LEARNZ “Stewart Island/Rakiura Great Walk”

What I know

What I think I know

What I want to find out/ wonderings

National Parks

They have lots of space

They have lots of native stuff - to New Zealand

National to the country it is in

Birds and animals run free

Some of them have endangered animals

Anybody can go there and visit


What is a national park?

How many national parks are there in NZ?

What does it look like?

How many and what type of animals do they have?

How many people live there? Do people live there?

Is there native stuff to NZ?

What grows there?

Why do we have National Parks?

Is there enough food for the kiwis and other animals?

NZ Great Walks

One somewhere in Wellington

One in Gisborne

There are 9 in NZ

They’re long


How long are the walks and what equipment do you need to take?

I wonder if there is one near Auckland?

Where are the walks?

What do you see on the walks?

Stewart Island/Rakiura

Kiwis live there

Animals live there- cats,

Seals live there

Sealers and Whalers used to live there.

Help kiwis

A few people live there and there is one school

Predators have been introduced there.

At the bottom on NZ

Maori used to live there for a long time.

A very small island

Is it the most natural place in the world?

Is it protected?

What is the population?

How do they manage to look after all the animals?

How many different species of animals do they have?

Is it the smallest island in the world?

Do they have shops /places for people  to stay on Stewart Island?

What is the plan get rid of predators?


They are endangered

Can’t fly


Eat worms, bugs, insects

They like quiet, dark places

Build burrows


Like to hide

Long beaks

Stoats and weasels are their predators

Kiwis are dying every year from predators, poachers, not enough food

Most are brown

Can kiwis swim?

Are all kiwis brown?

How long do they live for?

How much do they weigh?

How do kiwis protect themselves from predators?

How tall are they?

How big are they?

How long does it take for them to grow up?

How can you tell the difference between a male and a female?

How long are their beaks?

Where do they live?

Hoe furry are they?

How do kiwis breed?

How long does it take for an egg to hatch?