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Police:  911  
Ambulance: 911      

Medical Help

  1. Second Chance
    Provides psycho-social healing and counselling for survivors of violence.
    Address: Raymond Building, Cnr Broad and Gurley St, 2nd Floor, Unit 2, Monrovia, Liberia
    Tel: +231 62 55 625
  2. Lifeline Liberia
    Offers counselling for survivors of violence.
    Phone: 06534308 / 06533369

Resources (Food, Shelter, Clothing, Crisis Response)

  1. Action Aid
    Provides assistance for survivors of violence in the form of emergency response, health care and shelter.
    Phone: 22311613 / 231777961697

Education and Empowerment

  1. Women Solidarity Incorporated (WOSI)
    Works to alleviate abuses and exploitation of women and girls as well as provide them with opportunities that enable them rebuild their lives and cater to their families and contribute to communities.
    Address: One Gurley Building, Mechlin Street, Monrovia, Liberia
    Tel.: +231 886 612 662 ; +321 886 904 696
  2. Association of Women in Small Business
    Offers training programs, empowerment programs and economic assistance for women who are looking to start businesses.
    Phone: 58750307