The insertion of hair-fine needles just below the surface of the skin that stimulate specific points along energy channels in the body in order to achieve balance. Acupuncture has been scientifically proven to release pain-reducing endorphins; affect pain perception and mood; and improve circulation and immune function.


Herbal Medicine

This is the specific combination of medicinal plants from around the world that work synergistically to treat a patient's overall condition. The herbs may be taken as a liquid extract, powder, or pill form. Raw herbs/minerals may also be prepared and taken orally as a tea decoction as per treatment protocol and/or as prescribed by the practitioner.


Cupping is the use of suction cups, made of either glass or plastic, that are placed along corresponding acupoints on the skin surface. Suction is generated by the application of heat or suction device to create local congestion for the purpose of identifying, stimulating blood circulation, balancing the flow of qi, removing obstructions, and making an avenue for toxins to be released from the body.

Diet Therapy Awareness and Nutrition

Applying advice on food as medicine and nourishment, based on a person's constitution, medical history, current condition, and soul genetics is one of the hallmarks of healing and movement towards awareness.

Electro Acupuncture

The application of mild electro-stimulation on certain acupoints to enhance the needling effect.


Therapeutic Exercise

The application of movement or stillness with concentration on subtle aspects of your being, such as breath, sound, and inner awareness that align your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies into one. When one practices Tai-Chi, Yoga, Qi Gong, and any other discipline that combines movement or stillness with awareness on a daily basis, prevention of disease, treatment of disease and transformation into greater intelligence becomes you.

Tuina/Medical Massage

Bodywork on energy channels and specific areas of concern to improve circulation, to relieve tension and soreness, and to promote healing.

Spiritual Development & Awareness

Becoming aware of yourself as being part of a vast interconnected whole. Realizing that each being has a specific purpose in time and space. The canvas cannot know itself without the brush. The paint cannot fulfill its destiny without the will of the painter.