Haplogroup I - Mitchell DNA project


Haplogroup I, Lineage Group 1


The kits in this grouping match each other very closely genetically.  They have not found their link to each other genealogically speaking.  The earliest patriarch identified is James Mitchell b. ca. 1745 VA m. Agatha Dalton.

Kit 134632

Archibald Mitchell 

    Elisha Mitchell b. 1810 m. Eleanor Gregory 1832 d. 1891

        William Lindsay Mitchell b. 1837 m. Sarah Bondurant 1857 d. 1862

            William Lindsay Mitchell Jr. b. 1862 Franklin Co. VA m. Susan Bell McGhee 1884 d. 1943




Kit 139859

William Thomas Mitchell b. 1869 London, KY m. 1) Elizabeth Dunaway 2) Margaret Zora House d. 1954


Kit 122248

William Mitchell b. ca. 1798 VA m. 1821 Rachel Thompson d. Lawrence Co. IN

    Richard Mitchell b. 1829 m. Phoebe Dyer 1851 Brown Co. IN

        John Mitchell b. 1854 Monroe Co. IN m. Sarah Todd 1875

            Clarence Mitchell b. 1877 Monroe Co. IN m. Mary Taylor 1897 Daviess Co. IN


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Kit 87220

William Mitchell b. 1768

    William Mitchell B. 1797

        G. W. L. Mitchell b. 1825

            James M. Mitchell B. 1861


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Kit 706

Nimrod Mitchell b. 1743 Edgcomb Co. SC m. Mary Elizabeth Ann Penn 1766 Granville Co. NC d. 1790 Lauren Co. SC  *this generation is unsubstantiated 

    Nimrod Mitchell b. 1779 Laurens Co. SC m. Lucy Ann Reeves d. 1837 Abbeville Co. SC

        Albert Washington Mitchell b. 1810 d. 1881 Attala Co. MS m. Susan Ann Cone

        Charles Robert Mitchell b. 1840 Henry Co. GA m. Permelia Ann Elizabeth Britt d. 1895 Sunflower Co., MS 

                Archie Clay Mitchell b. 1877 d. 1948 Carroll Co. MS m. Lillian Farmer


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Kit 65811

Enoch Mitchell b. ca. 1804 Abbeville District, SC m. Mahaly 

    Dabner P. J. Mitchell b. 1849 Cobb Co. GA m. Margaret Beatty d. 1931 Morgan Co. AL

        Linton S. Mitchell b. 1880 GA m. Florence


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