Reading/Writing Workshop Problems/Solutions with Kate DiMeo

We all want to teach our kids to love books, and we know that teaching them to love books will be beneficial schoolwide, but our administrators and decision makers don’t always trust that it will.

The units keep consistency across the school district.

How can they fit all the pieces into their day and what would you say to (my limited knowledge of PD) help with PD?


  • Read Aloud (TO) (As much as possible)
  • Read aloud with Accountable talk (WITH) (twice a week)
  • Shared reading (WITH)
  • Reading Workshop (Independent Reading) (BY) (How much time do you have?)
  • “Age of your kids” minutes of mini-lesson 10-15
  • 30 minutes of reading with partnership (15 alone, 15 with a partner)
  • 5 minutes of share- Alexis is going to share what she is reading about theme today

Tell kids what you are looking at in their papers. Example: Highlight a spot in your paper where you have used dialogue. I’ll look at that tonight.