Date: February 21, 2014

Subject: Solarize Plano 2013 Installation Progress Update


Just a quick update on the installation status. Although the weather slowed progress the first couple weeks in February, the recent good weather has helped installation teams and they are catching up quickly. And, the recent sunny days have been great for energy production! Many thanks to all the team members from Axium, and our great City of Plano Inspections team for keeping the project on track.

8 Projects installed & passed final inspection (46kW)

3 Projects installed, final inspections pending (18kW) (may now be complete)

3 Projects installing this week, beginning 2/17 (18.5kW)

Robert Litwins

Plano Solar Advocates

972-454-9699 (voice and text)


Important!  - All participants (customers) should have received and signed the Oncor Interconnection Agreement. This agreement was sent to you directly from Oncor and describes the interconnection specifics between Oncor and the customer. The original email/letter also describes the necessary steps for submitting the Interconnection Agreement, meter information and also some important info regarding your Retail Electric Provider (REP) and outflow energy.

Post installation items

Net-metering (outflow energy, buy-back plans) - There have been a few questions regarding choice of REPs with buy-back programs for outflow energy produced by your system. We want to refer everyone to the following page on our Plano Solar Advocates page which has links to the Power to Choose website.


Net Metering in Texas

You can find good descriptions of the three REPs (TXU, Reliant, Green Mountain) that offer buy-back programs, but you still need to visit each REPs website or call to find out what the rates are. We recently received encouraging responses after submitting upgrade requests to include these buy-back plans as part of the main comparison page on the Power to Choose site. We are asking that everyone submit similar upgrade requests for these changes to keep that momentum going! A sample request can be found at the PSA Net Metering link above. For any net-metering questions, please contact Larry or Bob.

Photos of installations - As each installation is completed, we are requesting permission to take a few photographs of the solar systems. We will attempt to contact you directly prior to coming out, but in most cases pictures can be taken from alley or street views. Please contact us if there are any concerns.

After all the installations are completed, we plan to provide an update on the website with some overall projects statistics.  For those of you willing to share a photo and comment about the project, we hope to share this also on our website. (Note - this will only be done with your specific permission and photos will have any GPS embedded information removed.)