SGA Meeting Minutes 9-18-2013

12:07pm meeting called to order by President Tam Nguyen.

Tam told location of minutes on LSC4Me

Motioned to be approved for the minutes as posted

North Star News Club motioned to approve, hurricane soccer club 2nd motion to approve

Film club objected to news club due to misinterpretation

Officer Report Tam introduced Night School Sean Glaser & Secretary Taylisha Anderson-Clark

Discussed feedback from involvement fair.

Working to schedule appointment with Greg Bason & President Dr.Head.

Reminded about SGA safety forum sept 24 & 25 with pizza and drinks.

Jenine Cinco opened with Nominations for Emerging Clubs & Ethics Committee.

Taylisha opened discussed signing in with info

Minutes posted within week on LSC 4ME

Dan clarified within a week

Luisa opened discussing A-Team events in detail.

Dan welcomed everyone to SGA told Robert rules run meetings and to please follow

Lead retreat early registration the wait list is almost full, and a deposit of $25 must be paid.

Dan sent out email about retreat said should be received soon for those who are attending.

Introduced Dr.Shae Adkins

Dr. Shae Adkins asked feedback on virtual vs. Printed course schedules.

Feedback both negative and positive regarding schedules.

Overall agreement just needs to be more online friendly, and that new students should have the option to have their schedules/courses printed.

Tam opened old business. No old business.

Jenine moved to open the floor for emerging clubs vote

AAU 2nd motion with North Star News Club to open.

Dan discussed details of emerging clubs  

Nominees Emerging Clubs: all asked to tell why they should be voted within 1 minute.

Michelle Horner

Tommy C.

Missy Echarbarria

Emily Garcia

Maria Vences

David Pham

Julian Linthicum

Nominees sent outside while Tam opened discussion for nominees, ballots passed out, and collected.

Dan moved to close nominations

Hurricane Soccer Club 2nd motion to close nominations.

Emerging Club Committee Members:

Tommy C.

David Pham

Maria Vences

Tam opened to nominate Ethics Committee

Phi Theta Kappa 2nd motion to nominate

Jenine C. motioned as well

Ethics Club Committee Nominees:

 All were given 1 minute to discuss why they should be chosen.

Devin O’Donnell

Julian L.


Emily G.

Michelle H.

Ethics Club Members:





Phi Theta Kappa- Cultural Awareness Meeting 9-19, 12-12:30 ACAD 126 (WEEKLY MEETINGS TUESDAY @ 12PM SC 208)

Mini Workshop 9/19 12pm-12:30 courtyard “Football Signs”

North Star News Club- Advertisements (Clubs get 1st pick on advertisements see News Club President David Pham)

Women’s Resource Center 10/3 12pm-1pm Domestic Violence Awareness WRC-SSB 204 & Oct 24 Breast Cancer Walk 2PM Wood creek Neighborhood

Theatre Department October 16-20th Cinderella PAT building 7pm on 16th and 2pm on the 20th 

ASAP 2nd General Meeting Sep. 30 11:20am-12:30pm SC 207

AAUW Meeting Sept. 19 12-12:30 SC 206