Using The Meridian Cycling Club Rides Library

This guide provides step by step instructions for downloading and using files from the Club Rides Library.

To make best use of these files it is suggested that users go to the Ride With GPS website and create a free account. This will enable any rides to be stored on the site and provide other facilities.

To Access a File

Go to the 'Runs List' tab on the club home page and click on the link for 'Runs Library'. This will take you to the opening page which has basic instructions for accessing the lists of ride files.

Should you wish to view or download a specific ride clicking on the link associated with the ride will open the 'Ride With Gps' website in your web browser which will show the chosen ride.

In the example shown above the ride is based on the annual Crab & Winkle ride.

Having accessed the file a number of actions are possible :-

        view the ride


        export the file to your own computer

        if you have created a Ride With GPS account you can copy the ride to 'My Routes'         this will enable you to edit the route

Exporting the File and Transfering to a device

First click on the export button which is located at the top right of the Ride With GPS screen and you will then see the following screen.

Choose the file type you want to use .TCX or .GPX  and press the relevant text. TCX files contain more information but do not work on all devices.

The file will then download. A tab will appear in the bottom left of your screen and the file will be stored in the 'Downloads' directory of your computer.

If you intend to store a number of ride files on your computer it is worth creating a subdirectory within your documents directory to store them.

Transfer a File to a Device

The easiest method of transfer is to connect the device to the computer. Open 2 File Explorer windows with one set to the directory where the ride is stored and the other to the device. You should then be able to drag and drop the file from its storage place onto the device.

If you need further assistance or think of ways in which this guide can be improved do get in touch and I will try and help.

Paul Godfrey