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  1. What question are you researching?

        Ex. Why did the chicken cross the road?

  1. What is your thesis?

        Ex. The chicken crossed the road to get to the other side and rejoin its


  1. How did you arrive at your thesis statement?

Ex. First, I decided to consult numerous sources related to this topic.  I began by visiting a website that described the social habits, anatomy, and physiology of chickens.  After establishing that chickens like to spend their time in flocks, I looked for a source explaining the dynamics of a flock of chickens.  Apparently chickens have a strict social hierarchy and tend to stick together, often following stronger members of the flock.  Ultimately, I found two primary sources consisting of first hand accounts related to the chicken who crossed the road.  Both people interviewed agreed that the chicken’s flock was on the other side of the road.  Therefore, I have been led to believe that the chicken most likely crossed the road in order to rejoin its flock on the other side.

  1. Can you explain the evidence that you will use to support your thesis statement?
  1. What larger understandings about [insert subject here] have you gained from conducting this research?

Ex. I learned that chickens live in flocks and operate under a strict social hierarchy.  Upon conducting further research, I learned that many domesticated flock and herd animals have social hierarchies that are an important part of their behavior and survival techniques.

  1. How will you apply the information you have learned during this project to other aspects of your life?

        Ex. If I ever own a flock of chickens, I will make sure that they are not alone.  I also now realize that chickens

will put themselves in danger to stay with their flock, so I need to monitor their whereabouts carefully.

  1. What skills are you developing while working on this project and how will they assist you in the future?

        Ex. Conducting such a substantial amount of research has helped me develop skills that I will use throughout my

college career when I am assigned essays and discussion topics.  Furthermore, the “Cluck-Cluck” chicken sing along soundtrack that I am developing is encouraging me to step outside of my comfort level and perform for others.  I know that I will need to talk with others about a variety of topics throughout my life, so working on that will really help me in the future!

  1. Can you explain what you are making and show me your progress so far, then explain the steps you still need to complete?

        Ex. Absolutely!  So far I have developed the album cover for my sing along CD [presenter holds the album cover

up for the camera].  If you look closely you’ll notice that I decided to put a picture of a Buff Orpington on it.  That is a very docile breed of chicken that I learned about while conducting my research.  I also chose to use big bubble letters for the title because my CD is designed for children and that will appeal to them.  Now I am going to perform a clip from one of my “Cluck Cluck” sing alongs [presenter begins to cluck].  I have four more songs to go, but I have accomplished a lot so far!

Rubric Key:

Red = Ingenuity                Purple = Content                Green = Transferability

Presentation, Self Management, and Rigor are tied to ALL categories.