Guerilla interviews Christiania - report

I chose Christiania, the Freetown in the middle of Copenhagen to conduct some quick and very informal guerilla research. Approaching people wasn’t easy. The most efficient way I found was to walk around playing the Noise Machine. I had six people stopping me to know more about what I was doing. Each of them played with the box. I wasn’t expecting such good results. Probably induced because the people stopping me were curious about the thing itself.

Worse: “it feels weird, stop it”

Best: wife: “can you stop it ?”, husband: “no, I don’t want to stop”

I had questions about how it was made, if I knew Isak, an other noise maker, if there was a way to know what was going to happen when moving a switch, I had a man telling me about white noise machines, and one asking me if I can make something that sounds like a Roland TB 303.

Copenhagen is definitely too convenient.