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Unite Against Dividers 13-15/01/2017


Friday 13/01

We’re hosting a dinner at Res. art space for 30 politicians, activists and artists in collaboration with Susannah Worth and Jonathan Hoskins with a tweeted table speech by Ellie Harrison. Join us for a drink at the Company Drinks Bar from 8.30pm at 50 Resolution Way, Deptford SE8 4AL

Our dinner guests are: Kathryn Bilyard, Miguel Amado, Claudia Lastra, Legacy Russell, Christopher Duriez, Taylor Le Melle, Heather Phillipson, Kiri Kankhwende, Shu Lea Cheng, Svar Simpson, Anna McCarthy, Sofia Niazi / Heiba Lamara / Rose Nordin (OOMK), Marie Le Conte, Julie Ward, Vicky Foxcroft MP, Harini Iyengar, Sabine Unamun, Vanessa Scully, Richard Angell

Saturday 14/01

A day of conversations at 30 Marsh Wall, Isle of Dogs, London E14 9TP. The venue is wheelchair accessible. Children welcome! We offer onsite childcare from 1pm to 5pm (provided by Little Kunst).

11–12pm: Breakfast means Breakfast, an international brunch with Supper Club

Please bring a cup and plate to help us reduce waste.

12–1pm: Welcome & Who is in the room?

1–2.45pm: starting points (1)

We have programmed these sessions as first meetings for people who want to continue working together. You don’t need to worry about missing anything, as there will be time to feedback.

  1. How can politics get involved in art?

For people who want to talk about how to open up and broaden political systems.

2. How can art get involved in politics?

For people who want to talk about artist’s agency and function in political processes.

Julie Ward MEP

Counterpoints Arts

Emily Hesse

They Are Here

More United

Alicja Rogalska

Klina Jordan (Make Votes Matter)

Miguel Amado (MIMA)

Hettie O’Brien

Another Europe Is Possible


A solution lies in salt & spice (Ethiopian proverb)

How does a person of colour navigate through a world dominated by white centric thought and action? Let them eat Sambusa – finding solace and affecting change through creation and sharing of East African Food via The Matatu Kitchen

with Fozia Ismail and Edwina Bruford

2.45–3pm: feedback loop

3–4pm: Bring your own afternoon snack or eat Brexit Breakfast leftovers.

Parallel:  Ayisha De Lanerolle and Eva Sajovic: Taking an idea for a walk

4–5pm: starting points (2)

  1. How can we talk to people we disagree with?

For people who want to use their communication skills to facilitate different (visual) languages.

2. How can we contribute to existing organisations?

For people who want to support, infiltrate and investigate existing organisations and join forces.


Migrant Voice

Georgia Twigg

Alice Westlake (1 Day Without Us London)

Laura Gordon

Richard Whitby (Artists’ Union England)

Common Vision UK


Alicja Rogalska will talk about her experience of collaborative & participatory projects with different groups internationally.

5.30 –6.30pm: BREAK

6pm  starting points (3)

  1. How can we organise?

For people who want to reflect on admin, self-organising and  community building.

2. Talks: How can we change the structures?

For people who want to learn about existing new media and new narratives

3 separate groups / talks by

Sophie Chapman/Kerri Jefferis

2.1 Tobi Oredein

On founding Black Ballad

Keep It Complex

2.2 Charlotte Fereday

On the Hack Brexit project

Black Blossoms

2.3 Shiv Malik

On how artists will build the future

6.30–7pm: break

7pm: Rose Gibbs: Speaking Up – a participatory speech workshop

Followed by Arts Parliament

The Arts Parliament is a simple idea to bring the whole group together again at the end of the day. Everybody has 2 minutes to speak, in whichever language they prefer. If you don’t want to speak, you can also write something and we will read it out.

Sunday 15/01

Sunday’s practical events will happen in many different venues in London and across the UK. Choose one or two activities that interest you most. We hope that these workshops will turn into regular active groups, so do exchange contact details afterwards.


Sunday 15th January, 12–5pm

Artsadmin, Toynbee Studios, 28 Commercial St, E1 6AB London

Artist and musician Jenny Moore will lead a singing workshop, exploring how we can use our voices as a tool for protest. We will rehearse songs from Mystic Business, a performance score that Jenny composed last summer, along with re-interpretations of historical choral and sound compositions.  The workshop will be the starting point for a new angry feminist choir.

Screen printing (Drop in)

Anne Robinson (See Red Women’s Workshop), Portable Print studio, Migrant Species, Sunday 15th January, 1–4pm

Peckham Platform, 89 Peckham High St, London SE15 5RS

Come and screenprint posters with Sarah from Portable Print Studio and Anne Robinson, who has plenty of experience as a member of the legendary See Red Women’s workshop. The design group Migrant Species will be at hand to help you map your own migration history.

Peckham Platform welcomes debate, dialogue and the exploration of thorny issues that generate passionate responses. We exist to be a platform for ideas to be explored –especially when that exploration engages with the visual arts. As a politically neutral organisation we are also committed to hosting opposing and contrary views for equally valid debate, and celebrate the diversity that is possible and must be protected in our democracy

The Walking Reading Group on Commons (Book here)

Sunday 15th January, 4–6pm

Starting point: The Green Man, 308 Edgware Rd, London W2 1DY

The Walking Reading Group, running since 2013, is a project that facilitates knowledge exchange in an intimate and dynamic way through discussing texts whilst walking together. In this reading group the table is broken up by the street and the dominant voice is replaced with the sound of conversation partners talking simultaneously. Anyone can participate and the walks are free to attend. TWRG is run by Lydia Ashman, Ania Bas, Simone Mair. This walk was originally developed in the summer 2016 as part of The Walking Reading Group on Commons commissioned by SPACE, London 2016 and funded by Arts Council England.

Born in Flames, a film by Lizzie Borden, distributed via Cinenova

Sunday 15th January, 6–8pm

The Showroom, 63 Penfold Street, London, NW8 8PQ

Write manifestos with Collective Creativity (Book here)

Sunday 15th January, 2–4pm

MayDay Rooms, 88 Fleet Street, London, EC4Y 1DH

Collective Creativity Is an intentional informal non-hierarchical collective space created to share ideas to reflect on texts/films/art (and more) in a group setting, that inspire, interest or provoke us and/or our practice. Collective Creativity is a group formed out of necessity, to carve collaborative space outside of the institutional framework where a specific Black QTIPOC (queer/trans* people of colour) voice and experience could be nurtured. Collective Creativity are Evan Ifekoya, Raisa Kabir, Rudy Loewe and Raju Rage.

Make a  flag (drop in)

Sunday 15th January, 1–4pm

7a Vyner Street, E2 9DG

Migration and the people on the move are, and will be in the future, a major driver of social and cultural change. But how do people keep hold of their identity – cultural traditions and other data when moving from one location to another? How can cultural artefacts promote social interaction and togetherness? How would you design a flag for a welcoming community in which locals and migrants exchange and embrace diverse cultures? Join People Power artists Rike Glaser, Namunn Zimmermann, Adam Blencowe and Thor ter Kulve to design your own flag with a message.

Consciousness-raising for immigrants, refugees, and others (Book here)

With Alexandra M. Kokoli

Sunday 15th January, 2pm

AND Publishing studio, 96 Teesdale Street, E2 6PU

This session will begin with a short presentation on consciousness raising and its role in collaborative art projects in the Women's Liberation Movement, such as Womanhouse and the Women's Postal Art Event (a.k.a. Feministo), led by Alexandra Kokoli, feminist art historian and Southern European immigrant to the UK. We will then experiment with consciousness raising, focusing on each participant's experience of migration (voluntary or not; direct or otherwise) and exploring its potential for collective creative and cultural practices.

Eat together

Meet at 12pm at Grand Union (Birmingham), MIMA (Middlesborough), Trish Scott’s home (Margate), MILK (Glasgow), Primary (Nottingham), Congress for Defence of Culture (Cambridge) and performancespace (Folkestone) for a communal lunch.

To order placemat-posters, email 

Unite Against Dividers is organised by Keep It Complex, a group of women artists, designers and arts administrators. We bring together cultural workers who to take a stand against our current white dick politics, from Brexit to Bannon. Keep It Complex formed out of the Britain Is Not An Island campaign which we ran during the EU referendum.

Find us on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Insta.