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Server Status (these are not live updates:)
A live service solution is under development, see Next Update goals on Page 2.
Server states on this document will only shift if the servers are planned for or go over 1 hour downtime.

Resurgence/Rebirth: See (note: still in testing)

Homecoming: See

Victory!: See

/coxg/ Thunderspy: See

Unity: See

(Note: This is an evolving document that is being heavily edited to address new questions, troubleshooting steps, and other important information at this time. We apologize for any misalignments or clutter that may temporarily result as part of our efforts.)

This documentation serves the purpose of covering access to, development and expectations for the community effort arranged around the private server and toward optimizing the server code for City of Heroes for public consumption,
now collectively known as the Resurgence project.

For the sake of clarity, we will only be covering the state of development and potential timelines based on development projections with the information currently available. All other news related to the events surrounding the project are beyond the scope of this document and should be consulted with either the moderators or other members of the community unless or until a collective effort is made to address these separately.

Recent Changes
Updated: 5/18/19
04:45 AM CST > 10:45 AM GMT/UTC
(Next Update ETA: mid-late 5/4/19)

  • A website is under development to replace this document. Regular updates will be applied to this document in the immediate future and we will redirect people to the Community Hub once it is fully operation. The hub will include the live server status verification features, more immediate feedback on developments via RSS, and wider communication access from volunteers.
  • Until the website is ready, announcements will be kept on-hold due to developments occurring faster than we are reasonably able to update them with the document.
  • Website links for server status added.
  • Added a newer Torrent link that will resolve some of the Score.exe download problems that show up with Tequila by including those files pre-installed with the folder.
  • magnet:?xt=urn:btih:FD5ADD155E5FD01D6013B026A8766E56C2841E3D&dn=City%20of%20Heroes
  • If you downloaded the earlier version of the torrent, you can get the missing files here:

Future Update Goals:

  • Troubleshooting steps for Windows 10 workarounds.
  • A more in-depth Torrent user guide will be added sometime in the following days for the download/install guide.
  • More troubleshooting guides.
  • A more advanced version or separate document expanding on our neutral and fact-checked FAQ that focuses on events between the sunset of City of Heroes to the current timeline is in the works.


Contents        3

1. Updates        7

Tri-Community Update:        7

Resurgence Project Update:        8

Homecoming Project Update:        10

Other Project Updates:        14

Miscellaneous Updates:        15

2. Getting Started        16

How do I install City of Heroes?        16

Windows/macOS users        16

Step 1        16

Step 2        16

Step 3 (optional - torrent)        17

Linux users        18

Step 1: Launcher        18

Step 2: Setup Wine & wineprefix        18

Step 3: Patching        18

How do I use Titan Icon & Paragon Chat?        19

How do I use the Resurgence / Bree server / why is this not an option when I log in?        19

How do I use the Torchbearer / SCORE test server?        19

3. Troubleshooting        20

General Troubleshooting        20

I am receiving (X-Y-Z) error when running Tequila / Island Rum. What do I do?        20

Tequila for Windows:        20

Island Rum for macOS:        20

If these don’t work:        20

I am receiving Virus notifications from my system when I run Tequila / Island Rum - what is going on?        21

I am receiving (X-Y-Z) error when trying to run the game. What do I do?        21

On macOS/Island Rum, when I press Launch the game
does not load. What do I do?

Textures or models are missing from the game environment.
What do I do?

To resolve this issue on Windows:        22

To resolve this issue on macOS:        22

If you are still having this issue:        22

Game / Server Connectivity Troubleshooting        22

I am getting a wrong game version error? What do I do?        22

"The game client was unable to connect to the login server."
What do I do?

The server is greyed out when I try to login. What does that mean?        23

I am receiving (X-Y-Z) error while trying to log into the game.
What do I do?

After creating my character, I'm booted back to the login screen. What do I do?        23

While playing, I’m getting a message saying "Lost connection to the mapserver”. What’s going on?        24

I tried to sign up for the Homecoming / Torchbearer servers but its giving me an error. What do I do?        24

I'm trying to login on the Homecoming / Torchbearer servers but it says my account doesn't exist / my password doesn't work and I know I put it in right. What do I do?        24

I'm having a problem tied to my screen or window resolution. What do I do?        24

High resolution monitors        25

For other issues        25

Otherwise        25

I am experiencing sound or music cutting out or not playing right. What can I do?        25

I am suffering unusual graphical/framerate/functionality issues while playing on a high-end machine. What do I do?        26

The server restarted and I can't log back in. What do I do?        26

I am getting an error involve Intel graphics drivers. What do I do?        27

4. FAQ        28

General FAQ        28

How did we get from not having CoH, to where we are now
in less than a week?

How long will the Torchbearer server be running?        28

How long before I can get everything I need to run my own server?        29

Who can I talk to if I have any further questions or issues?        29

Where is my costume data saved?        29

I heard that someone has a copy of our old character data. Can I get my old characters / character data back?        30

I heard that NCSoft has said (X-Y-Z), or mentioned in an article…        30

Who is TonyV?        31

What happened with the previous IP purchase attempts?        31

Why was the first server named Bree? Is this all a MassivelyOP plot?        31

Resurgence SCORE FAQ        32

Will my old characters be available on the private server?        32

What was the version of the game running on this server?        32

What is available in Issue 25?        32

What is the purpose of this server?        32

How long will the Resurgence server be running?        32

Can I reserve my character name on the upcoming server?        33

What is the legal standing and related concerns for this project?        33

How can I donate?        33

I have coding experience and would like to assist in development. Who can I talk to?        33

Will I get to keep any characters I make on the test server?        33

Am I allowed to stream the game?        34

Resurgence Open Q&A - 23rd April        35

Answered by Tempest Flash (community manager)        35

Answered by Retched (admin)        40

Q&A regarding Torchbearer server - 24th April        46

1. Updates

Tri-Community Update:

Updated 4/27/19 at 1:06 PM CST

Tri-Community Summit - Verified by all 3 teams
Updated 4/27/19 at 1:06 PM CST by Administrator RayneCloud

We are currently planning a Tri-Communities Summit between Reddit, CoHDiscord, and the Homecoming Team. Myself, Tempest from CoHDiscord and GM_Jimmy from the Homecoming team will be speaking together during a Live QA session. The hosts for this summit are the following streamers who will be dual streaming the event,

Both streamers are currently live, and we should be starting soon. So, go ahead and join, we've got a lot to talk about! It's time for Unity heroes!

Updated 4/27/19 at 12:58 PM CST by Community Manager Tempest

Hey, there's going to be a BIG 'tri community summit' between us, GM Jimmy, reddit, NextDoorNeighbor and MaskedUP - join us on either stream to ask questions and get some info on the goings-on in the community!

Resurgence Project Update:

Updated 4/26/19 at 1:30 AM CST

For the new Q&A regarding Torchbearer from April 24th, click here.

For the new Q&A from April 23nd, click here.

Regarding the Homecoming team / Torchbearer server ownership and status:
Updated 4/25/19 at 7:39 PM CST by Community Manager Tempest

So, everyone, let me just make something clear since we want to make sure credit is going where it is due. The Homecoming team - the ones running the Torchbearer shard - are not us (the Resurgence team.)

The server is not ours. It is another group running it, and we are simply relaying information here on this Discord. I'm happy to answer what I can about them and what's going on, but if you need more specifics, you can check out their official forums at - - !

Torchbearer server peak / server update clarification:
Updated 4/25/19 at 7:56 PM CST by Community Manager Tempest

Word from the in-game Homecoming dev team!

Over 3400 people online, phew.

To clarify, the 'additional server' is just added hardware onto the Torchbearer Shard - this is not another joinable server.

Admin Innocuous steps down, Admin Retched new channel owner:
Updated 4/25/19 at 8:13 PM CST by Admin
Innocuous/Artificial Intel

After a long couple of days of deliberation and clarifying my intent upon my eventual stepping down as administrator to the community; I am now feeling comfortable enough with a team in place to take over that will continue my intended goals of getting a stable, public, open source release out to the public and into the hands of those who are capable and willing to to host and finance the servers that may crop up.

While I am stepping down, I am leaving someone fully capable of managing the community and well as serve as a better coordinate to the coding team than I have been able to manage so far.

So with my farewell, I leave Admin Retched as the new channel owner an administrator of the community.

I am glad to ride this near to the end.

However, I want to actually interact with the community again on a more natural level; as well as work on my other projects and focus on real life. The last five days have been hell and heaven, and I hope we may continue neutral discourse and communication between all of the active communities and continue pushing long after public release.

Maybe even see and fight Battalion someday.

Thank you for all the hard work everyone has contributed.

I'm off to play videogames and write comic books.

Glory to Arachnos.

As for those wishing to support me on my endeavors, i will announce something next week to align with that.

Homecoming Project Update:

Update and state of affairs from the Homecoming Team (April 25th):
Updated 4/25/19 at 12:04 PM CST by GM Jimmy

Hey folks!

Hope you’ve all been enjoying yourselves thus far, it’s been a pretty incredible 24 hours!

Before we get started, we’d like to share a couple of stats. So as of a couple of hours ago:

  • Peak player count was just over 3,300
  • 16,839 accounts have been created
  • 26,262 characters have been made
  • 255,685,139 XP has been earned
  • 293,306,562 influence held by characters
  • The highest level player is Dacaleos, a level 39 Brute
  • Origins:
  • 7,475 Magic
  • 5,647 Mutation
  • 4,712 Natural
  • 4,204 Science
  • 4,136 Technology
  • Archetypes:
  • 3,482 Blasters
  • 3,435 Brutes
  • 3,350 Masterminds
  • 3,123 Scrappers
  • 2,263 Controllers
  • 2,129 Tankers
  • 1,823 Defenders
  • 1,625 Corruptors
  • 1,334 Sentinels
  • 1,212 Dominators
  • 935 Stalkers
  • 436 Peacebringers
  • 401 Warshades
  • 394 Arachnos Soldiers
  • 246 Arachnos Widows

The Homecoming Team

Who exactly is behind this server has been one of the biggest questions we’ve received. The project is being headed up by Cipher and Rigo, with assistance from Leo. There are several others involved in actually keeping the server online and running, but they all wish to remain behind the scenes at this time. We would like to clarify again, however, that the Homecoming team is not controlled by or affiliated with any current Discord server or The Titan Network.


There have been many questions about Leandro’s involvement with this server. We want to make it clear that Leo is not directly involved in the administration/moderation of the server, he is only providing technical support. Without a lot of hard work from Leo there is no way this server would be online right now - he has been an incredible help to the team.


We’ve recruited a couple of GameMasters to ensure everyone is able to continue enjoying the game in a clean, respectful, and welcoming environment. What does that mean? Well, we are currently working on both a player and a GameMaster code of conduct, which we will hopefully be able to share with you soon.

In the meantime, a general rule of thumb should be “Would I have been able to get away with this on the live server?” If not, then don’t do it!

We would like to thank our GM team for all of the work they have put in so far; they have done a fantastic job and we look forward to continuing to work with them.

  • GM ArachnosPhobia
  • GM-Naysmith
  • GM Widower
  • GM Reliquary
  • GM Jimmy
  • GM Bio
  • GM Dredd
  • GM Xellx

If you see any of them around, please feel free to say hi! Please be aware that they’re still currently learning how to use their powers, and are awaiting the admins to unlock further powers when everything calms down.

If you see anyone else sporting a ‘GM’ name, they are not actual GMs. Please shun them and report them to an online GM. We are working on a solution to allow players to anonymously report false GMs and problematic players.


We’re currently investigating how the community is able to financially support this server in a way that doesn’t put us in any legal jeopardy. The server is currently costing around $2100 per month, but there’s a reasonable chance we may have to scale up further for stability. In order to sustain the load from last night without major issues, the cost would likely go up to around $2700 a month.

Can’t say much more on this right now though, so stay tuned!


Many of you have been asking how long this server will be around, and if there will be a character wipe at some point. The short answer to both of those questions is that we do not know yet.

Our primary long-term goal is to ensure that the community has a stable server that we can all enjoy together in perpetuity. Right now we cannot say if his server will be that, but we are not closed off to that possibility. If for whatever reason that primary goal requires us to shut this server down or wipe the character database, then we will do that.

Outside of fulfilling that goal, we don’t foresee any reason why a character wipe would need to occur.


The amount of load on the servers means that we’ll probably need to restart the server regularly and sometimes unexpectedly. Crashes and short rollbacks are likely to happen in the event of an unexpected restart or problem. We are actively working to address this but it does take time. In the meantime we will continue to communicate when we’re aware of ongoing problems and impending restarts.

Going Forwards

We’ll continue to post updates every couple of days until things calm down. We’re going to work on improving our communication channels as well in order to get news and information out to all of you in a much smoother manner.

In the meantime… Go. Hunt. Kill Skuls.

- The Homecoming Team

Other Project Updates:

/r/CityofHeroes announcement:
Updated 4/27/19 at 19:53 PM CST by

So, I need to put this out publicly, right now. There is a "LadyRayne" online in game right now that is sending messages to the Help channel via global. That person, IS NOT ME. I am not online. I am not in game. I also never use LadyRayne as a character name. Apologies for the Ping, but this needed to be addressed as someone is attempting to impersonate met, yet again.

Reddit /r/ team prepares to launch their own server:
Updated 4/25/19 at 12:04 PM CST by

We have a working AuthServer Solution!

You all need to send @Nihilana (@ASE Virtue/Champion) Pizza or flowers or chocolate or something!

So, let's take a looksee shall we?

Authserver having a screaming fit in the process....

We're not in world yet, but that should be soon, and this is all based off I24.

Stay Tuned.

Miscellaneous Updates:

From TonyV’s twitter, 4/23/19 at 9:46 pm CST:

“For my City of Heroes peeps: A short message to touch base and let you all know I’m still here. No changes to report, but I’ll keep you as up-to-date as I can with what’s going on. And yes, I’ve been keeping up with the events of today, none of this was unforeseen.”

2. Getting Started

How do I install City of Heroes?

Windows/macOS users

Step 1

Download and install the Tequila or Island Rum installer.

Windows: (174 KB)

macOS: (32 KB)

Step 2

Install the game in whatever directory you want (as pictured: C:\Games\City of Heroes).

Note: For Windows 8 and above, it is important that this not be in your Desktop, Documents, or Downloads folders due to certain security restrictions. The best results seem to have been from installing in C:\Games\City of Heroes. It is also important to make sure Tequila goes into the same location for best results.

Tequila should automatically download the client. This may take a while. The installer is not very good at sharing how big, how much or how fast the files being downloaded are, and currently there are also going to be a lot of users downloading the game via this method so bandwidth is limited.

Step 3 (optional - torrent)

If Tequila doesn't automatically download Issue 24 for you, use this magnet link in any torrent browser:


(Note: Some macOS users have advised not to use this link on that operating system. We will provide an alternative solution as more information becomes available.)

(Note: If you downloaded an earlier version of the torrent, you may encounter download errors with the Score.exe and related files. You can obtain those files for manual patching here: )

If you go this route, it's important that the CoH folder is in the same directory as Tequila! (If you used Tequila to download CoH, it will automatically move Tequila.exe from whatever directory you initially downloaded it into the new folder. If you used a torrent, you may have to move the file yourself.)

If you downloaded the torrent, direct your Tequila/Island Rum towards your i24 download during install.

(If your client automatically downloaded it, this shouldn't be an issue.)

Linux users

City of Heroes runs almost flawlessly on Wine, but there’s a few hoops to jump through. This section assumes you have a basic knowledge of what Wine is, and can use either Winetricks or PlayOnLinux.

Note: Warpshot (Lexi) is currently working on an install script to support Lutris, so you can automate everything with one click, but it currently has some issues with setting up Tequila.

Step 1: Launcher

There are currently 3 launchers available for Linux. (There is also an Island Rum port as a work in progress, which may be covered here at a later date.)

  • Tequila via Wine: Has a straightforward GUI and is better supported, but relies on .NET which can throw weird errors on some systems/Wine versions.
  • etoh-downloader: Native command-line patcher. Requires compilation but it’s very straightforward otherwise. See the page for info on how to set it up.
  • Penguin on the Rocks: Another native command-line patcher, no compilation needed and is also very straightforward. Again, see the page for info on how to set it up.

Step 2: Setup Wine & wineprefix

Setup a new prefix (or “virtual drive” if you’re using PlayOnLinux) with the method of your choice, following these details:

  • For Wine version, use either Wine-Staging or Steam’s Proton.
  • Use a 32-bit prefix if possible. 64-bit may work, but some Winetricks verbs throw fits about it.
  • You may need to set your Wine version to “Windows XP”.
  • Install dinput8 (either with Winetricks or POL).
  • If using Tequila as your launcher: Install dotnet35sp1 and dotnet35 as well.

Step 3: Patching

If you haven’t already, make a new folder for your City of Heroes install and put your preferred launcher in there.

  • For Tequila: Run Tequila through the Windows steps above.
  • For etoh-downloader: Run etoh-downloader from the new folder and let it patch, then follow the instructions instructions on their page to launch the game.
  • For Penguin on the Rocks: Run WINEPREFIX="prefix path here" WINEARCH="win32" ./ from the new folder and let it patch.

If you get stuck on the loading splash screen before login, try adding -renderthread 0 to the launch parameters.

How do I use Titan Icon & Paragon Chat?

See this page for more information on Titan Icon.

See this page for more information on Paragon Chat.

Note: The Resurgence server is not affiliated with either of these projects, they just share the same launcher, however we will try our best to help out with any technical issues.

How do I use the Resurgence / Bree server / why is this not an option when I log in?

The Bree server went down, and so did the website hosting the files. At present, a third party has started the Torchbearer server as a working alternative while another solution is put in place.

How do I use the Torchbearer / SCORE test server?

Register with and then sign into your forum account and create a game account: 

Forum Account:

Game Account:

Keep in mind, your forum account is NOT your game account. Your forum account is a bridge to creating a game account.

All accounts from Bree have been wiped, so if you had an account before then you must recreate both a forum and a game account.

3. Troubleshooting

General Troubleshooting

I am receiving (X-Y-Z) error when running Tequila / Island Rum. What do I do?

Tequila for Windows:

Go into Options and click Re-Validate on the bottom of the window.

Island Rum for macOS:

You will need to use the Re-Scan option on the main menu.

If these don’t work:

If these do not work, please verify the Install Path and ensure you do not have any anti-virus/anti-malware programs interfering with the launcher. For macOS, make sure you have installed the game in the Applications folder, as the OS is finicky on permissions issues.

If you are getting a Manifest Download Error, one proposed fix (for Windows) is to right click your City of Heroes directory, click Properties, and ensure that read-only is not turned on. Another is to make sure Tequila is running from within your CoH folder, not from downloads or somewhere else.

If you are running in Windows, you may need to run the launcher in Administrator mode. If you are on a user account with administrator privileges in later versions of Windows, you can do this from the menu by right-clicking on the desktop or file icon.

Finally, make sure that the City of Heroes folder is not set to Read-Only mode in the properties menu.

For further support, please reach out to one of the community channels on Discord.

I am receiving Virus notifications from my system when I run Tequila / Island Rum - what is going on?

Antivirus or malware prevention software is flagging the launcher as a false-positive (so long as you have downloaded the launchers from one of the links mentioned in section 1a.) You will need to go into your antivirus or antimalware and ensure that the launcher is added to the list of safe / authorized programs.

The methods will vary based on what software you are running. Please consult with the community on Discord if you are having issues, as we presently have no dedicated volunteer support team for individual client machines and there are too many individual variables to list as of this writing.

I am receiving (X-Y-Z) error when trying to run the game. What do I do?

If you are trying to launch the game and you see the loading bar for a few seconds, but the game never launches, you should make sure that your antivirus is not interfering with the executable.

If this does not work, one user advised he ran the game inside its own virtual machine environment without problems. To set that up is beyond the current scope of this document, but is worth considering if this problem persists.

On macOS/Island Rum, when I press Launch the game
does not load. What do I do?

If you downloaded the client from the Torrent, some users have reported a potential fix is to completely remove Island Rum, then redownload -- but this time NOT point Island Rum to torrented pigg files, and instead let Island Rum download all game files / content on its own.

Textures or models are missing from the game environment.
What do I do?

The most likely issue is that some files did not download properly and the game cannot read them.

To resolve this issue on Windows:

Try running Tequila and going into Options, then pressing Re-Validate on the bottom near the “OK” button. This will check the integrity of your files.

To resolve this issue on macOS:

Run the Island Rum launcher and click Re-Scan. This will likewise check the integrity of your files.

If you are still having this issue:

Check your PC manufacturer or GPU manufacturer’s website to see if there are any graphics driver updates for your PC.

If this does not resolve your problem, we suggest attempting to redownload the game with the torrent target link mentioned in section 1a.

Game / Server Connectivity Troubleshooting

I am getting a wrong game version error? What do I do?

Make sure you do not have launch parameters set in Tequila’s options. This may result in interference during version authentication.

"The game client was unable to connect to the login server."
What do I do?

If you are getting this error:

The two most likely causes of this error are the server being down or under a significant load. If Discord confirms the server is up:

  • Try clearing your launch parameters if any are set. To access your launch parameters, open up your tequila client and click options. If you then get a wrong game version error, put -noversioncheck in the launch parameters.
  • Finally, verify that your City of Heroes file directory and/or executable is not set to Read-Only mode.

The server is greyed out when I try to login. What does that mean?

If you make it past the login screen and see the server name with three grey dots, that means that the server is down.

Check the #server-updates channel for further information.

I am receiving (X-Y-Z) error while trying to log into the game.
What do I do?

If you have an error that is not specified in this guide, please reach out to #tech-help so we that we can look into a solution.

After creating my character, I'm booted back to the login screen. What do I do?

First you will of course need to log back in. If you get an “Account is already logged in” message, this is simply a sign that your account has not yet unloaded from the server, which should resolve itself very quickly. However, you can safely click Login again to proceed to the server selection screen.

Once you have made it to character select, if you find that your character says it has been offline for 7000+ days, that means that your character is corrupt and needs to be deleted and remade.

Otherwise, barring potential difficulties with the mapserver, you should be ready to play.

While playing, I’m getting a message saying "Lost connection to the mapserver”. What’s going on?

In layman’s terms for those out there who may not be computer literate:

This is a test server environment and is almost always operating over maximum capacity. People are being packed in like sardines in a can.

That means there will be frequent times where the server gets hung up because it can’t handle everything being thrown at it. When this happens, the game data within the server is not being properly distributed to the player-side interface (your game window).

This is what is frequently referred to as server lag.

Less commonly, it may be an issue with your own internet service provider if you are the only one experiencing it. Definitely speak with your fellow community members if you are having these isolated problems to help you troubleshoot if at all possible.

I tried to sign up for the Homecoming / Torchbearer servers but its giving me an error. What do I do?

The service running account creation on that forum is very terrible at confirming account creation - there is a chance it actually did succeed.

Try logging in specifically by using  the main Login screen accessible from the Menu Bar (do not use the login shortcut on the  top-left corner - its functionality is similarly glitchy.)

I'm trying to login on the Homecoming / Torchbearer servers but it says my account doesn't exist / my password doesn't work and I know I put it in right. What do I do?

You (generally) cannot log in using the login box on the top-left of the forum menu bar.  You will need to log in using the main Login screen by clicking the Login button on the forum main menu bar.

I'm having a problem tied to my screen or window resolution. What do I do?

If your issue is relating to only part of the screen being visible in fullscreen mode on monitors larger than 1920x1080, try the first solution.

High resolution monitors

So here's how to fix this resolution issue (thanks to OverkillXD on Reddit!):

  • Go to your installation folder. Right click score.exe and select Properties.
  • Select the Compatibility tab and select the “Change high DPI settings”.
  • A window will pop up - select both of the boxes and press OK. (Here is an image to help if you need it)

For other issues

1) The first step should be to run Tequila and go into Options. Inside the Launch Parameters  box, type: -safemode

2) Failing that, check the options.txt if applicable.

3) Finally, this last bit involves digging through your registry (so if you are not a power user familiar with this, ask for help in the #tech-help chat first!)

Location: HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Cryptic/Coh

Inside this directory, you can modify the resolution settings by altering the values of the  ScreenX and ScreenY registry keys. We advise setting them ScreenX to 800 and ScreenY to 600 for safety, and you can adjust the resolution up from there in-game.


You can press Alt+Enter to toggle between fullscreen and windowed mode.

I am experiencing sound or music cutting out or not playing right. What can I do?

We do not have a universal solution, but it appears as though in regards to Logitech gaming headsets and/or digital surround sound have compatibility problems with the game. You should set your PC’s audio output to basic Stereo then work up from there. Also,  Dolby 7.1 cannot be enabled.

Those with the problem will want to run on a 16 bit high rate as well.

I am suffering unusual graphical/framerate/functionality issues while playing on a high-end machine. What do I do?

This is definitely a graphics setting, because even with the slider at ultra some things were reported as loading at a lower quality or just weirdly.

Clearing the game settings may help due to them getting corrupted in an unsupported  configuration, as some users reported it got better once they went back to defaults.

One solution we have may require a bit of advanced user knowledge: someone solved this by  deleting his City of Heroes registry key on Windows. The fastest way to do this is run this command in the Windows Run prompt:

Run the command and press Y to confirm.

The alternative is to manually go through your registry using the same path. We do not recommend doing this without first  consulting the #tech-help chat for 1-on-1 peer discussion. For a screenshot, see below.

The server restarted and I can't log back in. What do I do?

After the restart, you will need to completely exit Tequila / Island Rum and reload the launcher.

I am getting an error involve Intel graphics drivers. What do I do?

The short answer our collective troubleshooting team has come up with in a nutshell: the  game really hates Intel graphics. Particularly on Laptops, with 2500* Intel GPUs.

For certain OpenGL not supported errors, this video helped at least one player get in:

These problems can be divided into 3 categories:

  1. If you have 2 GPUs, the fix is to set to use the other non-Intel GPU. This TechAdvisor article has more help on how to achieve this.
  2. If you have an Intel that could run the game, the fix is based on how reliable the date switch is.
  3. There's a chance if you don't meet one of the previous categories that your Intel graphics driver will never run the game. This is not certain, and we are trying real  hard to find a workaround on this problem.

4. FAQ

General FAQ

How did we get from not having CoH, to where we are now
in less than a week?

At some point after the shutdown, an unknown source passed a certain noted member of the community the source code for Issue 24, the issue which was on the Beta Server before the shutdown. Said member, in concert with a group of others known as the Secret Cabal of Reverse Engineers, or SCORE, proceeded to slowly develop a functional server over the course of six years, which was kept highly secret and invite-only.

On April 15, 2019, another noted member of the community leaked its existence to the outside world. After three days of recriminations, the server host came out, described the process, proceeded to leak the i24 source code and his own server’s content databases, and set up a new, publicly available server, which lasted a little less than three days. Another server is up and i24 servers are in the works.

In regards to the current goals of the COH Resurgence coding team: the code made available was designed for much older server architecture than is reasonably available on modern systems. This project is part of a community-wide ongoing effort manifested out of SCORE’s contributions to upgrade this code and make it replicable for wider access.

Bear in mind that this work is all part of one subset of a wider community, and it is our hope that talks will continue to be carried out by community members on the best path moving forward once the upgraded server code is widely available so that we can keep our wider community together.

How long will the Torchbearer server be running?

We do not know at this time how long the Torchbearer server will last, but it is temporary.

How long before I can get everything I need to run my own server?

The previously-available server was running an unofficial Issue 25, which is built on top of the old code in the Issue 24 beta. Notionally, future servers will run on modernized versions of the leaked i24 source code, which will take time to create and prepare for public use. There is no timetable, but we’re told it’s proceeding quickly.

There has also been talk of setting up software to run an essentially single-player version of CoX off your own computer, as is available for a number of other MMOs. While many on the coding team are interested in the concept, this is not likely to arrive for some time, if ever.

Who can I talk to if I have any further questions or issues?

The best people to talk to are the Code Moderators on the Discord chat.

There are also usually a few knowledgeable people in various channels of the Discord, such as the authors of this very guide and are well-versed in the specifics, but are not authority figures. They’re just nice people. We can usually be found in one of the help channels.

Where is my costume data saved?

It depends on where you installed the game.

On PC, by default it can be located in the following directory:


You can also open the Paragon Chat launcher and click the button that takes you to the file directory.

Costumes from the test server are saved in ...City of Heroes\Costumes (location of game folder from Step 2 of the install) which is where you’ll want to move costumes from Paragon Chat in order to use them.

If you have a previous or existing folder with old costume data, simply make sure it’s in a subfolder in the main City of Heroes directory folder specifically and named “Costumes”.

I heard that someone has a copy of our old character data. Can I get my old characters / character data back?

You will not be able to retrieve your old characters, either those from before the shutdown or from the April 19-22 Bree server, on Torchbearer or any future server.

The data from before the shutdown does indeed exist, but due to innumerable community concerns, other legal troubles that might come from NCSoft regarding this, and too many other variables to count, the community managers are not releasing this data and it will likely be destroyed as of this writing. We will have to start our characters over in the interest of preservation.

I heard that NCSoft has said (X-Y-Z), or mentioned in an article…

The most recent crisis with the servers was in fact not the direct result of NCSoft. It is believed that a false DMCA notice was sent to the server admin, who panicked and deleted everything. They are not to blame for this, but rather the person (or persons) who sent the false notice are. It should also be noted that any rumors that Leandro is in some way responsible are wholly unfounded.

TonyV has confirmed that Titan Network is in talks with NCSoft about a community-run server. This does not mean that other solutions are not being worked on, and the CoH Resurgence team is not involved in these discussions. The CoH Resurgence team continues to actively work on creating a live server environment and upgrading the code available.

Who is TonyV?

TonyV, or Tony Vazquez, is the longtime head of Paragon Wiki, as well as the Titan Network. You might also remember him as a leader in the effort to prevent and protest the shutdown of City of Heroes during the sunsetting of the official servers. The Titan Network, however, is not the same thing as City of Titans; they are wholly separate entities. TonyV has no power over City of Titans or its Kickstarter funds; Nate “Doctor Tyche” Downes is the head of Missing Worlds Media and that project. It is our understanding that neither has played on or had any power over Leandro’s server.

What happened with the previous IP purchase attempts?

To the best of our knowledge (and corrections will be cited if information to the contrary is found), there were at least two serious attempts at purchasing City of Heroes and the IP. The first occurred around the time of shutdown, though it was not widely publicized at the time. Because of this, details are hard to come by, though it’s believed it involved Paragon Studios employees and NOT TonyV. (a previous version of this article included that we had thought TonyV was involved on this effort, but we have since found this was incorrect and apologize for the error.)

The other began around March 2014, when a player called Ironwolf made overtures to NCSoft through some sources. He introduced NCSoft to a team publicly fronted by Nate Downes, head of Missing Worlds Media (the company formed to develop City of Titans), and included several other unknown members. Nate acted as an independent on this effort, and therefore it was not an undertaking affiliated with or by Missing Worlds Media. Progress was made, but ultimately the deal fell through.

Why was the first server named Bree? Is this all a MassivelyOP plot?

Leandro has said that he named it Bree because Bree’s podcast convinced him to release the source code and create the servers. MassivelyOP and Bree have no control over any server - they’re just covering the saga.

Resurgence SCORE FAQ

Will my old characters be available on the private server?

No. None of the old characters will make their way to the private server, either through Sentinel+ files or other means.

What was the version of the game running on this server?

The test server was running Issue 25: Unbroken Spirit, an unofficial update created by the original SCORE team.

Future versions of the server may use either the Issue 24 beta, or Issue 25. We don’t know for sure yet, so keep an eye on any announcements / updates.

What is available in Issue 25?

Notable changes include:

  • The addition of the Sentinel archetype,
    which combines Blaster primary powers with Scrapper secondaries.
  • A more-or-less finished version of Kallisti Wharf.
  • The removal of the Paragon Store and its replacement with “P2W vendors”,  
    which offer premium items either for free or costing

Full patch notes are can be found in this document.

What is the purpose of this server?

This server exists partly to provide an outlet for 6.5 years of yearning for City of Heroes, and partially to understand what is necessary to provide and maintain other private servers in the future. It should be emphasized that right now this is a test, and you should treat it accordingly.

How long will the Resurgence server be running?

The test server, Bree, that went up on April 19 has gone down permanently as of April 22.
No data retrieval should be expected. Another server is in the works that may or may not be up indefinitely. For now, a third party has set up the Torchbearer server and our current guide includes instructions on how to access it.

Can I reserve my character name on the upcoming server?

There is no name reservation functionality available at this time.

What is the legal standing and related concerns for this project?

Disclaimer: the writers of this document are not lawyers.

As with any private server, this project is illegal, and by playing it you are notionally breaking the law. However, there is no known record of a private server user being sued for playing. Regardless, if you feel you may face real world difficulties for playing on this server, it is probably best not to do so.

On the operation side, it is possible that NCSoft may send a cease and desist order to server operators at any time. You should know that no agreement has been made with NCSoft by anyone involved at this time, nor has any cease and desist order been sent. In other words, if you hear someone spread rumors regarding NCSoft, you should not believe them.

How can I donate?

Due to legal and tax-related concerns, no donations are being accepted at this time.

If you find anyone claiming to be taking donations, you should report them immediately, both to the host site and in the community (Discord, Reddit, Titan Network, and COH Survivors on Facebook).

All current assets are the result of individual user contributions, particularly the community moderators. Further announcements will be made if any of these conditions change.

I have coding experience and would like to assist in development. Who can I talk to?

Right now, the role of “coder” is not being actively assigned to anyone as it serves no function. If you would like to volunteer, introduce yourself in the Coding category chats at the bottom of the channel list beneath the voice chat groups.

Will I get to keep any characters I make on the test server?

All characters you made on the previously-existing server are permanently deleted. Any future servers may or may not have character wipes; the Homecoming group has stated they are not planning to do any wipes unless it becomes necessary. Despite this, you should make a backup of any costumes and power customizations you make. These will be saved locally in your City of Heroes file directory so that you can copy them over to characters made in future servers.

Am I allowed to stream the game?

Technically yes, you can try and the admin team so far has no intent of stopping you (once another working server is in order.) However, be aware that streaming services such as Twitch do not allow streaming of private servers, and the legality of this server may also lead them to take down any streams or take further action against your account.

Resurgence Open Q&A - 23rd April

Answered by Tempest Flash (community manager)

"Where is killmepls?"

Killmepls opted to step down himself - he was not ejected or removed from the staff, he felt it wasn't a position he wanted to hold any longer.

"NCsoft or NCsoft West?"

That's not information I have yet, actually! I'll look into it.

"What are your community manager credentials?"

Well, I don't have a resume to show you, but I've been operating as administration in various communities over the years. I'm just hoping to help you guys get some answers and clarity in all of this - it's a bit confusing!

"Will there be an announcement in regards to an update on the time scale of an actual server coming up?"

There will be! Lots is going on now, so give us a little time to get a timetable together.

"Why is there no server up RIGHT NOW?"

We're working on it! No timetable just yet, but as soon as I get ahold of one, I'll announce!

"Why was there a wait for the announcement?"

That was not handled as well as we should have. I sincerely apologize for the delay and the anticipation, that was not a good way to go about announcing this information, and moving forward I will be working to get things handled a bit more smoothly.

"No but seriously, SERVER NAO."

Trust me, I really want to play too. Like, bad. But at this literal exact second we ARE WORKING ON IT. Give us a bit of time!

"What can we, the regular ol' supporter, do to help?"

We're all volunteers here, and we're working on reviving a game that has been gone for a long time. If you could be patient with us, we promise to get you some results. But it's not a process we can rush beyond a certain amount. Stay with us!

"Are you relying just on this NCsoft deal?"

No, we are working on multiple solutions. Our eggs are NOT in one basket, and we are absolutely not going to simply sit back and wait on NCsoft on this. Coders are still working, and optimizing as we speak.

"Why are responses taking so long in Q&A?"

To be honest, I'm having to catch up on a lot of this! I'm talking with multiple people and getting information as I go so I can get you the best responses I can. As you can imagine, I'm answering a number of DMs as well, so please give me time to get around to these questions.

"Can you ensure ACTUAL transparency from here on out?  A lack of information regarding server development and just general matters involving this community and outside groups seem way too hidden considering this project is almost entirely fan based(?).

Regardless of inexperience in dealing with large communities as shown throughout the week, clearly providing an answer without cutting corners so that the community is up-to-date needs to happen.

“I understand that some information must be kept away due to concerns that may or may not involve legalities. However, parts and bits that simply state the progression of the server can't be difficult to state, right?"

Transparency has been something we've been trying to keep up with, but you have to understand that we're a volunteer team operating at development speed levels that a professional game company would sell their souls for. Stuff has been happening so fast that we've not actually been able to keep up with that promise as well as we should have, and I sincerely apologize about that. I WILL be making an effort to increase the transparency here.

Server progression information will be coming once we have it, like I said developments are happening in such a way that it's very difficult to pin down specifics on that front.

But I CAN get you this bit I just got fresh off the presses!: The source code has been built successfully. Multiple developers have managed to create characters and get ingame. There are still some functional bugs keeping the source build from being deployed that are being worked on.

"What prevents a server from being deployed NOW?"

While I have been answering this above, I figured it wouldn't hurt to give a bit more of a specific response in regards to this issue. Basically, it's expensive! The code for this game was written at a time when the solution for needing more power was to 'go wide' rather than 'tall'. Add more servers, not more powerful servers. The memory requirements alone are extensive, and the coders are working on ways (including Linux solutions!) to get this easier to run. We are working on server deployment (as seen above) even with this handicap, but that's why you aren't seeing them crop up faster.

"Are they dealing with i24 or i25 on the server that they compiled?"

i24 work is underway, but right now it's i25!

"Would donations solve the problem?"

If money was the sole issue, servers would be up right now. There's a lot on the technical side that need to be solved too, and throwing money at the situation won't speed up the process.

"If the server was working over the weekend, don't we have it now?"

For one, we don't actually have that hardware onboard anymore. Secondly, we were throwing hardware at the problem rather than coming up with solutions - there were several issues with the mapservers that was causing significant problems, and simply overpowering that kind of issue with more hardware like a band-aid is not a solution we want to move forward with.

"What's your relation to the Reddit discord?"

We have no direct relation to them, we're separate teams!

"New content?"

Let's get a server going first, we're going to focus on stability and efficiency, then we'll have some chats about what we can add!

"Can we have a SFW memes and trash channel as well as the current one? I'm chill with the people posting in the current one keeping it like it is... but as it stands? It's porn. its just porn."  

Admins want to take a night to think on that, we have a lot of channels!

"The way interpret some of the answers, it seems like we'd have had to wait anyway while the code was reworked into something more usable.  Is that true?"

The coders are hard at work getting a tall solution going, rather than a wide one. The end-goal is to get where a single physical server could host a private server, rather than having to rely on so much hardware! If you want more specifics, the coders in #code-discussion can get you some more info.

"You has mentioned in the announcement that the code may become available though torrents and other sources. If that's the case, is the team able to put together a rudimentary tutorial on how to set up our own servers?"

We are aiming for that, we'd like an easy-to-deploy private server solution like WoW has, but it's certainly what we're hoping to end up with!

"How was there no backup of the working server that Yuvi had hosted? Wasn't that the combined efforts of the larger group of coders, wouldn't people have local copies of the work and progress that was being done?"

We have the I25 files involved, though some work was lost when the server deletion took place.

"Can you go more in-depth about the server deletion?"

The server owner at the time, Yuvi, was spooked by a fake C&D. The threat of severe legal consequences that was put forward was a hoax, but the end result was the server being shut down and all files scrubbed.

"Why haven't you answered every question?!"

As much as I would love to give you answers to everything, I have only recently arrived on scene and am trying to keep on top of everything! It's easier said than done. In some cases it's information that I don't have, or something that I don't have full knowledge of and would rather not give you false information! I will do my best to get to as much as I can.

"How did this server come into possession of the City of Heroes/Villains source code in order to initially set up the server. Who had the source code and who did they receive it from, and why were they trusted with it?"

In the interests of protecting the parties involved, we can't really go into that.

"What is the distinction between the Admin team here and the Coder team here? Are they working independently, or are they a singular team? Is it a hierarchy, and if so, who is in charge?"

We're working on getting some more structure going, this is still really early for a community!

"In the event of a legally sanctioned community server being created as a result of the talks with NCSoft, what are the teams' plans with this private server?"

We're still planning on providing the server-in-a-box setup at some point, so people can have their own private servers!

"If this is for the sake of transparency, is it not better to have channels to do with discussion of what's happening behind the scenes here, as a read-only channel? I understand the need for discretion, but transparency can only be so transparent when it is filtered through community managers, Q&As and announcement updates."

Check out #code-discussion  and #infrastructure-architecture ! Those channels show what's going on pretty well.

"Are you okay? Personally? Like, this is a lot to suddenly dump on yourself willingly and I want to make sure you're emotionally alright."

I'm fine, really! There's some people who are quite happy to fling hatred at me, but I love this game and this community, and some sticks-in-the-mud aren't going to stop me from ensuring CoH never dies again.

"Why are you the only one doing Q&A?"

I'm not! I'm the only one posting here, but if you have questions, you can ask in other channels and coders, mods, and admins will answer how they can. I'm just the public face!

"What's your favorite powerset/class and why is it Mastermind?"

I love having minions. CoH did the best pet-master class out of any MMO I've ever played! I have a special place in my heart for it, but lately I've enjoyed my Spear/Willpower brute, too. I might roll it as a tank next time, not sure.

Answered by Retched (admin)

“Any chance of an i25 server being set up as a temporary while folks work on i24's source code?”

Yes. That is the plan. We're trying to get something going now. Do not have an ETA.

(This was a response to a deleted question, but had an informative answer.)

I don't have an ETA on the private server because we're still trying to track down a working set of stuff to load onto the servers. I don't know if you know or anyone else knows this, but we do not have a turn-key solution for servers. It is not simple.

We still have to talk with TonyV because the last thing anyone wants to do is have us is to (ruin) a completely possible way of getting NCSoft on board with some kind of attention on the game. The game's source code (at least a partial functional way has been leaked by a few) is still being worked on and is still being distributed. We have another set of coders still working through everything. They're aiming for open sourcing everything.

Sorry for the double "no-answers" but I don't know how else to go ahead and explain: this is a legal situation that no one wants to poke the hornet's nest on. And for those about to cite every other "private server", we're not them. We're not in the same boat as them.

“That last Q&A answer sounds like you guys are trying to recode the game, instead of soliciting donations for server space for what already works.”

It's a bit of both.

“The problem is - you're the only ones that have it, and you are unwilling/fearful of setting it up. Put it out for other people who may not be so risk averse. We had a weekend, it worked, and NCSoft didn't come running - it was your own people who freaked out. Let it out.”

We don't have it. This server didn't set up the server that was hosted on the weekend. Someone else was. That person made the decision to turn it off and shut down. All we did was step in and act as mods/admins for this.

“But if the i24 works, will you guys host that server? Or wait for the i25 code to host your own?”

If i24 works, we're likely to launch a server and send out that code. i25 would be worst case scenario.

“This is basically what I've got the gist of right now:

“(You’re) trying to make i24 able to run well without needing huge amounts of hardware. The flaws in i25 is that it needs massive server farms to run so it isn't good for amateur private server hosting, and it's got fan-made content. The flaw with i24 is that they can't quite get it running right now without fixes present in the i25 build, and also it's still just as hardware inefficient.

“ So (you’re) working simultaneously on getting i24 to work, and getting both i24 and i25 to be feasible for anybody to host instead of being all consuming inefficient monsters. Is that correct?”

More or less, yes.

“And what are the plans to revert from i25 to i24? Character wipe? Exclusively wiping sentinels?”

Wiping sentinels and wiping that Kalista Falls zone.

“i25 has some cool stuff but we can add it on to stable i24 later when we have an actual, passionate balance team, imo.”

It's possible.

“Is there somewhere else they're more actively committing code changes as they're made? I thought JerryBerry's codebase was the one they were working off of, but it's not been updated for 2 days now. Also where are these sacred streams you speak of?”

Just dig around on Twitch under City of Heroes, dude pops up every now and then. As for Jerry's code base, I'm PRETTY sure that whole site is the best available resource as that is where some of the coders post up their Git. (Not sure if the changes have been pushed or are public.)

“The breakthrough of coders getting in and making characters is that the i24 or i25 side? Is that on the server you guys want to put up or for the code so anyone else can put a server up.”

I think that's the i24 they're working on.

“Why on earth are they rushing to release i25 which they have exclusively binaries for and no easy way to backtrack into i24? Just doesn't make sense. Do it properly or don't do it at all.”

Because that was the best "available."

“To reiterate my earlier question; Is there any chance y'all could talk with Innoc and get some non-sensitive section of code pinned in Announcements or some such so people have something to take a look at if they're curious as to how complicated the Coders' work really is?”

Ummm. I can't guarantee that will work but I'll try. I know for a fact there are some people streaming themselves, at their own peril, working through the code and binaries on Twitch.

“There's constant talk about Leandro keeping certain required files to himself and not releasing them unless he has proof of physical machines with necessary specs to host. This is why I'm asking.”

Can confirm, Leandro has NOT been keeping certain files. He doesn't need any hate. He's given us everything that he can give and then some. We're just trying to scratch together to get something up.

“Someone posted a chat log with an implication Yuvi wiped the server on purpose and went back to Leo, can we get a comment on that?”

Didn't do that. He got spooked by a "lawyer" and didn't know how to respond, so he nuked the servers. It was a virtual machine. He just zapped the server.

“It was a VM? Leo's been all over the ‘It won't run on a VM’ for the last week.”

Yeah he's been saying that for a while but it was a VM. That's basically why we had all those problems.

“Anyone know what Yuvi is up to these days?”

Recovering hopefully.

“Was the optimizations made to test server lost when all the data was lost? I've heard conflicting things.”

I don't have any answers to that question. I don't know if modifications were made.

“So in essence we have a ‘lets work with NCSoft and make it legit’ team, an ‘i24’ Team and an ‘i25’ Team?”


"Can you guys confirm two things: 1) That the server will go up ASAP, NCSoft negotiations pending or no, and 2) Will some i25 stuff be incorporated or pure i24?"

Yes. Possibly sooner.

So to break it down. There are two teams right now. Coding team working on I24 code to get that to run and a server admin team working with I25 "binaries". The binaries are the code that is needed to actually be a server. (This is a Windows server mind you.)

Coders are trying to prep code so you can I24 (which was the last Test Server from NCSoft/Paragon). Last weekend you guys ran I25 (which was I24 + additional resources made by SCoRE.)

Right now, progress has been made on I24 since the coders feel that should be available but we have people looking into I25 hosting. I don't have a progress check or time deadline or anything like that as to when I25 will be launched. But I can tell you it does NOT rely on TonyV's and Leo's talks with NCSoft. The moment we have SOMETHING available to launch, we will launch.

“Leandro has publicly tweeted that he can set up a server exactly like the one that was wiped in 12 hours or less. He has the files. He has also said that he is working with THIS discord team. So - why are you at 36 hours now with no ETA when Leo has publicly stated he can do it in 12?”

We have those files (now). We're working on something to get hosted soon. I don't have an ETA on it.

“Any chance the i25 stuff will be adding back in when things progress?”

Likely no. So most of the stuff there is just wonky. At best you may see the P2W vendors.

“If you guys do donations and get more money than the guys who are ‘in talks’ with NCSoft, it would probably be a risk.”

Main reason we're not trying for donations at this time.

“Is there a reason why the team decided to have Tony/Leo as the middlemen for the NCSoft discussions? I would have thought the team and the community wanted to distance themselves from the ‘old guard’.”

No official response. But if I have to guess it's probably because Tony is the head of the Titan Network and Leo was the head of SCoRE.

“Could we have a list of handles of who's information actually represents the team? That way the community isn't freaking out and chasing their tails when someone outside like Leo or Tony announce something. A speaker for the server effort?”

Right now assume Administrator and Code Moderator, Moderator are a part of that team. Coders are also identified as someone highlighted in Yellow and they're the ones that are working on it. There's also a second discord hidden from everyone (even me) that are working on the code in secret too.

“Do you guys have Mods and Admins from around the world in different time zones?”

Kind of.

“Can you shed some light on why three different questions in #Q&A received the same non-answer? ‘We're working on it’ doesn't tell anyone anything. We know you're working on it. We've known that since friday. It's Wednesday now. We don't want an answer to why there isn't a server up, We want to know what is going on, and why there hasn't been a single straight/not-vague answer in over 48 hours.”

Generally speaking, as I've said, we got the parts to run it. Just trying to get some logistics issues on it before we throw it up somewhere.

“To me that’s saying you’re launching your servers before talks with NCSoft (I’m aware you’re not a part of those talks) are complete and the second your server is ready you’re going live. Is that correct?”

That's what I'm hearing from the coders, the server admin, and stuff. We'll fire it when ready.

“You guys released a public announcement saying "We're waiting on talks with NCSoft." The key word used in this statement is "WE." I understand this is not the reality of the situation, but the only clear communication about this has been in general chats and 4chan threads. Really, get a grip here guys. You can't keep doing this.”

Yeah ... we are NOT that "we" in that NCSoft discussion. Let me be clear.

“Do you know if they're talking to NCSoft West or ‘NCSoft’ proper?”

Can't answer that specifically as it wasn't told to me.

“Who cares about third parties?”

We don't want to mess something up that could be a benefit for everyone.

“Can we get a clarification? Is your server ready to go in case the talks with NCsoft go poorly? Or are you releasing ASAP and hoping for the best with NCSoft. It seems it's more the former, and if so that should be more clearly said. I’m not gonna get on your case for your guys decision to wait or not but that’s an unknown that will cause problems until its addressed.”

We're at the "I hope this shit works soon stage." Again, we're given almost all of the components to work on it.

“Any reason it's proving harder to get a server this time? Less willing people, or are you trying to find one in a different country?”

Both? I can't go too far into it.

“I can only see NCSoft involvement as a negative. They're going to demand monetization and licensing fees which are more than likely going to be insane.”

I know. That's the feel of the group. That's why we're still pushing forward and as Inno and Tempest said, we're not putting all our eggs in the basket. We're not going to wait for that smoke with NCSoft to clear. To see what happens. The code is out there now, nothing really is stopping people.

“Why weren’t these things simply told to us instead of that non-announcement?”

At this point no matter what was said, we were expecting a shit storm.

“I think part of the issue with the transparency is everyone is just saying wait wait wait. Would you be able to tell us what the current hold up is with spinning up a new server for everyone to play on?”

At this point we have the resources to start SOMETHING. We're just trying to get our ducks in a row before contracts are signed and what not.

Q&A regarding Torchbearer server - 24th April

"So, I see that the forum is live again.  Should our previously registered credentials work, or do we have to create new ones?”

No. Make a new account. Your old account data was wiped from the last server. Use the links as provided in #announcements to help.

"What is going to determine whether or not we keep the characters on this new server, assuming no one gets bumped to high levels?"  

Generally nothing. Your account data could be wiped a day from now or two days from now, it is really hard to say. Make use of your time and enjoy COH while you can.

"Do the tutorials work now or should we avoid them for the foreseeable future?"

I do not know. I did not get a chance to test it. I literally went from Character Creator to Atlas.

"Is this new server your work?"

No. This was an effort by Leandro and his crew (if he has one).

"Is this going to stop work on the code?"

Nope! We're still working on our own thing, this does not halt our work.

"Is this another test server or something more permanent?"

Temporary! A more permanent solution is still incoming.

"As a request, is it possible to get the Villain role color differentiated from Admin a bit more? Or just change Admin so it doesn't look like any of the other roles? Maybe a purple? Makes it more obvious when an Admin is talking in chat. (Not that people can't just look, this is just an ease-of-use suggestion.)"

I did not forget this! I will be making color changes for all the roles that I can in a little bit.

"If this i25 server exists, and since its working, what's the downside to just using that code instead?

“Furthermore, who provided this code? Leandro? Has this specific server code/files been released so maybe the i24 progression can go further?"

1) To the first, many feel that using i25 isn't a "true" COH experience and therefore wants to play i24 (which was the last test server plus last live server). So we're still opting to build a i24. 2) Leandro provided i25 for the longest. That was running on the server last weekend and this current one now. The source code for i25 has NOT been released. Hence why the coders want to focus on i24.

"So if I download Tequila and register an account I should be able to play the game?"

If you registered a game account on the forum, you should be good. But you still need to do BOTH a forum and a game account.

"I've been following this drama and server since it was public and this recent development seems like a community split which is absolutely the worst case scenario (other than no server at all) it's an absolute disgrace of toxicity on the level of your average League of Legends match.

“People want to play City of Heroes NOW. However I want to play City of Heroes in the long run, are you guys working toward a more stable, more transparent, better structured game and Discord server, because it appears this is quickly spiralling into a competition."

This is a good one! So, to preface, first of all this is not a competition between them and us. This server specifically is an effort unrelated to the Discord servers or the Titan network, but with the help of Leo, to provide a temporary server while a more permanent solution is worked out. We encourage anyone working on the code to work on solutions, the more the merrier - transparency on our part is a huge thing, and we are still working on showing you everything we can! That's why I'm here, after all.

"4/27 was mentioned as a release date. Are we still good for that?"

Obviously our timelines have shifted due to circumstances since then, so don't hold that as gospel - please bear with us as we work on solutions!

"How do we make our accounts? I can't find the instructions."

Check the post by me in #announcements . Visit those two links I provide.

"Are the servers in the UK again?"

No idea at this time. The person hosting the server wants to be kept anonymous for now.

"Is it possible to turn on 2xp , if the data will be wiped in a few days?"

Again, I don't know if the data will be wiped in hours or days. I'll pass on the suggestion of 2XP. But no guarantees it can be implemented.

"Will we ever be able to retrieve our original CoH / CoV characters on this new server?"

This server will not include your old characters, you should not expect to see them again. Fresh start, everyone!

"Is the #announcements  channel the new #server-updates  channel since you haven't posted that this server is up on there? Will it get deleted or archived?"

Announcements is NOT the new #server-updates. We're keeping #server-updates for our server. When we launch the discord private server, that is where our updates go regarding that. #announcements is just used to convey information. We don't plan on archiving that channel, anytime soon.

"If the current temporary server that is launched as of 4/24/19 is someone else's work, are they unwilling to share their progress? How does the arrangement currently work given that your coders are obviously interested in doing things the right way.

“Are we allowed to know who the beneficiary is here and if we are, who is it?"

There's no beneficiary! No money is changing hands here. As far as work, we are not stopping ours, so stay tuned for more information on our side of things as we progress

"The site has had all its links redirected to, which is not a live site. When will it be working?"

There are so many people trying to get onto it right now, the poor server is being hugged to death. Please be patient as it's worked on, there are a METRIC TON of people wanting to play, so please bear with us.

"Is there anything we can do to help? Donation, time, skills, anything?"

 Right now, we're not taking anything. I cannot stress this enough, if anyone is offering a Patreon, GFM, Paypal, Cashapp, or anything regarding this server:

"What are the game content differences between I24 and I25 that are deciding which version to host?"

So i24 was i23 + the last Test server which was the last Paragon Studios update in the pipeline waiting to be deployed. I25 was mostly fan made with parts that were datamined out. That's how we got Sentinel AT and Kallista Wharf.

"’s server IP address could not be found. Is this because of being overloaded?"

Pretty much. That server is getting trashed.

"’We are not the GMs of that server, ours is coming later’ - is this due to the community split?"

Well, we're open-sourcing this! When multiple servers show up, we're not going to be GMs on every single one, obviously. And right now this server is not in our direct hands, so we are not actively GMing it as staff. That's not to say we wont help where we can, but this is not a project launched by us.

"Maybe we can get an update notice whenever the login servers go back up?"

We don't know, we're not in charge of these servers or in immediate communication with anyone who is.

"Question: if CoX was free to play in the end, why are we needing to fund its revival?"

We are not needing funds. Do not pay anyone, ANYONE for this server.

"If (and when) this community gets its own controlled and GM'd server, you think that server wide costume contests could be held, winners getting that oh so lovely temporary yellow title under their names for a few weeks, just like live servers?"

Coming from someone from Virtue, if we can figure out how to do such grants and bestowments, that is definitely a possibility.

"On the test server that I played there was a vendor in Atlas Park that sold the Veteran Rewards and other temp powers for INF. If you're working on the Issue 24 build then how will we get those Veteran Reward abilities and Cash Shop Costumes/Powersets?"

It's certainly on the table! It'll take some dev-time, our focus is on the release of a stable server first, then adding in QoL improvements like that afterwards. Stay tuned!

"Why isn't the permanent solution server being put to a public vote about the issue it'll run on? ‘Some people want’ is a lame excuse to get rid of some pretty solid updates like the P2W vendor and the finished i24 sets."

There is no definitive way to get a pulse of what people want. Some people want i25 just because it's easily available. Some want i24 just because they feel that i25 isn't the same COH that we all grew up with. Others just don't care and want to play. The reason the focus is on i24, is because we have the source for i24 and the coding team feel that is what's best. With i25, there is no easy button to reverse engineer and start from that code and then build forward. That is why I24 is being focused on. We want something that we continue to develop and build with and not just "Here's the server" and then nothing else changes.

"Can we even trust this new server? We don't even know who is running it. Has anyone checked for any malignant code?"  

We have it on good faith that this is the same exact code that was made into the weekend run. As always if you cannot take it on face value, I suggest not proceeding forward.

"Is this discord looking for moderators? If so, how does one apply?"

Not at this time. We will be doing a bit of in-house cleaning and reorganizing.

"Seeking definitive answer on this: do we need to create a new login/PW for forum login?"

Attempt to use your old credentials. If they fail, make new ones.

"Are you trying to make, 'We're making progress’ the new "Soon(tm)"?" 

Yes. *wink*

"Is the official permanent server still going to use the SCORE website?"

For registration and stuff, no. For Tequila/Island Rum, yes. (We'd likely provide instructions on how to use it to connect to our server via a separate manifest. Or possibly a different launcher altogether.)

"Are our characters in this server going to be kept?"

Do not anticipate having your characters carry over to any permanent servers. Save your costumes, people!

"So is our save CoH login the same cause the announcements look like the forum website and save CoH site are the same as the last time." 

Try the old forum info and if it works use that to create a new game account. If both don't work, start over.

"Since no one will be boosted to lvl 50 in this new test server, what are the chances we can keep our characters in the live version?"

I think I covered this but as I mentioned, assume this is NOT going to be able to keep your characters. Save costumes. If we can work on getting character transferred, we will try to start that. But as of right now, we're going to assume that no characters, accounts, AE data, forum accounts will be moved over.

"If we are having issues with island rum, and the FAQ/Troubleshooting doc doesn't answer/fix those questions, is there a point of contact we can reach out to? Most are running tequila so the Tech Help channel is a miss... could we spin up a specific channel for Mac OS users? Thank you!"

Unfortunately, we're not aware of who to make contact with regards to fixing problems with the launcher. However, I'll take into consideration making a Mac Help channel in a bit.

"Help! The webserver isn't doing X!"

Bad webserver, bad!

Sorry folks, it's still completely under the affects of HTD-syndrome - Hugged To Death. Keep trying, I managed to get through as did a number of others playing right now! I promise you'll get in eventually!