EPICS V4 Telecon, 23-Sep-2014



0. Preliminaries

1. Update on the codethon work towards a gateway

2. 4.4 release timetable.
  pre1 was supposed to be last week.
  Review and update the module release status tracker [1]
  I think the tags are still not on the core modules - is that right?






0. Preliminaries

Normative Type merging.

AI: Marty pushes 20140820 with his latest changes.

Dave will merge into new document 20140923.

2. 4.4 release timetable.

AJ: Next tuesday should be time for rc1

MK: I think we’re only at pre1

MK: MS is only now adding access security

AJ: Do you know if MS is going to break clients because of the addition of pvAcces

MK: When MS and I changed pvAccess and Data, we really broke interop of v4 clients and servers.

AJ: Did adding Access Security break the client API? Will Sinisa have to change the pvaPy wrapper implementation?

Rl: Assume clients don’t need to be changed. Default behaviour shouldbe that client doesn’t ahve to do anything.

MK: MS has made a security plugin for pvaSrv. But we need MS to comment.

MK: But other unresolved thing about pre1 is what to do with URI.

AJ: So by next Tuesday we should have pre1

MK: Yes

AJ: That means we will have an rc1 2 weeks later, i.e. 1 week before epics meeting.

RL: voices skepticism on rc1 only 1 week before, since little time.

NEW TOPIC: Normative Types

Marty’s Email

The reason for our concern is the URI is used in multiple repositories and also appears many times in documentation.

This includes pvDataCPP, pvDataJava, normativeTypesCPP, pvAccessCPP,pvManager v4 plugins.


For example in the upcoming release the following would be the definitions


Conversely, the version of NTs that includes errors and specifically cross reference between types (see NTMultiChannel), is:


Decision: Marty will aim for pre1 next Tuesday 30 Sep. It will use NT type identifiers of the form now in 20140820.

AJ: There is a possibility of constructing the rc1 during the saclay meeting.

AJ: Are we going to try to fix the dynamic 64 bit Windows builds?

AI: Dave to talk to Ulrik on whether he can test V4.4 on Windows. Note that only static builds currently build properly.

Meeting Ends, 18:09 CET