March 2013 Haul


Digital VT340 terminal (with Digital asset tag)

Digital VT420 terminal

Digital VR201 CRT

Digital Rainbow 100-A desktop with RX-50

Digital Rainbow 100-A desktop with RX-50 and hdd

Digital TK50Z-OA external SCSI tape drive

Digital RX180 external dual 5.25” drive

Box of 5 unknown DEC Rainbow boards (Corvus Transporter??)

2x Digital LK201 keyboards

HP 86B Computer

HP 82937A HPIB interface cart for HP 8x series

HP 9000-330S workstation

HP 9121D dual 3.5” floppy drive (grey logo)

HP 9121D dual 3.5” floppy drive (blue logo)

HP Portable Plus laptop (45711E,) no PSU

Unknown HP 2-wire PSU (HP 110?)

SGI Indigo2 teal case (empty)

SGI Indigo2 purple case (empty)

NeXT N4000-1403 CRT

NeXT Printer

NeXT mouse

Front, back, side panels for Xerox machine (Alto II, according to donator)

Seequa Chameleon portable

Non-Linear Systems Kaycomp II

Franklin Ace 2200 with smashed front panel, keyboard

Jupiter ACE 4000 computer, no PSU

TI99/4a PEB interface cable and serial board

European Commodore VIC-20 PSU, 220/110 switchable, 50hz, 902503-06

Radio Shack TRS-80 Pocket Computer Printer and Cassette Interface 26-3505 (boxed)

Commodore-branded GPIB cable

Atari 410 cassette drive

Tandy 200 Portable, in blue Tandy bag with cables (no PSU)

Commodore Select Edition 286 PC

Commodore C2N cassette drive

Coleco Adam keyboard

2x Blank 85-2032-2 memory boards (for Heathkit H-8?), set of RAM chips with them

Heath/Zenith-branded H8 (?) dustcover

Unknown Atari and Databyte PSUs

Game systems/accessories

Magnavox Odyssey 1 system (boxed)

Magnavox Odyssey 3000 (boxed)

Computer Space (coin op) button and coin panel

Fairchild Channel F w/ approx 10 games

5 boxed/shrinkwrapped Bally Astrocade games

Various Atari 8-bit, Intellivison, Virtualboy and other game carts

Paravision SX-1 expander for Commodore CD32

Texas Instruments Speak’n’Spell

Texas Instruments Touch’nTell w/ crushed box

Radio Shack Electronic Scoreboard game (boxed)

Sears Telegames Sports Center IV  (the motorcycle thing)

Atari Video Pinball C-380 (beige)

Colecovision console w/ controllers

Mattel Aquarius Mini-Expander (boxed)

Bentley Compu-vision TV game (boxed)

K-Mart “Electronic” SC Eight Thousand game (boxed)


HP 16-track tape carts: HP-UX 7.0 (3 tapes,) 7.05 patches; Accugraph s/w for 9000-300

HP Integral system software (3.5” SS)

Approx 8 boxed old-era Epyx games for Atari, some in shrinkwrap

Various C64 copies and originals in disk boxes

Unknown Control Data 5.25” disks (probably Commodore copies)

Various DEC Rainbow disks, original and work disks

Large box of Atari 400/800 disks - some Adventure International originals

Various old “plastic bag” games for Atari 8-bit

Other stuff

HP Integral user guides and other manuals

DEC Rainbow 100 user guides and other manuals

AT&T Unix PC binders: Owner’s Manual and Communications Management

Heathkit H8 Digital Computer manual 595-2014-04

Book “My Friend the Computer” by Jean Rice

Booklet: PDP-11 Programming Fundamentals by R.W. Southern

5 issues of Ahoy! magazine  (all issues are already scanned)

Autographed copy of The Road Ahead (Bill Gates)

5-6 issue of KuGram (K-Microgram) newsletter for Kaypro