Teacher Instructions for Standard Based Grading in PowerTeacher Gradebook


Go to the ETDS website for videos on how to input standards grade.




Setting up Your Gradebook to Use Standards (Only needs to be checked once)

1.      Login to PowerSchool and open your gradebook

2.      Under Tools select Preferences

3.      Choose the Standards Tab

4.      Check the box to Display Standards and Other Measures in Final Grade Mode.

5.      Click OK


Choose Terms and Mode

1.      Choose the Scoresheet Icon

2.      Current Term should be the current term

3.      Choose the Reporting term for the term you will be grading.

4.      Choose Final Grades Mode to open the Standards Mode.


Entering Standard Scores/Grades

1.      Click on the cell that intersects the student and the standard.

2.      Type the grade in the cell


1.      Right click the cell.

2.      Hover over the word Grades and the grade scale will appear in another window.

3.      Click on the grade you want to enter.


Fill the same score down for all students

1.      Right click in the first cell below a standard and click Fill Scores.

2.      In the window that appears, choose the grade you wish to assign to all students and indicate whether you want the grade entered for everyone or just those students who do not yet have grade.

3.      Click OK.

4.      After the grades are filled down,  go through the list and change grades where you need to by typing over the grade that is there.


Clear Scores

1.      To clear scores for a student, click the cell and then your delete key or

2.      Right click and choose clear score.


Save Your Work

Click Save at the bottom when you are done with that class or more often if you are inputting many grades.


Enter a Single Comment

1.      Click your class named Citizenship.

2.      The final column is named Teacher Comments.

3.      Right click cell of student.

4.      Click Show Comment Inspector

5.      Enter Comment.  Note- you have 2000 characters of writing.

6.      Close or go to another student


Enter Multiple Comments

1.      Right Click Comment Header

2.      Choose Fill Comments

3.      Choose to fill Students with No Comments or Replace All

4.      Enter Comments

5.      Click OK


To Clear a Single Comment

1.          Right click on the comment you want to delete and open Show Comment Inspector.

2.          Click Clear

3.                  Click Yes to confirm


To Clear Multiple Comments

1.          Right click on the Comment Header for that standard

2.                  Click Clear Comments



Contact Cassie for additional support.


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