Hi all - This is working master document with links and resources to inform yourself of what is happening in Sudan and how to support.  It is constantly going to be updated with relevant sources, funding initiatives, petitions,  letters, etc.  The idea is to centralize as many resources in one place so that people can have a strong source to come back to. It’s also meant to be collaborative so that if people have more resources to share, I will add it to the document.  So please email me at and identify what kind of source you are sharing so I can organize it in its respective place.  Thank you to those who are making the effort to stay informed and act in true solidarity with this pivotal movement .

SUDAN UPRISING  as of 10/15


In Sudan, Women Showed the World How It’s Done

A Sudanese community’s war on the “factories of death” killing the environment

Sudan talks: Displaced communities wait for deal

Three Generations Of Women From The Same Family Took On Three Dictators Over Half A Century

University of Khartoum professor: Sudan needs transitional justice

Sudan's transition: Residents say little has changed

Sudanese villagers battle to save environment from gold miners and militias

Sudan activists say thousands protest in Darfur over economy

Solidarity marches for Darfur all over Sudan

Sudan’s New Investigation Committee Raises Concerns

Protests spread in Sudan's Darfur region over shortages of bread and fuel

Missing after the massacre: Sudanese families still searching for loved ones 100 days on

Sudan's ruling council, rebel leaders agree on peace talks roadmap

Sudan's major floods present first challenge for its new leader

How to Make Sudan’s Revolution Succeed

Sudanese campaigners 'rename' streets after protesters killed in uprising

Sudan's ousted Bashir told investigators he got millions from Saudi Arabia: court witness

Sudan’s perilous journey towards a better state

Sudan paramilitary funnelling weapons into Central African Republic, UN report reveals

Sudan on the verge of falling into hands of new autocrat

      Silence and fear: Life under the RSF in a Darfur town

What does Sudan's constitutional declaration say?

Haftar, Hemeti, and a Canadian lobbyist's Libyan connection

AU calls for trial of those behind Sudan school children killings

Footage shows Sudanese security forces firing towards schoolchildren

Sudanese military imposes curfew after schoolchildren 'killed by sniper fire'

Sudan protesters reject prosecutor's report into June sit-in raid

“Where are they?” Families lament missing Sudanese after attack

Sudan army chief among senior officers arrested in coup plot

EU suspends migration control projects in Sudan amid repression fears

'They felt victorious': How Sudan's militiamen filmed their deadly assault on protesters

(Disturbing Footage)

Sudan military authorities lift internet blackout, revealing videos of violent crackdown


Sudan military and opposition agree power-sharing deal

Sudan military leaders sign lobbying deal with notorious fixer (Video)

Thousands of protesters in Sudan demand transition to civilian rule (Video)

'Millions march': Sudanese renew protests to demand civilian rule

Sudan braces for 'millions march' as defiant protesters regroup

Sudan's military sidesteps protesters with lobbying and rallies

Atrocities in Sudan are a reminder the regime never left

Sudan protests: The militia man behind the crackdown (Video)

Inside Sudan's Viral Revolution: What You Need to Know

Sudan's diaspora fights to fill information black hole created by internet blackout

Living in the midst of revolution: A homage to Khartoum

Sudan paramilitary leader Hemeti closes in on power

If you want to help Sudan, amplify the voices of those suffering its horrors

Sudan's Revolution And The Right To Self-Determination

Sudanese Opposition Leader Speaks Out Amid Threats (Podcast)

Sudan Ousted a Brutal Dictator. His Successor Was His Enforcer.

Sudan’s Trauma (Video)

Approximately 200 South Sudanese killed in latest crackdown in Sudan

Sudan: Fresh evidence of government-sponsored crimes in Darfur shows drawdown of peacekeepers premature and reckless 

Sudan Protesters, Devastated but Defiant, Regroup Underground After Crackdown 

No, it's not over for the Sudanese revolution

Remember The Darfur Genocide? With Saudi Help, One of the Killer Commanders There Is Taking Over Sudan

What You Need to Know About What’s Happening in Sudan Right Now

Sudan crisis: Return of the feared Janjaweed

Sudan Crisis: What You Need To Know

Sudan activists say bodies pulled from Nile after over 100 killed in military crackdown

What’s Happening in Sudan? Explaining the Last Two Months

Sudan: At least 27 protesters killed as security forces attack sit-in

The military crackdown in Sudan lays bare the dark heart of Bashir’s regime

Sudan crackdown on protesters: All the latest updates

Sudan: Halt attacks on Protestors

The many mothers of the Sudan Revolution 


45. On the Ground for Sudan's Uprising featuring Yousra Elbagir



(Two weeks of events and action on the Sudanese revolution)

Funding/ Petition  initiatives:

Raising Funds for TasgotBas SMS Initiative

                                Emergency funds for SEEMA to support victims



 Food & Medicine for Sudan

The Sound Heart Sudan

*Confirmed Receipts of this fund^

Recognize the RSF (Janjaweed Militia) in Sudan as Terrorist Organization

Help Sudan Topple Africa's Oldest Dictatorship

Go FundMe: UK Emergency Medical Aid for Sudan

Go FundMe: Medical Needs for Army HQ Sitin.

Petition:  “The UN must investigate the 3rd of June human rights violations in Sudan by the Military”

Twitter/Instagram accounts to follow:

Yousra Elbagir

Twitter: @yousraelbagir

IG: @yousraelbagir

Sara Elhassan

Twitter: @bsonblast

IG: @bsonblast


IG: @ehabthebeast

Twitter: ehabthebeast

Kaamil Ahmed


Ramey Dawoud

IG: @realrameydawoud

Twitter: @RealRameyDawoud

Omer Etigani

Twitter: @sudanesekitchen

IG: @sudanesekitchen

Nesrine Malik

Twitter: @NesrineMalik

 How to find your local congressman/representative/senators:

Senate Committee on Foreign Relations:

House Committee on Foreign Affairs

Commission on Human Rights

Congressional Black Caucaus

Template for message to send to Congress (created by Marwa Eltahir):


The Honorable ________

Office Address

United States House of Representatives/United State Senate

City, State, Zip

Dear Representative/Senator ______________:

Hello, my name is ______. As a (Sudanese) community organizer and a constituent, I am concerned about the current state of violence and military suppression in Sudan. I urge you to support an increase in funding to medical suppliers and civilian relief groups that aim to protect innocent civilians who are currently living without access to adequate medicine, shelter, food, nor internet access. I also strongly advise you to highlight the culpability of nations such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates who have sent over $3 billion in aid to the Transitional Military Council that is terrorizing innocent Sudanese children, women, and men. In the past week:

  • At least 108 demonstrators have been killed and at least 600 hundred wounded since security forces stormed a protest camp in Khartoum last Monday.
  • Violent attacks erupted in other parts of Sudan; including home invasions, violent rape, and disposal of dead bodies into the Nile River perpetrated by security forces and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces.
  • The Rapid Support Force and Janjaweed coalitions are responsible for these atrocities and human rights violations.
  • Hospitals are overcrowded and do not have access to enough sterile equipment, medicine, bandages and gauze, and trained staff.
  • Internet and cellphone networks have been restricted or cut off so survivors cannot reach out or expose their current state of destitution and fear.

This is not the time for silence. I demand that as my representative you do not support the military forces in Sudan and advocate for innocent civilians who are dying without access to medical aid or resources for shelter, water, food. Please make medical and safety protections a higher priority for our nation by raising awareness for the civilian organizers in Sudan. Thank you for your consideration and please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss this issue further.


Your Name

Your Title

Your Address

Your City, State, Zip

Your Phone Number

For Resistbot, Text the word RESIST to 50409 and then follow instructions to send the following messages:

“Freeze US government military aid to Egypt, UAE and Saudi Arabia until they cease support to the murderous military council in Sudan.”


“Question the Department of State and Defense on cooperation with Egypt, UAE and Saudi Arabia, which are helping the murderous military council in Sudan to kill protestors.”


“Demand State Department declare Sudanese Ambassador to the US persona non grata until the murderous military council in Sudan hands power over to civilians.”

Take Social Media Action!

In light of the current internet blackout and increased celebrity attention, it is essential that the Sudanese diaspora channel all of the attention Sudan is currently receiving towards specific achievable actions.

On Saturday, June 22nd we are launching a 1 day awareness and action campaign aimed at joining our 6 million+ strong Sudanese diaspora in an effort to unify all of our communities in support of the peaceful protestors and a new democratic Sudan. We turned social media blue- now let us turn the streets blue and start a ripple effect of action.

We need your help to spread the word about this campaign, and to choose one or two specific actions that you feel are the most relevant to push for in your community. And of course, please post pics with your blue outfits and signs this Saturday!

A folder of images/content to share with accommodating posts (credit the artists!):

Hashtags to post along with the content: #SudanUprising, #SudanRevolts, #SudanCivilDisobedience, #IAmTheSudanRevolution #SudanRevolution

SUDAN UPRISING  as of 6/10


Protests in Sudan | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj

The uprising no one is talking about (video)

Sudanese Call for President's Ouster (video)

Sudanese protesters defy crackdown to pile pressure on president

The Strong and Beautiful Message of Sudan’s Young Protesters


Sudanese academic Prof. Fadwa Taha on the young men and women behind recent protest

Khalid Medani on the ongoing popular protests in Sudan