Biello Family

circa 1700 - circa 1900

        The surname Biello comes from the personal name Viello, a variant of Dutch Viele or German Viel meaning “many”. Most Biellos in Italy were from Molise, Campania, Lazio, and Piemonte.

        There are three Biello branches in our tree and they all descend from the same common ancestor, Michelangelo Biello, son of Cristoforo Biello.

Generation 1

  1. Michelangelo Biello was born around 1733, probably in Monteroduni, Isernia, Molise, Italy. He married Catrina Renzi sometime before 1771 and had at least one known child:

1.1 Giovanni Biello (b. abt. 1771)

Michelangelo died in 1773 at the age of about 40 in Monteroduni, and was buried at Saint Michael Archangel Catholic Church. Giovanni would have only around two years old and this suggests Giovanni was also born in Monteroduni. Catrina died twelve years later in 1785 at the age of around 51, making Giovanni an orphan at fourteen.

Generation 2

1.1 Giovanni Biello married Mizia Renzi sometime before 1794 and had at least four children:

1.1.1 Catrina Biello (b. abt. 1794)

1.1.2 Michele Biello (b. abt. 1795)

1.1.3 Lorenzo Biello (b. 1803)

1.1.4 Maria Biello (b. 1809)

        Giovanni died in 1812 and Mizia died in 1811.

Generation 3

1.1.2 Michele Biello was born around 1795, probably in Monteroduni, Italy. He married Rosa Bertone (b. abt. 1797, d. 1841) and they had at least two known children in Monteroduni: Antonia Biello (b. 1822) Maddalena Biello (b. 1825) Giuseppe Nicolo Biello (b. 1829) Angiola Biello (b. 1833) Mizia Biello (b. 1836)

Rosa died in 1841 when her youngest child was only five years old, and then Michele remarried to Carolina Scioli in 1843 and had at least one child: Giovanni Biello (b. abt. 1852)

1.1.3 Lorenzo Biello was married in 1826 to Giuseppina Del Russo, who was born in 1808, also in Monteroduni. Lorenzo was a proprietor or landlord, and probably also a farmer. He and Giuseppina had at least one son together in Monteroduni: Salvatore Biello (b. 1827) Angelo Gabriele Biello (b. 1829) Romualdo Biello (b. 1831) Domenicantonio Biello (b. 1832) Gabriela Biello (b. 1836) Annuciata Biello (b. 1839) Carmine Biello (b. 1843) Giovanni Biello (b. July 1847)

Generation 4 Antonia Biello was born in 1822 in Monteroduni, and married Angelomarino Scioli in 1845. To read about her descendants, see the Scioli Family Chapter. Giuseppe Nicolo Biello was born in 1829 in Monteroduni and married Francesca Buttari in 1856. He was a “Bovaro”, which is Italian for a cowherd or herdsman, which may mean he was a dairy farmer or cattle herder. He and Francesca at least three children together: Dorodea Biello (b. Jun 1858) Gaetano Biello (b. Mar 1861) Rosa Biello (b. Sep 1862) Giovanni Biello was also a proprietor or landlord, and a farmer. In October of 1873, he married Dorodea Biello, probably a distant cousin. She was born in June of 1858, making her only 15 when she married Giovanni, who was 26. They had nine known children, all in Monteroduni: Domenica Biello (b. 12 Feb 1875, d. Oct 1875) Antonio Biello (b. 24 Jan 1878, d. 1964) Francesca Biello (b. 20 Nov 1881, d. 16 Mar 1936) Giuseppa (Josephine) Lariella Biello (b. 1 Dec 1884, d. 27 Nov 1960) Domenica Biello (b. 19 Mar 1887) Michele Biello (b. 21 May 1889) Angelo Biello (b. 21 Feb 1893, d. Aug 1896) Gabriela Biello (b. 12 Dec 1895) Angelo Biello (b. 13 Jun 1899, d. 1978)

        In history, it was common for children to be named after a sibling who had previously died. The first Domenica was only 8 months old when she died and it took Giovanni and Dorodea twelve years to name another daughter after her. The first Angelo was three years old when he died and they named their next son after him. Of the seven surviving children, five of them left Italy and two stayed. Antonio, Francesca, Josephine, Gabriela, and the second Angelo all immigrated to America separately. Antonio immigrated around 1900, settling in Philadelphia and marrying Maria Guglielmo in 1905 and having four children. Francesca married Leonardo Massaro in Monteroduni and had six children there before immigrating to Philadelphia and having two more children there. The second Domenica married Clementino Bertone in 1909 but it doesn’t look like they ever immigrated to America. Gabriela married Angelo Chrisasanzie in Monteroduni and then followed him to Philadelphia in 1919. Angelo was the last of the siblings to immigrate to Philadelphia sometime around 1915. He initially stayed with his sister Francesca Massaro for several years and it’s unknown if he ever married but he naturalized in 1943.

Generation 5 Giuseppa Biello, better known as Josephine to her descendants, married Angelo Scioli in Monteroduni around 1902. Angelo was born in Philadelphia but went to Monteroduni to find a wife. Once married, he returned to Philadelphia in January of 1903 and Josephine followed him nine months later. There is no known significance to the nine months, since she was travelling alone and not with a child, though it’s not impossible that she did have a baby in Monteroduni but perhaps it died at birth. This could have been the reason it took her so long to join Angelo in Philadelphia, although family stories say it was because she didn’t want to leave Italy. In the end, she left from Naples in October of 1903 on board the Hohenzollern and arrived in New York on November 12, 1903. To read more about her life with Angelo in America, see the Scioli Family Chapter.