March 11, 2017


  1. Welcome from County Leader Keith Wright
  1. 12:50pm
  1. Call to order
  1. 12:58 by Temporary Chair Jeanine Johnson
  1. Point of Order by Alex Medvedev, 69th AD 71st ED
  1. When did the credentials committee meet and were there any challenges?
  2. Committee met right before vote and there were no challenges
  1. Credentials Report: A quorum of 30% has been achieved
  2. Approval of the Credentials Report
  1. Motion: Greg Soumas
  2. Second: Yasmine Cornelius
  3. Voice vote: Ayes have it
  1. Election of Chair
  1. Nomination: Jeanine Johnson
  2. Nominator: Joan Paylo
  3. Second: Cynthia Doty
  4. Voice Vote: Ayes have it
  1. Election of Secretary
  1. Nomination: Benjamin Yee
  2. Nominator: Gregory Soumas
  3. Second: Virginia Montague
  4. Voice Vote: Ayes have it
  1. Point of Order
  1. Robert Jackson DL 75AD Part A:
  1. Improper notice  of meeting less than 5 days
  2. Weighting of vote is inaccurately calculated
  3. Motion to terminate the meeting
  1. Chair: Dismissed out of order by way of explanation
  1. Notice was given in accordance with the law
  2. Weighting was accurately calculated and distributed
  1. Mr. Jackson: Motion to appeal the decision of the Chair
  2. Chair: Motion denied. As a matter of courtesy, the vote is given to the body
  1. Vote to dismiss the motion
  2. Voice Vote: The nays have it
  1. Adoption of Rules
  1. Motion: Approval of the Rules
  2. Second:Robert Botfeld
  3. Voice vote: Ayes have it
  1. Point of Order
  1. Arthur Grieg: How were objections to the weighted vote noticed to the candidates?
  2. Chair: There were two objections from candidates (not CC members). Responses to those objections were communicated to the leadership of the District Leaders and the candidates. They were not sustained but were responded to.
  3. Mr. Grieg: Two Letters of Objection submitted to Chair on discrepancies in weighting
  1. Election of Committee to Fill Vacancies
  1. Nomination (of slate):
  1. Keith Wright
  2. Jeanine Johnson
  3. Herman Farrell
  4. Peggy Morales
  5. Domenico Minerva.
  1. Nominator:
  2. Second: C. Virginia Field
  3. Voice Vote: Ayes have it
  1. Nomination of the candidate of the Democratic Party for the public office of Member of the Senate from the 30th Senate District of New York County in the special election to be held on May 23, 2017

    Candidates will have 2 minutes to speak and two minutes for questions, selected at random.
  1. Brian Benjamin
  1. Nominator: Beverly Alston
  2. Seconder: Cynthia Doty DL 69th AD
  3. Accepts nomination
  4. Speech & Questions
  1. Joyce Johnson
  1. Nominator: Virginia Montegue
  2. Seconder: Alex Medvedev, 69th AD 71st ED
  3. Declines nomination
  1. John Ruiz
  1. Nominator: Clark Pena
  2. Seconder: Rosario, President of Democratc Club of East Harlem
  3. Accepts nomination
  4. Speech & Questions
  1. Al Taylor
  1. Nominator: Previous State Senator Bill Perkins
  2. Seconder: Denny Farrel, Current Assemblyman
  3. Accepts nominatino
  4. Speech & Questions
  1. Nominations Closed
  2. Collection of ballots and tallying
  1. Adjourn for recess: 2:00pm
  2. Recess ends: 4:12pm
  3. Announcement of results
  1. Total votes of 263 votes cast
  2. Brian Benjamin
  1. 170 votes, weighted vote of 19,681 comprising 62.5%
  1. Al Taylor
  1. 86 votes, weighted vote of 11,424 comprising 36.31%
  1. John Ruiz
  1. 7 votes, weighted vote of 358.5 comprising 1.14%
  1. Remarks
  1. Congressman Charlie Rangel
  2. Brian Benjamin
  1. Adjournment at 4.23pm