This document provides an FAQ for companies participating in the Solarize Plano Project RFP.  Entries will be entered in response to questions from companies.

*** Entry 1 - August 1, 2013 ***

We have received feedback regarding the compressed schedule between firm selection (8/16/2013) and contracting completion (9/15/2013) and/or installation completion (10/31/2013). The concern is with the ability to complete site assessments/customer consultation, contracts, securing financing, Oncor approvals, permitting, installations etc. in this short time frame, considering the large number of initial enrollees.

PSA will attempt to mitigate this situation with the following actions:

PSA will work to narrow down the original enrollee list to committed enrollees with the following information that can be prioritized by the installer. This prioritized list (in an excel spreadsheet) will be completed (and provided to the installer) no later than Aug 16. Enrollee information that will be provided to the selected company to help with prioritization will include:

For Oncor service area enrollees, committed to decision point 2 (DP2), see  Participant Decision Points

Similar information will be provided for DP2 enrollees in CoServ areas (approximately 10% of total enrollees), but can be prioritized at a later date.

Estimating final contracted participants and reducing unsuccessful site assessments:

The Solarize Plano Project has been modeled after many successful solarize projects from across the country.  RFP participants are encouraged to review publicly available information. A sampling that we have seen indicates that the number of final contracts signed is in the range of 11%-20% of initially interested persons (which for our project is those that have completed an online enrollee form).  Also, companies that have participated in these solarize programs have indicated that "closure rates" on site assessment investments are significantly higher than their business as usual numbers, again demonstrating the value of the project in eliminating customer acquisition costs for the Installers.  Our goal is by having the participants previously educated on key solar purchase decision criteria and providing the selected company with participant information described above, that the site assessments will be able to focused and prioritized on the most probable solar customers.

*** End of entry 1 ***