Mountain Pacific Curling Association
Board of Directors Meeting  |  Winter 2014

Date: Monday, December 8th, 2014 7PM
Call-in Information:
See email re: Uber Conference

X Brian Patrick (
X Peter Hicks (
X BriAnna Weldon (
X Don Eshelby (

X Nick Kitinski ( - USCA Representative

Tim Irish ( – Ogden CC

Julie Breton ( – Wine Country CC

Mike Wolfe ( – Cache Valley Stone Association

X Barry Ivy ( – San Francisco Bay Area CC

X Steph Jensen ( – Hollywood Curling

X Brian Walsh ( – Curl San Diego

X Steve Liske ( – Evergreen CC

x Don Eshelby ( – Boise CC

Debbie Basrak ( – Park City CC

X Mike Shaw ( – Coyotes CC

X Olivia Stella ( – Orange County CC

X Barry Bollenbacher ( – Missoula CC

X Nick Kitinski ( – Las Vegas Curling

Suzette Machado ( – Klamath Falls Curling

X Lanny Derby ( – Oval Curling Club

X Larry Sidney ( – Lake Tahoe Epic Curling

Merwyn Nash ( – McCall Curling Club

Summary of Action Items for Board

Updates & Announcements

Management & Other Topics

Committees & Memberships

USCA Updates

  1. Lots of new changes going on (Check out the notes sent by email). “Growing the support through competitive excellence”
  2. New expectations of board members as a policy based board as staff is taking over day to day operations.
  3. Fundraising is a new major goal. Various programs occurring (Hawai`i, corporate sponsorships, Super Bowl, envelopes to members)
  4. CEO search - Rick Patzke’s job is up for grabs. (He is able to apply but it is an open request).
  5. First Member’s Assembly went well. More staff, board, and speakers than anything else but it was really successful. They set it up well with talks about dedicated ice, social media, and other seminars.
  6. All members are direct members to USCA. Nick is going to look if the clubs should still be servicing all of this or if members should directly apply to USCA. Most clubs bundle fees similarly - USCA dues, MoPac dues, Club fees, insurance etc. - could be to club’s advantage to keep the bundles.
  7. Regions continue for playdowns.
  8. Hawai`i club may or may not be a USCA club (unclear at this time) but if they are they’ve been admitted as an at-large club. If MoPac wants to include them we’d have to apply. Recruitment is a new territory, but in the past we have reached out to clubs to offer start-up support. We hear about it after the fact in many cases.
  9. Montana has a number of clubs (several hundred) who are independent USCA clubs, and MoPac would probably benefit from continued solicitation. Mutually, they’d need to go through playdowns to play in nationals. They get the insurance through USCA.
  10. Seems like you can be part of USCA and not part of a region.
  11. Clubs retain the option if the votes cast as part of the regional group or individually (if a club representative is present).
  12. Committees are restarting - staff in charge and anyone can serve. There is a new committee (based out of Alaska and looking for MoPac members) - competitive curling outside of nationals, ask Nick for info if you’re interested in participating.

Round Robin/wrap up

Next meeting: Between February - March (unless we need to vote on something sooner)

Adjourn: 8:35pm


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