(First shared on May 15, 2021; revised to remove May 15th protest event information on May 17, 2021)

As we witness Palestinians, once again, rise up against the fragmentations and borders that a century of colonization has imposed across the region and the world, we write to express our unequivocal solidarity with the Palestinian people and condemn Israel’s settler-colonial project, human rights violations, and war crimes in Palestine.

We condemn Israel's incessant efforts to dispossess and displace 28 Palestinian families in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem,  in order to replace them with  Israeli settlers. The recent attempted expulsions are part of Israel's long-standing project of ethnic cleansing and dispossession.

We condemn the continued bombardment and murder of at least 145 Palestinian men, women, and children in Gaza, the displacement of some 10,000 Palestinians in Gaza as a result of Israel’s offense, and the systematic and deliberate destruction of Gaza’s infrastructures, already debilitated by a decades long blockade. That, in addition to inflicting trauma on Palestinians and causing them to suffer from anxiety disorders, PTSD, and further acute and as-yet-medically-unlabelled PTSD.

We condemn the continued Israeli police-, intelligence-, and state-backed settler brutal violence against Palestinian citizens in Israel, as well as Palestinians in the occupied territories.

We condemn the Israeli police’s ruthless attacks on Muslim worshippers in al-Aqsa Mosque compound with rubber bullets, stun grenades, and tear gas canisters during the holy month of Ramadan, as well as against Christian worshipers in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre during Easter.

We condemn the Israeli attacks on health workers, medical facilities, journalists, and media outlets, in addition to the attacks on activists for documenting Israeli aggressions.

We condemn Israel’s medical apartheid regime. Israel has withheld much-needed COVID-19 vaccines from Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza during a deadly pandemic, while administering an internationally lauded and extremely effective vaccination program for the Israeli settlers who reside in illegal settlements throughout the West Bank.

The recent episode of Israeli brutality must be viewed in the context of the Palestinian Nakba (“Catastrophe”) of 1948, which has continued to be an ongoing reality for the Palestinian people for the past 73 years. The 800,000 Palestinians forcibly displaced in 1948 now comprise a community of 7 million people spread across different borders and subordinated to different legal regimes. The Palestinians who remained in Israel and the occupied territories are facing a two-tiered-citizenship structure, which is engineered to deny Palestinians of their rights of citizenship, residency and return to their homeland, while it guarantees unconditional citizenship to every Jewish person under the 1950 Law of Return.

Recent reports by key human rights organizations, including Adalah, B'tselem, and Human Rights Watch, assert that the Israeli regime is an apartheid regime which uses laws and practices to guarantee the supremacy of one group of people over another. For the past 73 years, Palestinians have been withstanding systematic and institutionalized dehumanization, violence, racism, dispossession, expropriation, and forced displacement. In addition, they have lived with restrictions on day-to-day freedom of movement, expression, worship, and right to education and healthcare. We call upon Brown University and the Brown community to take a stance against Israel’s settler colonialism and in support of the Palestinian people.

Following the students’ referendum vote in favor of divestment, as well as the Corporate Responsibility Committee’s vote to divest from companies that profit from the Israeli occupation, we call on Brown's leadership to take action on these votes. Brown has committed to a vision of equity and inclusion and has repeatedly denounced systemic and institutional racism, so we ask that this orientation towards justice does not exclude Palestine. In line with the 2019 referendum, we call on Brown University to “divest all stocks, funds, endowment and other monetary instruments from companies complicit in human rights abuses in Palestine and establish a means of implementing financial transparency and student oversight of the University’s investments.” 

We call on members of the Brown community to commit to the BDS Movement (Boycott, Divest, Sanctions) in support of the Palestinian cause. The BDS movement seeks to end our individual and collective complicity with Israel’s apartheid regime through applying international economic and political pressure until Israel upholds its obligations under international law. Brown leadership and leaders within the community should use these efforts to reconsider ongoing partnerships with the regime, such as the Nelson Center’s social entrepreneurship and social innovation internship programs. We have learned from the brilliant liberation struggle staged by Black South Africans that BDS is an effective means by which to combat and end apartheid.

We also encourage members of the Brown community to break the culture of silence surrounding Palestine and express solidarity and support with Palestinians’ 73-year-long liberation struggle. Edward Said stated, “When it comes to Palestine, fear of speaking out about one of the greatest injustices in modern history has hobbled, blinkered, muzzled many who know the truth and are in a position to serve it.” We urge the community to protect Palestinian and pro-Palestine voices on campus from censorship and harassment, and to stand up against the continued suppression of pro-Palestinian advocacy. We encourage scholars in the Brown community to read, cite, and engage Palestinian scholars and uplift their voices and viewpoints. We further encourage you to seek out Palestinian voices on social media and to amplify their experiences, which have been silenced and marginalized by mainstream media outlets. We stand with the many Jewish organizations and activists who condemn Israeli settler colonial violence and apartheid and refuse to categorize the Palestinian struggle for liberation as anti-semitic.

As members of the Brown community, we work, live, and study at an institution built on stolen Narragansett land and built by stolen labor. The ongoing legacy of slavery, settler colonialism and the academic and non-academic entanglements of empire recommit us to our duty to rise up against settler colonialism, apartheid, racism, ethnic cleansing, genocide, anti-semitism, and state violence everywhere around the world, and our struggle is incomplete without the fight for Palestinian liberation. Join us in upholding the Palestinian resistance and sumud against Israeli settler-colonialism, occupation, apartheid and the general negation of Palestinian life. 

For more information on actions and resources, please refer to the resources list.

To sign the letter, please add your information here and we will update the letter with your signature. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeixTwJWHLZX40lCdIpRBhjns9m8y-8QfQWQ1CKOawpyl8ukQ/viewform

#SaveSheikhJarrah #GazaUnderAttack #Nakba73

In solidarity,

  1. Ahmad Abu Ahmad, Graduate Student, Comparative Literature
  2. Nabila Islam, Graduate Student, Sociology
  3. Mariam Abou-Kathir, Graduate Student, Religious Studies
  4. Sherena Razek, Graduate Student, Modern Culture and Media
  5. Laura Garbes, Graduate Student, Sociolo
  6. prabhdeep singh kehal, Graduate Student, Sociology
  7. Hilary Rasch, Graduate Student, English
  8. Adel Ben Bella, Graduate Student, Modern Culture and Media
  9. Syeda Masood, Graduate Student, Sociology
  10. Ricarda Hammer, Graduate Student, Sociology
  11. Alessandro Moghrabi, Graduate Student, Comparative Literature
  12. Dima Nasser, Graduate Student, Comparative Literature
  13. Ariella Aisha Azoulay, Faculty, Modern Culture and Media and Comparative Literature
  14. Lubabah Chowdhury, Graduate Student, English
  15. Kate ELizabeth Creasey, Graduate Student, History
  16. Imani Jackson, Graduate Student, Literary Arts
  17. Goutam Piduri, Graduate Student, English
  18. Geophrey Darrow, Graduate Student, English
  19. Aseel Azab-Osman, Graduate Student, Religious Studies
  20. Yasmine Bavbek, Graduate Student, Sociology
  21. Shanelle Haile, Graduate Student, Sociology
  22. Amy Chin, Graduate Student, Sociology
  23. Katherine Preston, Graduate Student, English
  24. Mariajose Rodriguez-Pliego, Graduate Student, Comparative Literature
  25. Danielle Falzon, Graduate Student, Sociology
  26. Felicia Denaud, Graduate Student, Africana Studies
  27. Matthew Ellis, Graduate Student, Modern Culture and Media
  28. Debbie Frempong, Graduate Student, Anthropology
  29. Chibuihe Obi Achimba , Graduate Student, Literary Arts
  30. Aarushi Kalra, Graduate Student, Economics
  31. BEDIA AKOSMAN, Graduate Student, Pathobiology
  32. Kareem Estefan, Graduate Student, Modern Culture and Media
  33. Arnav Adhikari , Graduate Student, English
  34. Kanchita Klangboonkrong, Graduate student, Physics
  35. Jonathan Cortez, Alum, American Studies
  36. Sneha Chowdhury, Graduate Student, Comparative Literature
  37. Jose Itzigsohn, Faculty, Sociology
  38. Sophia  Ellis, Graduate Student, Public Humanities
  39. Beckett Warzer, Graduate Student, Theatre Arts & Performance Studies
  40. Michael Tufft , Graduate student, Portuguese and Brazilian Studies
  41. Jo Stewart, Graduate student, Literary Arts
  42. Devon Epiphany Clifton, Graduate student, English
  43. Larissa Nez, Graduate student, Public Humanities
  44. Julie Skarha, Graduate student, Epidemiology
  45. Lucas Baisch, Graduate student, Alum, Theatre Arts & Performance Studies
  46. EG Asher, Alum, MFA, Literary Arts
  47. Steven Manuel, Graduate student, Comparative Literature
  48. Catherine Kim, Graduate student, Literary Arts
  49. Jay Gao, Graduate student, Literary Arts
  50. Lyle Cherneff, Alum, Gender and Sexuality Studies
  51. Gabriel Provencher Langlois, Graduate student, Applied Mathematics
  52. Courtney Lau, Graduate student, Theatre Arts and Performance Studies
  53. Benjamin Rosenberg, Graduate student, English
  54. Babak Hemmatian, Graduate student, CLPS
  55. Ligia E. Fragoso, Graduate student, Medical Student, Warren Alpert Medical School
  56. Joseph Skitka, Alum, Physics
  57. Melody Chapin, Graduate student, Music
  58. Anıl Aşkın, Graduate student, History
  59. Abdelrahman Hosny, Graduate student, Computer Science
  60. Alexander Hardan, Graduate student, Music
  61. Dana Altoaimi, Undergraduate student, History
  62. Emma Orleans York, Graduate student, Masters of Arts in Teaching
  63. Watufani Poe, Alum, Africana Studies
  64. Shady Yassin, Undergraduate student, Economics
  65. Kiran saili, Graduate student, English
  66. Andrew Colarusso, Faculty, Literary Arts Department
  67. Sumera Subzwari, Alum, Brown University
  68. Afia Abrafi Akosah-Bempah, Undergraduate student, Computer Science and Modern Culture & Media
  69. Chris Hauptfeld, Graduate student, Master of Arts in Teaching
  70. Oamiya Haque, Undergraduate student, International and Public Affairs
  71. Chris Woods, Graduate student, Political Science
  72. Bryant Brown Jr. , Graduate student, American Studies
  73. Keenan Wilder, Graduate student, Sociology
  74. Imen boussayoud, Graduate student, History
  75. Alireza Khorshidi, Alum, School of Engineering
  76. Sophie Abramowitz, Postdoctoral researcher, American Studies & Brown University Libraries
  77. Imran Dharamsi, Undergraduate student, Economics and Public Health
  78. Irina Kalinka, Graduate student, Modern Culture and Media
  79. Jared Cetz, Undergraduate student, Ethnic Studies
  80. Anastasia Williams , Graduate student, Slavic Studies
  81. Belinda Hu, Undergraduate student, Ethnic Studies
  82. Franklin Iheanacho, Graduate student, Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University
  83. Kolya Shields, Undergraduate student, N/A
  84. Nicholas Andersen, Graduate student, Religious Studies
  85. Sarosh Nadeem , Undergraduate student, Undecided
  86. Cecile Schreidah, Undergraduate student, n/a
  87. Neha Narayan, Undergraduate student, Statistics and Ethnic Studies
  88. Ruhma Khawaja, Undergraduate student, International and Public Affairs & Political Science
  89. Deena Haque, Undergraduate student, Health and Human Biology
  90. Rahma Ibrahim, Undergraduate student, Biology and Public Health
  91. Javad Hashemi, Postdoctoral Alum, School of Engineering
  92. Ahmad Alkhatib, Undergraduate student, Computational Biology
  93. Sam Driver, Graduate student, Slavic Studies
  94. Nicholas Woodson Jones, Graduate student, Health Services, Policy & Practice
  95. Jessica Katzenstein, Graduate student, Anthropology
  96. Gabriel Zuckerberg, Incoming graduate student, Music
  97. Melih Arda Ozsoy, Undergraduate student, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  98. Adelaida Tamayo, Graduate student, Anthropology
  99. Annie Kim, Graduate student, Music
  100. Norman Frazier, Graduate student, History
  101. Lucía Retta, Graduate student, Literary Arts
  102. Dennis Hogan, Graduate student, Comparative Literature
  103. Ryan Boset Guardado, Undergraduate student, Neuroscience
  104. Amelia Anahid Wyckoff, Undergraduate student, Classics and Comparative Literature
  105. Salma Mutwafy, Graduate student, Sociology
  106. Amanda C. Ball, Graduate student, Sociology
  107. Saba Paracha , Undergraduate student, Science Technology and Society
  108. Stephen Woo, Graduate student, Modern Culture and Media
  109. Rithika Ramamurthy, Graduate student, English
  110. Kate Hao, Graduate student, Center for Public Humanities
  111. Ken Schell-Smith, Undergraduate student, Institute at Brown for Environment and Society
  112. Sreemati Mitter, Faculty member, History and Watson
  113. Yara Doumani, Undergraduate student, History, Environmental Studies
  114. Nicholas Pisanelli, Graduate student, English
  115. Griffin Fenton, Undergraduate student, History
  116. Ayantu Israel-Megerssa, Graduate student, Political Science
  117. Tara Dhaliwal, Graduate student, Religious Studies
  118. Marlon Jimenez Oviedo, Graduate student, TAPS
  119. Treshaun Sutton, Graduate student, Chemistry
  120. Amanda Votta, Graduate student, Anthropology
  121. Amal Dualeh, Undergraduate student, Computer Science, Education Studies
  122. Sertac Kaya Sen, Graduate student, Anthropology
  123. Abiha Jafri, Graduate student, School of Engineering
  124. kristen iemma, Graduate student, American Studies
  125. Em Trautner, Undergraduate student, Undecided
  126. Ahmad Mahmoody, Alum, Computer Science
  127. Saniya Kamal, Graduate student, Literary Arts
  128. Radhika Moral, Graduate student, Anthropology
  129. Lindsey Maher, Undergraduate student, English, Hispanic Studies
  130. Monique Jonath, Undergraduate student, CLPS
  131. Ailish Burns, Graduate student, Sociology
  132. Benjamin Bradlow, Alum, Sociology
  133. Miya C Lohmeier, Alum, English/Visual Arts
  134. Celia Stern, Graduate student, Religious Studies
  135. Harper Dine, Graduate student, Anthropology
  136. Jinette Jimenez, Alum, N/A
  137. Deshawn Armstrong, Alum, Psychology
  138. Wassa Bagayoko, Alum, NA
  139. Rhone O’Hara, Graduate student, American Studies
  140. Christopher Lasasso, Graduate student, English, Brown University
  141. Tessa Bolsover, Graduate student, Literary Arts MFA
  142. Jordan Allums, Alum, Political Science
  143. Ruth Schlenker, Undergraduate student, Sociology
  144. Youma Traore , Undergraduate student, Africana Studies
  145. Isaiah Paik, Undergraduate student, Sociology
  146. Siraj Sindhu, Graduate student, POLISCI
  147. Alexa Derman, Graduate student, MFA Playwright
  148. Regina Pieck , Graduate student, Hispanic Studies
  149. Chanté Reid, Alum, Literary Arts
  150. Nick Masi, Undergraduate student, Computer Science
  151. Nkenna Ibeakanma, Graduate student, TAPS
  152. Seayoung Yim, Graduate student, TAPS
  153. Misha Fan, Undergraduate student, Biology department
  154. Floria Tsui, Undergraduate student, na
  155. Katie Duarte, Graduate student, Sociology
  156. Beka Yang, Alum, Ethnic Studies and Psychology
  157. Jessica Jiang, Alum, Department of American Studies
  158. Bethlehem Desta, Alum, Ethnic Studies
  159. Carolina Correa, Undergraduate student, Undergrad at Brown
  160. Simran Singh, Undergraduate student, Engineering
  161. Murphy Chang, Staff member, Graduate student, Literary Arts and the Bell Gallery
  162. Nat Hardy, Undergraduate student, Visual Art and Urban Studies
  163. Katherine Thompson, Graduate student, Anthropology
  164. Sarah Grace Davenport, Graduate student, Anthropology
  165. Pinar Demetci, Graduate student, CCMB
  166. Victoria Xu, Alum, Brown University
  167. Audrey Massmann, Graduate student, Ecology
  168. Alan Perez, Staff member, Annenberg Institute
  169. Anabelle Suitor, Graduate student, Anthropology
  170. Lauren Fung , Undergraduate student, Public Policy
  171. Maximilian Conley, Graduate student, History
  172. Ben Williams, Alum, Class of 2016
  173. Alex Winder, Faculty, Center for Middle East Studies
  174. James Wang, Graduate student, History
  175. Louis Wenger, Graduate student, Department of Music
  176. Zoe Kupetz, Undergraduate student, Environmental Studies
  177. Jared Boyce, Alum, Graduate School
  178. Kiara Vong, Undergraduate student, N/A
  179. Sam Kimball, Undergraduate student, Archaeology and Applied Math
  180. Ayşe Şanlı, Graduate student, Anthropology
  181. Ifrah Javaid, Graduate student, English
  182. Mateo Diaz Choza, Graduate student, Hispanic Studies
  183. Jaden Chew, Undergraduate student, Undergraduate
  184. Anneliese Mair, Medical Student, Warren Alpert Medical School
  185. Pedro Monteiro Borges, Undergraduate student, Computer Science
  186. Anindita Adhikari, Graduate student, Sociology
  187. Samer Wahood, Alum, Public Policy
  188. Alzahra Fayie, Undergraduate student, Computer Science
  189. Yanhoo Cho, Undergraduate student, Sociology
  190. Samy Amkieh, Undergraduate student, Biology and Public Health
  191. Neha Reddy, Graduate student, Medical school
  192. Hamzah Shah, Undergraduate student, Computer Science
  193. Gustavo de Almeida Silva, Graduate student, Sociology
  194. Justin Lang, Graduate student, Africana Studies
  195. Elliana Reynolds, Undergraduate student, History
  196. Nadeen Ibrahim, Undergraduate student, Sociology
  197. Paul Rembert Aste, Graduate student, History
  198. Esha Sraboni, Graduate student, Sociology
  199. Iman Husain, Undergraduate student, N/A
  200. Claire Climer, Graduate student, Comparative Literature
  201. Mohammed Akel, Undergraduate student, Computer Science & Public Health
  202. Miriam Rainer, Graduate student, German Studies
  203. Jack Quirk, Graduate student, English
  204. Wonyoung Lee, Undergraduate student, Computer Science
  205. Razan Karar, Undergraduate student, Computer Science
  206. Kenneth Molloy, Graduate student, TAPS
  207. Asher Lober, Graduate student, Comparative Literature
  208. Anjali Mohan, Alum, Computational Biology
  209. Archana Ramanujam, Graduate student, Sociology
  210. Caleb Eickmann, Alum, Biochemistry
  211. Lazuli Liu, Graduate student, Literary Arts
  212. Sara AlRabiah, Undergraduate student, Joukowsky Institute of Archeology
  213. Mara Cavallaro , Undergraduate student, Ethnic Studies, International and Public Affairs
  214. Michael D Kennedy, Faculty member, Department of Sociology and Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs
  215. Chiraag Nataraj, Postdoctoral researcher, School of Engineering
  216. Joseph Leidy, Graduate student, History
  217. Isabel Farias Velasco, Graduate student, Comparative Literature
  218. Isabel Mattia, Faculty member, Alum, VISA
  219. Annalies Kleyheeg, Graduate student, Physics
  220. Marah Nagelhout, Graduate student, English
  221. Brian N Bulloch, Undergraduate student, Biochemistry
  222. Brown N Bulloch, Undergraduate student, Biochemistry
  223. Avery Bennett, Graduate student, Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs
  224. Caroline Cunfer, Graduate student, American Studies
  225. Jamila Beesley, Undergraduate student, American Studies and International and Public Affairs
  226. Subadevan, Graduate student, Sociology
  227. Grazia Deng, Postdoctoral researcher, Population Studies and Training Center
  228. Salma Mohamed, Alum & Graduate Student, Public Health and Masters of Public Affairs
  229. Michael Allen Ziegler, Graduate student, Department of Classics
  230. Riki Fameli, Undergraduate student, Computer Science
  231. Jacob Robbins, Alum, Economics
  232. Sarah Hoxha, Undergraduate student, n/a
  233. Max Peers, Graduate student, Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World
  234. Connor Kalāhiki, Undergraduate student, Environmental Studies
  235. Austin Vaitkus, Graduate student, physics
  236. JD Stokely, Graduate student, Theatre Arts and Performance Studies
  237. Ellis Ward, Undergraduate student, N/A
  238. Alexa Dannis, Undergraduate student, Architecture and IAPA
  239. Connor Jenkins, Undergraduate student, History and Africana Studies
  240. Yoonsoo Park, Undergraduate student, Applied Math – Economics
  241. Junaid Malik, Alum, Political Science
  242. Parsa Bastani, Graduate student, Anthropology
  243. Han Nguyen , Alum, International Relations
  244. Kareem Joudi, Undergraduate student, Business Economics
  245. Isabella Kearns, Undergraduate student, History
  246. Meghna Tummala, Graduate student, Alpert Medical School
  247. Christina Gilligan, Graduate student, English Department
  248. Suzy Kim, Graduate student, English
  249. Elizabeth Garcia, Graduate student, Modern Culture and Media
  250. Anna Aguto, Undergraduate student, Ethnic Studies and Environmental Studies
  251. Julia Balakrishnan, Graduate student, History
  252. Ross Rutherford, Undergraduate student, Undeclared major
  253. Hyung Jin Lee, Undergraduate student, N/A
  254. David Morales, Alum, Brown MPA Alumni and State Representative (District 7)
  255. Ella Altisor, Undergraduate student, History
  256. Morgan De Lancy, Undergraduate student, History
  257. Seamus Hubbard Flynn, Undergraduate student, Music
  258. Ana González San Martín , Graduate student, Jowkosky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World (JIAAW)
  259. Michael Kearney, Undergraduate student, Computer Science
  260. Liana Lum, Graduate student, Alpert Medical School
  261. Clara Greider, Alum, Environmental Studies
  262. Kelley Tackett, Alum, Archaeology, Middle East Studies, Anthropology
  263. chloe zimmerman, Graduate student, Literary Arts
  264. Scott Jackshaw, Graduate student, English
  265. Shirley Mak, Graduate student, Music
  266. Sydney Smith, Undergraduate student, Political Science and Africana Studies
  267. Alex Maxwell, Graduate student, Modern Culture and Media
  268. Isaac McKenna, Undergraduate student, Modern Culture and Media
  269. Luqmaan Bokhary, Alum, Public Policy
  270. Amanda “Scout” Brynn, Undergraduate student, Archaeology and the Ancient World & Modern Culture and Media
  271. Erin Mellett, Graduate student, Anthropology
  272. Brooke Grasberger, Graduate student, History
  273. Mark Tseng-Putterman, Graduate student, American Studies
  274. Paulina Acosta, Graduate student, Theatre Arts and Performance Studies Department
  275. Ali Madani, Graduate student, English
  276. Rebecca Schneider, Faculty member, Modern Culture and Media
  277. Maxime Pitchon, Undergraduate student, Modern Culture and Media
  278. Zihan Ling, Graduate student, Computer Science
  279. Emory Brinson, Undergraduate student, n/a
  280. Charlotte Haq, Undergraduate student, Ethnic Studies
  281. Prudence Ross, Graduate student, English
  282. Karl Krusell, Graduate student, Archaeology
  283. Max Henry Weinreich, Graduate student, Math
  284. Jaden Schoenfeld, Undergraduate student, Brown University
  285. Leila Kashani-Sabet, Undergraduate student, Modern Culture and Media
  286. Adi Ophir, Faculty member, Cogut Institute
  287. Aaron Jacobs, Graduate student, History
  288. Olakunle George, Faculty member, Department of English
  289. Ashley Aye Aye Dun, Graduate student, English
  290. Marcella Mongare, Undergraduate student, n/a
  291. Olivia Howe, Undergraduate student, Environmental Studies
  292. Jennifer Liu, Undergraduate student, n/a
  293. Jorge Rosario, Graduate student, History
  294. Ifrah Idrees, Graduate student, Computer Science
  295. Ashley Everson, Graduate student, Africana Studies
  296. Timothy Bewes, Faculty member, English
  297. Thangam Ravindranathan, Faculty member, Department of French and Francophone Studies
  298. Alexandria (Allie) Elkhadem, Alum, Neuroscience and Anthropology
  299. Olivia McKissick, Graduate student, Neuroscience
  300. Swetabh Changkakoti, Undergraduate student, Computer Science
  301. Regina M. Longo, Faculty member, Staff member, Modern Culture and Media
  302. Stéphanie Ravillon, Faculty member, Department of French and Francophone Studies
  303. Léane Pajot, Undergraduate student, Biology
  304. Anar Parikh, Graduate student, Anthropology
  305. Danny Byrne, Graduate student, English
  306. Ramon J Stern, Alum, Comparative Literature and Watson Institute
  307. Abdullah Shihipar , Staff member, Alum, School of Public Health
  308. Jonathon Acosta, Graduate student, Sociology
  309. Samahria Alpern, Alum, Urban Studies
  310. Brandon DL Marshall, Faculty member, Associate Professor, School of Public Health
  311. Maru Attwood, Undergraduate student, N/A
  312. Lesley Jacobs, Alum, Visiting Scholar, English Department
  313. Lisa Hicks, Alum, Class of 1999
  314. Carson Fowler, Undergraduate student, International Relations and History
  315. Mali Dandridge, Undergraduate student, International and Public Affairs
  316. Mathilde Barland, Alum, Middle East Studies and International Relations
  317. Gabriel Benjamin Gonzalez, Graduate student, School of Public Health
  318. Lewis Seifert, Faculty member, Department of French Studies
  319. Daiana Rivas-Tello, Graduate student, Anthropology
  320. Brynn McGlinchey, Undergraduate student, Public Health
  321. Alyssa miranda, Undergraduate student, Brown University (literary arts)
  322. Gabriela Rivera, Undergraduate student, Brown University Neuroscience Department
  323. Ruth Ashinne, Undergraduate student, Economics
  324. Abby Cartus, Postdoctoral researcher, School of Public Health
  325. Esther Moon, Staff member, School of Public Health
  326. Peter Swope, Undergraduate student, N/a
  327. Lyric Johnson, Undergraduate student, Brown University
  328. Matthew Kateb Goldman, Graduate student, American Studies
  329. Mina Sarmas, Undergraduate student, N/A
  330. Praises Amponsah, Undergraduate student, None
  331. Carmen Johnson, Undergraduate student, N/A
  332. Karma Selsey, Undergraduate student, Education Studies
  333. David R Wills, Faculty member, French Studies
  334. Naomi Desalegne, Undergraduate student, N/a
  335. Stella Olken-Hunt, Undergraduate student, N/A
  336. Jiahua Chen, Undergraduate student, Undecided
  337. Racheal Arewa, Undergraduate student, Brown Univeristy
  338. Sierra Fang-Horvath, Undergraduate student, Brown University
  339. Cindy Zheng, Undergraduate student, None
  340. Anna Daniela Romero Mejia, Undergraduate student, physics
  341. Muntazir Ali , Graduate student, Religious Studies
  342. Kellie Willhite, Undergraduate student, n/a
  343. Camille Aquino, Undergraduate student, Dept of Chemistry and the Dept of Molecular Biology, Cell Biology and Biochemistry
  344. Brian Wang, Undergraduate student, Music and Psychology Major
  345. Prabhjot Singh, Undergraduate student, Brown U
  346. Cecilia Marrinan, Undergraduate student, Student
  347. Hamsa Shanmugam, Undergraduate student, Health & Human Biology
  348. Injy El-Dib, Undergraduate student, Engineering (?)
  349. Ana Isabel Perez, Undergraduate student, n/a
  350. Julia Terra-Salomão, Undergraduate student, Portuguese and Brazilian Studies
  351. Jillian Dominguez, Undergraduate student, Brown
  352. Mary Regan, Undergraduate student, Computer Science
  353. Jesse Barber, Alum, Urban Studies
  354. Lola Simon , Undergraduate student, N/a
  355. Jai’el Toussaint , Undergraduate student, Africana Studies
  356. Octavia Rowe, Undergraduate student, APMA
  357. Ariela Rosenzweig, Undergraduate student, Religious Studies and International and Public Affairs
  358. Carleigh Oberkfell, Undergraduate student, Engineering
  359. Julia Pew, Alum, Economics and HIAA
  360. Max Niles, Undergraduate student, History; Public Policy
  361. William Mackintosh, Undergraduate student, Undecided
  362. Evan Dong, Undergraduate student, the College
  363. Jackson Jones, Undergraduate student, IBES
  364. Jess Weng, Undergraduate student, Computer science
  365. Claire M Hightower, Undergraduate student, Brown University
  366. Allen Dufort, Undergraduate student, N/A
  367. Jefferson Choi Bernard, Undergraduate student, Computer Science
  368. Alba Lara Granero, Graduate student, Hispanic Studies
  369. Sylvie Bartusek, Undergraduate student, CS and Visual Arts
  370. Georgeara Castañeda, Undergraduate student, Religious Studies
  371. Elisia Lopez, Alum, Literary Arts/Anthropology
  372. Ahad Bashir, Undergraduate student, N/A
  373. Madison Paulk, Graduate student, Anthropology
  374. Sofia Funk, Undergraduate student, Anthropology
  375. Ivy Hobson, Undergraduate student, N/A
  376. Rita Slaoui, Undergraduate student, History, Middle East Studies
  377. Nadine Najah, Undergraduate student, Institute for Environment and Society
  378. Niyoshi Parekh, Undergraduate student, Architecture
  379. Maya Avelino , Undergraduate student, N/A
  380. Yusra Nadir, Undergraduate student, Physics
  381. Tanvir Akhtar Ahmed, Graduate student, Religious Studies
  382. Carolina Mendoza, Graduate student, Religious Studies
  383. Brian Winston Meeks, Faculty member, Africana Studies
  384. Isabel Kim, Undergraduate student, CLPS
  385. Hamzah Chamdia, Undergraduate student, N/A
  386. Suvina Singal, Graduate student, Sociology
  387. Rahul Vanjani, Faculty member, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Alpert Medical School of Brown University
  388. Alexa De La Fuente, Undergraduate student, Ethnic Studies and Education
  389. Daniel Kim, Faculty member, English and American Studies
  390. Callie Bouton, Undergraduate student, English & Ethnic Studies
  391. Vanessa Sedore, Undergraduate student, Student
  392. Jordan Jace, Graduate student, Literary Arts
  393. Caleb Thomas Murray, Graduate student, Religious Studies
  394. Whitney Arey, Alum, Visiting Assistant Professor, Anthropology
  395. Julia Yermash, Staff member, Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies
  396. Hanna Aboueid, Undergraduate student, N/a
  397. Emma Tucher, Graduate student, Health Services Research
  398. Allyson LaForge , Graduate student, American Studies
  399. Rinad Salkham, Alum, Computer science
  400. John Cayley, Faculty member, Literary Arts
  401. Julia Huggins, Graduate student, MCM
  402. Nitsan Chorev, Faculty member, Sociology
  403. Shivani Nishar, Alum, CLPS
  404. Trina Vithayathil, Alum, Sociology
  405. Claire Grandy, Graduate student, English
  406. REDA BENSMAÏA, BROWN UNIVERSITY EMERITUS, Departments of French Studies and Comparative Litertaure
  407. Lakia Munnerlyn , Undergraduate student, N/A
  408. Peter Szendy, Faculty member, Comparative Literature
  409. Anne-Emilie R., Undergraduate student, N/A
  410. Olivia Williamson, Undergraduate student, N/A
  411. Patrick Heller, Faculty member, Sociology
  412. Dixa Ramírez D'Oleo, Faculty member, American Studies and English
  413. aliyyah abdur-rahman, Faculty member, American Studies and English
  414. Yannis Hamilakis, Faculty member, Archaeology/Classics/Modern Greek Studies
  415. Andrew Berzolla, Undergraduate student, N/A
  416. Kate Atschinw, Undergraduate student,  
  417. Sofia Sacerdote, Undergraduate student, American Studies
  418. Madelyn Walters, Undergraduate student, EEPS
  419. Henry Osman, Graduate student, MCM
  420. Mariz Kelada, Graduate student, Anthropology & MCM
  421. Erica Adarkwa, Alum, Africana Studies and Sociology
  422. Silvia Sobral, Faculty member, Hispanic Studies
  423. Alex Valenti, Undergraduate student, English
  424. Gabriel Oladipo, Graduate student, Literary Arts
  425. Iris Wright, Undergraduate student, Literary Arts
  426. Arushi Kalpande, Undergraduate student, CLPS
  427. Elsa Bretz, Undergraduate student, N/A
  428. Noëll Cousins, Alum, Computer Science and Economics
  429. Julie Dind, Graduate student, TAPS
  430. Isabella Bellezza, Graduate student, Political science
  431. Amiya Mandapati , Undergraduate student, Religious Studies
  432. Marquisele Mercedes, Graduate student, Behavior and Social Sciences
  433. Frank Deng, Graduate student, Warren Alpert Medical School
  434. Kayci Merritte, Graduate student, MCM
  435. Charles Saperstein , Undergraduate student, History
  436. Mairéad Smith, Graduate student, Anthropology
  437. Jaylim Aboneaaj, Undergraduate student, Watson Institute at Brown
  438. Adam Mroueh, Undergraduate student, Computer Science
  439. Charles Shields, Alum, Literary Arts
  440. Ellen Rooney, Faculty member, Modern Culture and Media
  441. Grace Miller, Undergraduate student, Computer science
  442. Kaitlyn Hajdarovic, Graduate student, Neuroscience
  443. Juliet Hooker, Faculty member, Political Science
  444. Alexander Dufort, Undergraduate student, Political Science
  445. Eleanor Tapping, Undergraduate student, Undergraduate Student
  446. Nicholas A Moreno, Alum, Molecular Biology
  447. Ghous A Amjad, Graduate student, Computer Science
  448. Samantha Buyungo , Undergraduate student, N/A
  449. Corinne Hutfilz, Graduate student, MCB
  450. Mateo Encarnacion, Undergraduate student, CS
  451. James Langan, Undergraduate student, anthropology
  452. Leela Sarit Berman, Undergraduate student, Brown University
  453. Youngeun Elli Lee, Undergraduate student, n/a
  454. Kari Malkki, Alum, UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy + School of Social Welfare
  455. Fred Shaia, Graduate student, Political Science
  456. Kaita Igarashi, Undergraduate student, MCM and Africana Studies
  457. Angela Wei, Undergraduate student, Environmental Sciences
  458. Soyoon Kim, Alum, Sociology and Education Studies
  459. Brooke Warner, Undergraduate student, Watson
  460. Itzel Padron Zuniga, Alum, MAT
  461. Ghazi Ghumman, Alum, Economics & Public Policy
  462. Priyal Gupta, Alum, Economics
  463. Tina M. Park, Alum, Sociology
  464. Yolizbeth Lozano, Undergraduate student, Visual Arts
  465. Praveen Srinivasan, Graduate student, Warren Alpert Medical School
  466. Helen Armstrong, Graduate student, Literary Arts
  467. Sylvianne Shurman , Graduate student, Alpert Medical School
  468. Joseph Delamerced, Undergraduate student, Education Studies
  469. Mariana Roa Oliva, Alum, Literary Arts
  470. Matthias Matsui, Alum, History & Economics
  471. Olivia Lafferty, Graduate student, English
  472. Philip Fahn-Lai, Alum, EEB
  473. Tia Forsman, Graduate student, Medical school
  474. Angel Calvin, Graduate student, Religious Studies
  475. Sudheesha Perera, Graduate student, Warren Alpert Medical School
  476. Layla Kazemi, Graduate student, Warren Alpert Medical School
  477. Eiden Spilker, Undergraduate student, Architecture
  478. Sarah Brown, Alum, american studies
  479. Jesse Yedinak, Faculty member, Staff member, School of Public Health
  480. Dhruv Gaur, Alum,  
  481. Jacqueline Goldman, Staff member, Alum, School of Public Health
  482. Roxxanne Newman, Staff member, People, Place, and Health Collective
  483. William Goedel, Faculty member, Department of Epidemiology
  484. Tali Hershkovitz , Graduate student, Religious Studies
  485. Alexandria Macmadu, Graduate student, Epidemiology
  486. Praveen Paul Rajaguru, Graduate student, Medical School
  487. Daniel MacLachlan, Graduate student, warren alpert medical school
  488. Pedro Lopes de Almeida, Graduate student, Portuguese and Brazilian Studies
  489. Maxime Hendrikse Liu, Undergraduate student, TAPS and Computer Science
  490. Mara Kessler, Undergraduate student, Middle East Studies
  491. Naoko Shibusawa, Faculty member, History & American Studies
  492. Emily Cigarroa, Undergraduate student, N/A
  493. Shayan Lame, Graduate student, Physics
  494. Patricia Sobral, Faculty member, Portuguese and Brazilian Studies
  495. Alexander Dupuis, Alum, Music
  496. Mick Chivers, Undergraduate student, Neuroscience Dept
  497. Nomaan Hasan, Graduate student, Anthropology
  498. Lydia Ademuwagun, Graduate student, Warren Alpert Medical School
  499. maurizia natali bensmaia, RISD retired teacher and  wife of Brown emeritus  Reda Bensmaia , independent scholar
  500. Robert G Lee, Faculty member, American Studies/Ethnic Studies
  501. Tali Ginsburg, Alum, American Studies
  502. Nondi Walters, Undergraduate student, Biomedical engineering
  503. Katherine Contess, Graduate student, Modern Culture and Media
  504. Madison McTaggart, Undergraduate student, Behavioral Decision Sciences
  505. Samuel Perry, Faculty member, East Asian Studies and Comparative Literature
  506. Marc Briz, Faculty member, Alum, History
  507. Alexandra Collins, Postdoctoral researcher, Department of Epidemiology, Brown University's School of Public Health
  508. Elizabeth Samuels, MD, MPH, MHS, Faculty member, Brown Emergency Medicine
  509. Ruhan Nagra, Alum, University Network for Human Rights
  510. Bathsheba Demuth, Faculty member, History & IBES
  511. Michael Becker, Alum, undergraduate class of 2013, Africana Studies
  512. Elias Muhanna, Faculty member, Comparative Literature
  513. Emily Sun, Alum, Ethnic Studies
  514. Isabel Chin, Graduate student, Alpert Medical School
  515. Ifeoma Anyoku, Undergraduate student, Africana Studies and International & Public Affairs
  516. Arianna Lunow-Luke, Undergraduate student, Ethnic Studies and Biology
  517. Isabelle Centola, Undergraduate student, N/A
  518. Samee Sulaiman, Graduate student, Anthropology
  519. Mea Chiasson , Alum, Africana Studies
  520. Yohan Mutta, Undergraduate student, International and Public Affairs
  521. Sarah Ogundare, Undergraduate student, N/A?
  522. caterina dong, Undergraduate student, Brown University
  523. Shishav Parajuli, Graduate student, Political Science
  524. Lauren Deal, Graduate student, Anthropology
  525. Anthony Formicola, Graduate student, Alpert Medical School
  526. Palvashay Sethi, Graduate student, Literary Arts
  527. Nadia Lahlaf, Alum, Computer Science
  528. Bethany Whitlock, Graduate student, Anthropology
  529. Gavriel Cutipa-Zorn, Alum, Africana Studies, History
  530. Bella Carlos, Alum, Anthropology
  531. Annie Furuyama, Alum, N/A
  532. Malay Firoz, Alum, Anthropology
  533. Kerry Smith, Faculty, History
  534. Mirena Christoff, Faculty, World Languages and Cultures
  535. Barysh Davrishov, Undergraduate student, Economics
  536. Andrea Wright, Alum, Anthropology
  537. Sarah Kaelin, Graduate student, Alpert Medical School
  538. Salsabila Djamaoeddin, Undergraduate student, Economics and Education Studies
  539. Joseph Vandermillen, Undergraduate student, N/A
  540. Noah Brooksher, Graduate student, English
  541. Selena Sheth, Undergraduate student,
  542. Emma Beier, Undergraduate student, N/A
  543. Maria Saleem, Undergraduate student, Neuroscience
  544. Hammad Izhar, Undergraduate student, Applied Math
  545. Shazain Ahmed Khan, Undergraduate student, Neuroscience
  546. Jack Doughty, Undergraduate student, International and Public Affairs
  547. Jasmine Shum, Undergraduate student, N/A
  548. Priyal Gupta, Alum, Economics
  549. Bennett Walkes, Undergraduate student, Environmental Studies
  550. Yousef Elgodamy, Undergraduate student, Biochemistry
  551. Derek Sheridan, Alum, Anthropology
  552. Hafithe M. H. AlGhosain, Graduate student, Lee Lab
  553. Madeline Chin, Graduate student, Warren Alpert Medical School
  554. Kashif Ansari, Undergraduate student, Undergrad
  555. Liana Haigis, Undergraduate student, CLPS dept
  556. Joyce Lee, Undergraduate student, Biology
  557. Sojas Wagle, Undergraduate student, Independent Concentration
  558. George Daccache, Alum, Department of History, Division of Applied Math
  559. Jared Jones, Undergraduate student, English & Religious Studies
  560. Eleanor Rowe, Graduate student, English
  561. Vida Steiro, Alum, DEEPS
  562. Julia Chang, Alum, Movement ground farm
  563. Emily Owens, Faculty member, History
  564. Farzanah Ausaluth, Alum, Engineering (Class of 2014)
  565. Alberto Alcaraz, Graduate student, Political Science
  566. Hope Elise Roselle, Graduate student, Department of Education
  567. Timothy Riker, Faculty member, Lecturer in American Sign Language, World Languages and Cultures
  568. Laila Gamaleldin , Undergraduate student, Computer Science
  569. Rowan Potter, Alum, Gender & Sexuality Studies
  570. Sofia Matos, Undergraduate student, English
  571. Chandlee Crawford, Undergraduate student, Brown undergraduate
  572. Esra Ozdemir, Faculty member, CLS/WLC
  573. Rebecca Nedostup, Faculty member, History and East Asian Studies
  574. Emma Berman, Undergraduate student, undecided
  575. James Nesbit, Undergraduate student, The College
  576. Katherine Clark, Graduate student, Department of French and Francophone Studies
  577. Evelyn Hu-DeHart, Faculty member, History and American Studies/Ethnic Studies
  578. Carol Hundal, Graduate student, Department of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Science
  579. Bryan Natividad, Graduate student, Sociology
  580. Daniel A. Rodriguez, Faculty member, Department of History
  581. Maya Cratsley, Alum, CLPS
  582. Maya Lewis, Undergraduate student, Engineering
  583. Julia Gettle, Graduate student, History
  584. Savannah Bridges, Alum, History
  585. William Keach, Faculty member, English
  586. Melissa Lee, Alum, BEO
  587. Miled Faiza, Faculty member, World Languages and Cultures
  588. Donessa Colley, Undergraduate student, Biology
  589. Daniel Hirschman, Faculty member, Sociology
  590. Teresa Conchas, Undergraduate student, International and Public Affairs
  591. Zoe Victoria Boggs, Undergraduate student, History
  592. Talley Murphy, Graduate student, Theatre and Performance Studies
  593. Mina Kao, Undergraduate student, Sociology
  594. Miya Matsuishi, Undergraduate student,  
  595. Jiarui Nie, Graduate student, Engineering
  596. Ahbid Zein-Sabatto, Graduate student, Biomedical Engineering
  597. Raúl Ayala, Undergraduate student, Undergraduate
  598. Grace Ermias , Undergraduate student, Anthropology
  599. Thao Nguyen, Graduate student, Computer Science
  600. Joshua Schnell, Graduate student, Anthropology
  601. Gabriel Rocha, Faculty, History & POBS
  602. Julia Marcantonio, Alum, Modern Culture and Media
  603. Kate Schapira, Faculty, English, Nonfiction Writing Program
  604. Orly Clerge, Alum, Sociology (now UC Davis)
  605. Elena Shih, Faculty, American Studies
  606. Maralie Armstrong-Rial, Faculty, Modern Culture and Media
  607. Jane Argodale, Alum, English & Slavic Studies
  608. Tal Frieden, Alum, Political Science
  609. Valentine Amari Walker, Undergraduate, Visual Arts
  610. Cassandra Ball, Alum, Music
  611. Evan Lehmann, Alum, Biostatistics
  612. Lyndon C Lopez, Alum, Music
  613. Gabriela Orti, Alum, Modern Culture and Media
  614. Timothy Ittner, Alum, '18
  615. AJ Braverman, Alum, Public Policy
  616. S.A. Chavarría , Graduate Student, Literary Arts
  617. Cody Ross, Staff member, Brown University Library
  618. Michael Stumpf, Alum, Political Science
  619. Jordan Mosby, Graduate student, Sociology
  620. Jeremiah Luke Buerer, Staff member, Molecular, Cell Biology and Biochemistry
  621. Ahmed Ashour, Alum, Theatre Artist and Performance Scholar
  622. Matthew Ryklin, Alum, International Relations
  623. Zachary M Wilmot, Alum, Sociology
  624. Yasmine Awad Hassan, Alum, School of Engineering
  625. Irene Pang, Alum, Sociology
  626. Claire Crews, Graduate student, Literary Arts
  627. Suzanne R Stewart-Steinberg, Faculty member, Comparative Literature & Italian Studies
  628. Diana Graizbord, Alum, Sociology
  629. Chinyere Agbai, Graduate student, Sociology
  630. Bilal Memon, Undergraduate student, Brown University
  631. Omar Alani, Undergraduate student, Neuroscience
  632. Rui Carvalho, Graduate student, Sociology
  633. Emma Horwitz, Alum, Theatre Arts & Performance Studies
  634. Maya Bjornson, Alum, Literary Arts
  635. Jonathan Readey, Faculty member, English
  636. Ailita Eddy, Undergraduate student, Computer Science
  637. Amin Hijaz, Undergraduate student, Computer science
  638. Ellen Zahniser, Alum, TAPS
  639. Francesca Zambon, Graduate student, Italian Studies
  640. angelo andrade, Undergraduate student, Biology
  641. Helene Nguyen, Graduate student, Modern Culture and Media
  642. Jesse kohn, Alum, Literary arts
  643. Leonora Masini, Graduate student, Italian Studies
  644. Felix Green, Graduate student, Alum, Comparative Literature
  645. Onésimo Almeida, Faculty member, Department of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies
  646. Agata Nipitella, Graduate student, Italian Studies
  647. Lynne Joyrich, Faculty member, Modern Culture and Media
  648. Roopa Duvvi, Undergraduate student, English
  649. Skyler Chong, Undergraduate student, IBES
  650. Zanagee Artis, Undergraduate student, Political Science (Taubman Center) and Environmental Studies (Institute at Brown for Environment and Society)
  651. Rachel Foster, Alum, CLPS
  652. Finch Collins, Alum, Modern Culture and Media, American Studies
  653. Bella Cavicchi, Alum, Independent Concentration
  654. Sophia Volpe, Alum, N/A
  655. Carolyn Lober, Undergraduate student, Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences
  656. Hsiao Shan Peck, Undergraduate student, -
  657. Sawako Nakayasu, Faculty member, Literary Arts
  658. Shreya Rajachandran, Undergraduate student, Brown University
  659. Diego Rodriguez , Undergraduate student, Neuroscience
  660. Livia Weiner, Undergraduate student, Environmental Studies
  661. Danielle Emerson, Undergraduate student, Brown Undergrad
  662. Brenda (Bz) Zhang, Alum, Visual Arts
  663. Ieva Zumbyte, Graduate student, Sociology
  664. Emily Yang, Alum, Literary Arts & Psychology
  665. Ma Irene Quilantang, Graduate student, Public Health
  666. Mason Miller-Breetz, Undergraduate student, Linguistics & Comparative Literature
  667. Tamara Rudic, Alum, Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences
  668. Sarah Thomas, Faculty member, Hispanic Studies
  669. Shane Niesen, Alum, History
  670. Luke Eller, Undergraduate student, Computer Science
  671. Audrey Therese Buhain, Undergraduate student, History and Ethnic Studies
  672. Christian Cianfarani, Alum, Urban Studies & Computer Science
  673. Rachel Lu, Undergraduate student, Ethnic Studies
  674. Laura David, Undergraduate student, Political Science
  675. Maria Fernanda Figueiredo Vitule, Undergraduate student, Political Science and Econ
  676. William Back, Undergraduate student, School of Engineering
  677. Luca Battioni, Graduate student, Italian Studies
  678. Cassie Tharinger , Alum, Art Semiotics  
  679. Chris Yates , Graduate student, English
  680. Rehan Jamil, Graduate student, Political Science
  681. Giovanna Conti, Graduate student, Italian Studies
  682. Samuel Orenstein, Alum, Hispanic Studies
  683. Morris Karp, Alum, Italian Studies
  684. Dorra Guermazi, Undergraduate student
  685. Tamsin Weissberg, Undergraduate student, Biomedical Engineering
  686. Marcelo Bohrt, Alum, Sociology
  687. Alyson Singleton, Alum, Biostatistics, School of Public Health
  688. Emily Li, Alum, Engineering
  689. Susan Smulyan, Faculty, American Studies
  690. Eliza Macneal, Alum, Computer Science
  691. andrea grossmann, Undergraduate student, Ethnic Studies
  692. Taryn Wyron, Staff member, Alum, School of Public Health
  693. Leela Gandhi, Faculty, English
  694. Yuzuka Akasaka, Alum, Economics & Ethnic Studies
  695. Jan Stockbruegger, Graduate Student, Political Science
  696. Heather Lawrence, Graduate Student, Modern Culture and Media
  697. Pablo a Marca, Graduate Student, Italian Studies
  698. Izzy Cox, Undergraduate Student, Human Rights and the Refugee Experience & Middle East Studies
  699. Joseph Reindl, Alum
  700. Lena Cohen, Undergraduate student, Computer Science
  701. Daven McQueen, Alum, Literary Arts and Economics
  702. Abel Girma, Alum, Economics and Philosophy
  703. Ayesha Harisinghani, Graduate student, Public Health
  704. Megan Yeager, Undergraduate student, Education Studies
  705. Emily Yoshioka, Alum, Public Health & Ethnic Studies
  706. Leslie-William Robinson, Graduate student, Co-President Brown War Watch, History
  707. Alexa Barrett, Alum, History
  708. Justin Champeau, Alum, International Relations
  709. Nikita Baregala Lopez, Undergraduate student, Public Health
  710. Eve Lukens-Day, Alum
  711. Alix Hamon, Undergraduate student, Neuroscience and Literary Arts
  712. Susan Beaty, Alum, Class of 2010
  713. Hanna Barakat, Undergraduate, Development Studies
  714. Alejandra Danielle Martinez, Alum, Ethnic Studies
  715. Kelley Smith, Staff member, Population Studies and Training Center
  716. Shannon Frampton, Alum, Africana Studies
  717. Apollonya Maria Porcelli, Alum, Sociology
  718. Emily Mayo, Undergraduate student, Class of 2024
  719. Keren Alfred, Alum, Environmental Studies
  720. Brianna McNish, Graduate student, English
  721. Justin McAllister, Undergraduate student, Biochemistry
  722. Emily Simon, Graduate Student, English
  723. Sylvia Ren, Alum, Applied Math and Economics
  724. Rebecca Louise Carter, Faculty member, Anthropology
  725. Alison Swinth, Undergraduate student, Anthropology
  726. Liliana Mack, Undergraduate Student, Ethnic Studies
  727. Emily Drumsta, Faculty member, Alum, Comparative Literature
  728. Julian Ansorge, Undergraduate student, English
  729. Elizabeth Gurin, Alum, School of Engineering
  730. Hamed Hamza, Alum, School of Public Health
  731. Tara Holman, Graduate Student, English
  732. Kayla Prior, Graduate Student, English
  733. Leticia Alvarado, Faculty member, American Studies
  734. Erin Butler, Alum, Literary Arts & Africana Studies
  735. Mari Jo Buhle, Faculty member, Emerita , History & American Studies
  736. Urszula Rutkowska , Graduate student, English
  737. Michael W. Murphy, Alum, Sociology
  738. James L. Fitzgerald, Faculty member, Classics
  739. Anna Thomas, Alum, English
  740. Théo Lepage-Richer, Graduate student, Modern Culture and Media
  741. Opeyemi Olagunju, Undergraduate student, English
  742. Eleanor Tursman, Alum, Computer Science
  743. Siri Pierce, Undergraduate student, N/A
  744. Veda Sunkara, Alum, Computer Science
  745. Austin Jackson , Faculty member, English
  746. Anne Zhao, Alum, School of Public Health
  747. Tommy Bellaire, Undergraduate student, Economics and Urban Studies
  748. Matthew Gutmann, Faculty member, Anthropology
  749. Adrian Hernandez, Undergraduate student, Engineering
  750. Leticia Wood, Undergraduate student, Department of Cognitive, Linguistic, and Psychological Sciences
  751. Ijeoma Meremikwu, Undergraduate student, Brown University
  752. Beth Capper, Alum, Modern Culture and Media
  753. Thomas Patrick Pringle, Alum, Modern Culture & Media; IBES
  754. Arlen Austin, Graduate student, Modern Culture and Media
  755. Michael Litwack, Alum, Modern Culture & Media
  756. Seungyeon Gabrielle Jung, Alum, Modern Culture and Media
  757. Ladan Avazpour, Postdoctoral researcher, Division of Applied Mathematics
  758. Emma Wynter, Alum, Development Studies
  759. Asha Tamirisa, Alum, Music
  760. Lydia Kelow-Bennett, Alum, Graduate School
  761. Carol DeBoer-Langworthy, Faculty member, English
  762. Lilly Larson, Alum, Literary Arts
  763. Alla Hassan, Faculty member, World Languages and Cultures
  764. Laura Colella, Faculty member, Literary Arts
  765. Lakshmi Padmanabhan, Alum, Modern Culture and Media
  766. Julia Petrini, Alum, Cognitive, Linguistic, & Psychological Sciences
  767. Hunter Hargraves, Alum, Modern Culture and Media • PhD 2015
  768. Cyril Uy, Graduate student, Religious Studies
  769. Savannah Lewis, Alum, Center for International Health Research
  770. Ilgın Korugan, Alum, Development Studies at The Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs
  771. Nikita Shetty, Undergraduate student, Neuroscience
  772. Finn Blomquist Eggerling, Undergraduate student, History
  773. Dorin Smith, Graduate student, English
  774. Penina Satlow, Undergraduate student, Comparative Literature
  775. Amir Abbas Tamaddon, Undergraduate student, History
  776. Colvin Endo, Alum, Computer science
  777. Kristine Mar, Alum, ACLU
  778. Scott Frickel, Faculty member, Sociology and IBES
  779. Ben Parker, Faculty member, English
  780. Sophie Rae Kupetz, Alum, History
  781. Srishti Lulla, Alum, CS
  782. Benjamin West, Undergraduate student, Music
  783. Weeam Hammoudeh, Alum, Birzeit University
  784. Lee Gilboa, Graduate student, Music
  785. Anna Wright, Graduate student, Music
  786. Michael Gastiger, Graduate student, English
  787. Timmons Roberts, Faculty member, IBES and Sociology
  788. Juan F. Gallardo, Graduate student, English
  789. AJ Ballard, Alum, Watson Institute of Intl Affairs
  790. Melvin Rogers, Faculty member, Political Science
  791. Kyoko Leaman, Undergraduate student, N/A
  792. Damali Britton, Graduate student, Political Science
  793. Beshara Doumani, Faculty member, History
  794. Madeleine Adriance, Undergraduate student, Theater Arts and Performance Studies
  795. Mark Cladis, Faculty member, Religious Studies
  796. Saira Moazzam, Undergraduate student, Biochemistry
  797. Breyanna Watson, Undergraduate student, Public Health
  798. Jatan Buch, Alum, Physics
  799. Jimmy Richmond, Undergraduate student, Ethnic Studies Department
  800. Elsa Amanatidou, Faculty member, Classics
  801. Leah Beeferman, Faculty member, Alum, Visual Art
  802. Amanda Hinh, Alum, Environmental Science
  803. Laurin Williams, Graduate student, French and Francophone Studies
  804. Patricia A Ybarra, Faculty member, Theatre Arts and Performance Studies
  805. Pamudu Tennakoon, Graduate student, HIAA
  806. Annie Wentz, Graduate student, Epidemiology, School of Public Health
  807. Mariela Rodriguez, Graduate student, Brown University School of Public Health
  808. Emma Wexler, Graduate student, Alum, Alpert Medical School
  809. Faith Blalock, Undergraduate student, Brown University
  810. Kei Yoshida, Graduate student, CLPS
  811. Paja Faudree, Faculty member, Department of Anthropology
  812. Suvaid Yaseen, Graduate student, History
  813. Danii Carrasco, Alum, Department of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences (DEEPS)
  814. Anni Pullagura, Graduate student, American Studies
  815. Ryan Saadeh, Alum, Political Science and Middle East Studies
  816. Zach Ngin, Undergraduate student, Modern Culture and Media
  817. Christopher Lee, Alum, English
  818. Faiz Ahmed, Faculty member, History
  819. Nina Tannenwald, Faculty member, Political Science
  820. Jasmine Li, Undergraduate student, N/A
  821. Taaja El-Shabazz, Graduate student, History
  822. Zina Dolan, Undergraduate student, International Relations
  823. Aya Ghanameh, RISD Student, RISD Illustration
  824. Kanha Prasad, Undergraduate student, History
  825. Ryan Pinchback, Undergraduate student, English & Pure Mathematics
  826. James Chivers, Undergraduate student, Neuro
  827. Fulvio Domini, Faculty member, Cognitive, Linguistic and Psychological Sciences
  828. Sophie Zmorrod Laruelle, Graduate student, Brown/Trinity Rep MFA Program
  829. Adrienne Keene, Faculty member, American Studies and Ethnic Studies
  830. Christian Sorensen, Alum, Public & Private Sector Organizations
  831. Angel Rodriguez, Alum, Computer Science
  832. Alexander Gaidis, Graduate student, Computer Science
  833. Ashton Peoples, Undergraduate student, Public Health
  834. Seabass Immonen, Undergraduate student, International Relations
  835. Sakina Asghar , Undergraduate student, N/A
  836. Irene Jefferson, Alum, JWU
  837. Brendan Gardner, Undergraduate student, n/a
  838. Riley Stenehjem, Graduate student, American Studies
  839. Annie Gjelsvik, Faculty member, Alum, School of Public Health
  840. Hillary Hansen, Graduate student, Literary Arts
  841. Claire Bekker, Alum, Department of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences
  842. Sanae Ansar Ech-chotbi, External Phd candidate at the university of Erfurt, Germany, Communication and digital media
  843. Nico Vela Page, Alum, Literary Arts; Latin American and Caribbean Studies
  844. Sasha-Mae Eccleston, Faculty member, Classics
  845. Siena Capone, Undergraduate student, Literary Arts
  846. Geri Monice Augusto, Faculty member, International and Public Affairs
  847. Caroline Dressler, Undergraduate student, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  848. Gretchen Schultz, Faculty member, French and Francophone Studies
  849. Juho Korhonen, Alum, Sociology
  850. Lina M Fruzzetti, Faculty member, Anthropology
  851. Manuel Ávalos, Alum, Public Policy, MPA Program
  852. Andrea Sartori, Alum, Italian
  853. Michael Rodriguez-Muñiz, Alum, Sociology, Northwestern University
  854. Liz Jackson, Alum, American Studies, and Palestine Legal founding staff attorney
  855. Karis Ryu, Alum, History and East Asian Studies
  856. Leon Lei, Alum, Computer Science
  857. Alice Sorensen, Alum, N/A
  858. Gray Brakke, Alum, Urban Studies
  859. Kaitlyn Quaranta, Graduate student, French Studies
  860. Emily Rauscher, Faculty member, Sociology
  861. Ed Osborn, Faculty member, Visual Art and Music
  862. Pablo K. Valente, Graduate student, Behavioral and Social Sciences
  863. Samantha Lash, Graduate student, Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology & the Ancient World; IBES; DEEPSEd Osborn, Faculty member, Visual Art and Music
  864. D. Vale Cofery, Alum, Sc.B '09, PhD 18, Chemistry
  865. Takami Nishimoto, Alum, Ethnic Studies
  866. MJ Cunniff, Graduate student, English
  867. Camila Bustos, Alum, Environmental Studies/International Relations
  868. Jeffrey Feldman, Graduate student, Political Science
  869. Emily Qazilbash, Faculty member, Education department
  870. Gillian Maris Jones, Alum, Anthropology and Portuguese & Brazilian Studies
  871. lundy Braun, Faculty member, Africana/Pathology&Lab Med
  872. Aniran Chandravongsri, Alum, ScB Applied Mathematics 2014
  873. Haley Lee, Alum, Political Science & Literary Arts
  874. Ryan Lester, Alum, MCM / Physics / Computer Science
  875. Matthew Neubacher, Graduate student, Watson Institute
  876. Lingzhen Wang, Faculty member, East Asian Studies
  877. Aanchal Saraf, Alum, Ethnic Studies
  878. Elana Pyfrom, Alum, Class of 2017
  879. Martha M. Medina, Alum, Public Health
  880. Anne Gray Fischer , Alum, History
  881. Kaleb Hood , Alum, Classics and East Asian Studies
  882. Sinem Adar , Alum, Center for Applied Turkey Studies / German Institute for International and Security Affairs
  883. Umer Akbar, Faculty member, Bio-Med/Department of Neurology
  884. Sabine Williams, Alum, Xunta de Galicia
  885. Katherine Goldman, Staff member, Staff
  886. Lucas Johnson, Alum, Education: History & Policy , MAT
  887. Eddie Dehais, Graduate student, Theater and Performance Studies
  888. Andrew Watring, Graduate student, Brown / Trinity Rep
  889. David Merten, Graduate student, Brown/Trinity MFA Acting
  890. Daniela Lopez Goicochea, Alum, Modern Culture and Media, Anthropology
  891. Carol Gill Malik, Faculty member, Brown/ Trinity MFA program
  892. Rose Houglet, Undergraduate student, International and Public Affairs
  893. Daniel Jordan Smith, Faculty member, Anthropology
  894. Sophie Brunau-Zaragoza, Graduate student, French and Francophone Studies
  895. Ashley Gomez, Graduate student, Behavioral and Social Sciences
  896. Palmira Brummett, Visiting Faculty, Retired, History
  897. Haigen Messerian, Graduate student, Philosophy
  898. Tema Zeldes-Roth, Undergraduate student, Undeclared
  899. Lise Miltner, Graduate student, Religious Studies
  900. John Guigayoma, Graduate student, Behavioral and Social Sciences
  901. Andrés Emil González , Graduate student, Comparative Literature
  902. Kari Kusler, Alum, School of Public Health
  903. Joshua Weitz, Graduate student, Political Science
  904. Gauri P Wagle, Graduate student, Political Science
  905. Keith Feldman, Alum, English
  906. David Herrera, Graduate student, Political Science
  907. Denise Laura Davis, Faculty member, Staff member, Pembroke Center
  908. Alejandra Irene Cueto Piazza, Graduate student, Sociology Brown University
  909. Mary-Kim Arnold, Faculty member, English
  910. Mark K Ho, Alum, CLPS; Computer Science
  911. Eva Rios, Graduate Student, Political Science
  912. Rachel Nusbaum, Graduate student, Political Science
  913. Mara Freilich, Alum, Applied Math
  914. Rachael Warren, Faculty member, Brown/Trinity Rep MFA Programs in Acting & Directing
  915. Jenny Nguyen Nelson, Graduate student, MFA Acting Brown Trinity
  916. Fabrizio Ciccone, Graduate student, English
  917. Madeleine Russell, Graduate student, TAPS
  918. Poulomi Chakrabarti, Alum, Political Science
  919. Laura Lopez-Sanders, Faculty member, Sociology
  920. Yuri Sulyma, Postdoctoral researcher, Mathematics
  921. Chris Tanner, Alum, Computer Science
  922. Camellia Lee, Alum, Africana Studies
  923. Cassandra Xin Guan, Graduate student, Modern Culture and Media
  924. Emily Dolan, Faculty member, Music
  925. Taavon Gamble, Faculty member, Brown/Trinity MFA program
  926. Victoria St. Amand, Graduate student, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology and Biochemistry
  927. Ronald L. Martinez, Faculty member, Italian Studies
  928. Jennifer Bouek, Alum, Sociology
  929. Elizabeth Weed, Faculty member, Pembroke Center emerita
  930. Theadora Walsh, Alum, Literary Arts
  931. Rhythm Rastogi, Undergraduate student, Sociology
  932. Ione Heigham, Undergraduate student, Social Analysis and Research and Religious Studies
  933. Theo Ellin Ballew, Faculty member, Literary Arts, Summer@Brown
  934. Jean Elizabeth Howard, Alum, Brown '70; Professor, Columbia University
  935. Peter Evans, Senior Research Fellow, Watson Institute of International and Public Affairs
  936. Christine J Lee, Alum, History
  937. Nicholas Amuh, Undergraduate student, N/A
  938. Jinying Li, Faculty member, Modern Culture and Media
  939. Cyril Bennouna, Graduate student, Political Science
  940. Madeleine Sophie Barker, Graduate student, TAPS
  941. William Lodge II, Graduate student, Behavioral and Social Health Sciences
  942. XingXing Shou, Undergraduate student, Architecture
  943. Sophia Skiles, Faculty member, Brown Trinity MFA Program
  944. Wesley Parker, Alum, Biology
  945. Deborah Marini, Undergraduate student, American Studies
  946. Emma Post, Alum, Literary Arts
  947. Johnnie Lotesta, Alum, Sociology
  948. Leslie Bostrom, Faculty member, Visual Art
  949. Itohan I Osayimwese, Faculty member, History of Art & Architecture
  950. Ola Morehead, Graduate student, History
  951. Ben Bienstock, Alum, History
  952. Claire Koenig, Graduate student, Brown / Trinity Repertory Company MFA Program
  953. Clew, Graduate student, Brown/Trinity MFA
  954. Andre C. Willis, Faculty member, Religious Studies Department
  955. Aïcha Farah Soukab, Undergraduate Student, Education Department
  956. Aizhaneya Carter, Graduate Student, Acting and Directing
  957. Aimée Bourassa, Graduate Student, Political Science
  958. Michael Keita Hisamoto, Graduate student, Brown / Trinity Rep MFA Program in Acting
  959. Addy Schuetz, Alum, American Studies
  960. Richard K Waterhouse, Faculty member, TAPS
  961. Nour Elshabassi, Graduate student, Public health
  962. Rayna Gasik, Alum, School of Public Health
  963. Dara Bayer, Staff member, Transformative Justice Initiative
  964. Dillon Brian-Thomas Webster, Graduate student, History
  965. Jenny Tsundu, Graduate student, History
  966. Diego Javier Luis, Alum, Visiting Assistant Professor, Davidson College
  967. Betsy Archelus, Graduate student, History
  968. Xiaoqian Wan, Graduate student, Sociology
  969. Paul Kohlbry, Postdoctoral researcher, Center for Middle East Studies
  970. Sean Monahan, Postdoctoral researcher, Political Science
  971. Alex Wambach, Graduate student, Sociology
  972. August Guang, Staff member, Center for Computation & Visualization
  973. Gregory Hitch, Graduate Student, American Studies
  974. Vazira Fazila-Yacoobali Zamindar, Faculty member, History
  975. Jacqueline Braslow, Alum, B.A. Anthropology 2014
  976. Ji Soo Hong, Graduate student, History
  977. Brian A. Horton, Alum, Anthropology (PhD Alum)
  978. Sophie Zacharakis , Alum, Brown University
  979. Joseph Schlechter, Undergraduate student, Middle East Studies
  980. Stephanie Wong, Graduate student, History
  981. Angelo Andrade, Undergraduate student, Biology
  982. Jina Alhenawi, RISD undergraduate student, Graphic Design
  983. Amelia Anthony , Undergraduate student, English
  984. Eva Kitlen, Alum, Neuroscience
  985. Annéliz Reveles , RISD Student , Industrial Design
  986. Ken Zheng, Undergraduate student, RISD
  987. Hannah Latham, Undergraduate student, RISD cross-registered student, Photography
  988. Alexandros Manioudakis, Undergraduate student, International Affairs
  989. isabella mathisen, RISD student
  990. Emily Rust, Undergraduate student, History
  991. Anchita Dasgupta , Alum, History, Middle East Studies
  992. Neev Parikh, Graduate student, Computer Science
  993. Kushagra Agarwal, Undergraduate student, Concentrating in CS and Econ
  994. Duke DiEugenio, Undergraduate student, Architecture
  995. Kate Dario, Undergraduate student, History
  996. Swetabh Changkakoti, Undergraduate student, Computer Science
  997. Alan Dean, Alum, Slavic Studies
  998. Zahra Asghar, Alum, Middle East Studies, CLPS
  999. Justin Scheer, Undergraduate student, Applied math
  1000. Nathaniel Hardy, Undergraduate student, Visual Arts & Urban Studies
  1001. Miku Takabayashi, Undergraduate student, N/A
  1002. Cole Triedman, Alum, ENVS
  1003. Nicole Kim, Undergraduate student, Ethnic Studies and English
  1004. Nicholas Michael, Undergraduate student, History of Art and Architecture
  1005. Aya Borucki, undergrad student taking classes at Brown from RISD, RISD, taking Brown classes from EAS
  1006. Vanesa, Alum, Watson Institute & Anthropology Department
  1007. Alana Frances Baer, Undergraduate student, English
  1008. Stefan Tesliuc, Undergraduate student, Graphic Design
  1009. Bianca Eagan, Undergraduate student, Public Health
  1010. Loughlin Neuert, Undergraduate student, History
  1011. Natalie Rivera, RISD Student
  1012. Harry Levine, Undergraduate student, Literary Arts
  1013. Victor Kalev, Undergraduate student, Computer Science
  1014. Malaika Franks, Alum, RISD student
  1015. Betsy Roy, Alum, Literary Arts
  1016. Heidi Erwin, Alum, Independent Concentration
  1017. Lola Simon , Undergraduate student, N/a
  1018. Rachel Bishop, Alum, Neuroscience
  1019. Tammuz Frankel, Undergraduate student, English
  1020. Prabhjot Singh, Undergraduate student, Brown U
  1021. Justin McAllister, Undergraduate student, Biochemistry