Cynthia Hundley

LME 550

Ocean Pollution:  Problems and Solutions

A Brief History of Plastic:

 Problems with Plastic:

Possible Solutions to the Plastic Problem:


I was hoping you could help me brainstorm some service-project ideas that my kids could do after reading this information document.  Thanks!! CH

Possible Service-Learning Projects:

Here are a few suggestions.  I hope I was able to help!

1. Stop using straws campaign.  Students can make posters that show how many straws are used and how they are polluting the oceans after doing some research and finding images showing these straws in the oceans.  They can then find websites where reusable straws can be bought.  They could also create graphs that show how many straws our school uses and come up with alternatives for using those straws.


2.  Stop using plastic bags campaign.  Conduct research on how many plastic bags are found in the oceans and how marine animals and birds think they are food and eat them.  The kids could create posters/commercials that show their peers how they can avoid using plastic bags by using canvas, reusable bags.  They might even create a plastic bag-recycling center at school so that the bags are disposed of properly.

Thanks, Amy.  Those are great ideas.  I actually found some websites related to these topics that could serve as a guide for students as they begin to plan for their service-learning project.  CH

Online Resources: Check out these organizations that can help you get started with your service-learning project around ocean plastic pollution.

*Be Straw Free Campaign - This organization encourages people, business, and plastic straw producing companies to limit the number of plastic straws they produce and/or use each day.  The website offers numerous resources that will help communicate with others about the importance of limiting plastic straw use.  This website can be found at:

*Take the Last Straw Challenge - This website provides information and a petition for people to sign that encourages them to reduce their use of plastic straws by pledging to “take their last straw” ever.  This website can be found at:

*S.T.O.P. (Students Take on Plastic) - This initiative encourages students to take action in the reduction of plastic bag use.  It provides specific information on starting this program in a school or community center.   There are many resources including flyers, pledges, and action plans.  The website can be found at:

Students can now use this page as a resource for creating their action plan for a service-learning project based on ocean plastic pollution.  They can collaborate with peers, online experts, and national organizations in order to plan and carry-out their service-learning project.