Utah Regional Music Workshop History

Welcome to our Utah Regional Music Workshop URMW (formerly the Layton Utah Music Workshop)! We are excited to tell you a little about the history of this wonderful event.

Near the end of 1999, the Stake Music Chairpersons from each of the 10 stakes in Layton, Utah held a meeting to discuss the possibility of producing a music workshop. Plans were made and then finalized, and the first Layton Utah Music Workshop was held in September 2000. Additional workshops were held in 2001 and 2003. In 2005, the Utah North Area Authority gave approval for a standing committee to be organized which would oversee planning in order to bring continuity to future workshops. The music workshop committee worked with each Stake Music Chair and High Counselor over music to plan and present each workshop. The workshop committee worked under the direction of a stake president who served as their advisor. Three more workshops were held in this same format after the workshop committee was formed: in 2006, 2008 and then 2010.  Up to this point all stake music leaders were given all necessary publicity to pass out to their stakes.  Each workshop attendee was given a wonderful syllabus with workshop handouts (click here to download all syllabi).  A delicious sack lunch was also provided for all attendees.  All funds came from the Stakes and there was no charge to attend the workshop.  

In September of 2010, during the Opening Session of the Layton Utah Music Workshop, the announcement was made that the format would change from an all-day mega workshop to a half day workshop, with all publicity and syllabi available through our website to download.  Since printing costs were almost entirely eliminated and the half-day format precluded the need for a sack lunch, the workshop’s expenses became minimal.  The simplification of the event allowed us to open our doors to outlying stakes as well.  

In 2012 we began our new smaller format workshop, in order to open our doors to a wider audience. Though we shortened the workshop experience, our overall goal of providing much needed music training through high quality classes was not compromised.  Through the half-day workshop we were able to reach a wider audience than ever before. This was accomplished, in part, by teaching fewer, more specific classes, in settings that accommodated greater numbers of people. We rotated some of our most popular classes from past workshops, through continued future workshops, so as to retain as much variety as possible.  Our classes were based on the topics most important in church music and personal musical growth. Attendees were be able to choose classes on topics such as Church Music Principles, Primary Music, Choral, Organ, Youth classes on Music, and others.

How grateful we are for the experience of the past 16 years and the inspired direction and guidance that has been shared by so many wonderful presenters. We have been greatly blessed also by the continual support of dedicated priesthood leadership. We are also grateful for the preservation of each of our past syllabi, which can be downloaded from our website. Please encourage those in your ward and stake who have music callings to attend this special event held only every other year.

Take the time to look through our website and register for our workshop.  If you are not ready to register, please fill out your information to receive future email notifications.  

Click here to watch a short 3 minute video of the spirit of our workshop from 2008.