Northern California Shambhala Regional Director

Job Description

Overview. The Director of Northern California Shambhala (NCS) is appointed by the Kalapa Court. The director is a regional representative of the Sakyong, holds a seat on the Mandala Council and is accountable to the Executive Director of Shambhala. The Director chairs the regional NCS Council and the Regional Council of Center Directors and has the authority to appoint NCS Council members and working group chairs to organize regional activities. The Director is available to all of the regional Shambhala Centers, Meditation Groups and practice gates as an information and staff resource. The Director is an advisor for all Center councils in the region and participates in new director selections for the Centers.

The Director works closely with the NCS Council and the Shambhala leadership to create and oversee implementation of a regional strategic plan. The plan focuses the community’s resources in key areas toward the goal to grow stronger and to share the Shambhala teachings with the world, e.g. by identifying services that the NCS regional office can provide to help the NCS community and its centers including pooling human and financial resources.

The Director holds the vision of Shambhala enlightened society while simultaneously joining this vision with practical details of managing finances, recruiting and managing volunteers, mentoring Shambhala center leadership, raising funds, working with community issues, deciding what activities are most beneficial regionally, and raising the windhorse of the leadership and entire community.

Priorities for NCS Regional Director.

  1. To develop and articulate a vision of growth and richness for the NCS community based on guidance of the lineage.
  2. To act as a communications conduit for the Sakyong’s wishes for the Region, and for Shambhala mandala departments.
  3. To lead central governance: coordinate among Centers and Groups; facilitate communication and provide oversight; chair NSC Council and Regional Council of Center Directors; consultation and training for Center Directors and Councils; coordination of regional programs and activities; support regional outreach, publicity, fundraising, membership development, education and practice.
  4. To maintain synergy with Program Development and Production – e.g. Sakyong’s programs, Follow Your Inspiration series, children’s programming, leadership/internship programs. Oversight of Practice and Education programs such as Guides, Weekthun, MI training, Rigden, and Sacred Path.
  5. To lead the way in exploring and developing Shambhala community/society beyond programming.
  6. To plan and oversee projects that are beyond the scope of single Centers or Groups to implement, e.g. real estate purchases, retreats, gatherings for NCS community
  7. To bring forth resources, insights, and best practices available to the NCS community,
  8. To support initiatives for increasing diversity.
  9. To ensure financial wellbeing of the region, e.g. Centers, Sharchen Dzong, by providing support in stewarding membership and patronage,  support of the region’s participation in Unified Giving , and writing grants.
  10. To support Marketing for Center and Regional activities, such as website, newsletter, email campaigns, posters, brochures, social media, calendars.


Availability Requirements

Term. The Regional Director position is a 3 year position with an option to renew by mutual consent of the Director and Kalapa Court. Performance evaluations will be done annually and the term limit assessed at the end of 2.5  years.

Salary and Benefits. The post is a part-time paid position (25 hours/week) with a salary of $30,000 per year and reimbursement of travel expenses.  Up to $300/month towards healthcare expenses. The Director receives two weeks of paid vacation and two weeks of paid retreat time annually. Retreat costs are not covered.

Regional Director Role & Responsibilities

  1. Heaven


  1. Program Planning and Coordination

Practice & Study


Human Resources

Membership Growth


Financial Planning

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