink_Tutorial Lab1.ppt

LAB 2 Filters - Finite Word length Effects 


LAB 3 LMS Based Adaptive Equalizer


LAB 4 Timing Recovery

Lab4.ppt Supplementary readings

Solutions : Please find all solutions on Blackboard ( under VLSI_COMMUNICATION / Course Documents

Please check the FAQ page regularly.