Here’s a nifty review from Library Journal, published 1/26/16

Wallace, Dan. Tribune of the People: A Novel of Ancient Rome. Branden. Jan. 2016. 482p. ISBN 9780828326049. pap. $19:95; ebk. ISBN 9780828326056. $9.99

[DEBUT] Set in ancient Rome half a century before the fall of Julius Caesar, this first novel details the rise and fall of Roman politician Tiberius Gracchus. Owing to his early victories at Carthage and the military legacy of his famous father, Tiberius Gracchus the Elder, the young Tiberius leads legions to war against Hispania. Shocked by the poverty of the lands he travels, he struggles to recruit troops from among the homeless and starving families of northern Italy. A military defeat due to the incompetency of his superiors inspires him to return to Rome and run for public office. Politics is just as messy as is war, and Tiberius finds he has as many enemies in the Senate as he did on the battlefield.

Verdict This thoroughly researched novel is as dramatic and gory as any swords-and-sandals epic and demonstrates how educational historical fiction can be. A wide cast of characters including soldiers, senators, slaves, mothers, and wives expand the reader’s understanding of life in this time. Still, the details of intricate political maneuvering and battlefield depictions will best be enjoyed by an audience with some knowledge of ancient history.—Catherine Lantz, Univ. of Illinois at Chicago Lib.

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