To successfully complete this project, please follow these instructions:

  1. Find a poem that inspires you
  2. Brainstorm a theme for the poem
  3. Use the library’s Symbaloo, click on Photos for Projects and choose Photos For Class (because it brings the citation with the image)
  4. Type keywords that describe your theme - search for a picture
  5. Once you find the picture, you need to download it
  6. Click on downloads and open your picture
  7. Open it in Paint-look at the top of your screen for the tab (you have to in order to save it)
  8. Click File and save it to your desktop to upload later
  9. Open your 6th Grade Symbaloo
  10. Click on Poster My Wall
  11. Click Create a Design
  12. Scroll through the templates and choose a template by clicking on it
  13. Then, click “Customize Template
  14. You are able to choose your color, font, background etc.
  15. Import your photo by clicking the photo icon in the left hand corner
  16. Type your words that describe your theme (you will need to add a new text box for each new word)
  17. When you are finished designing your own template, click  download 
  18. You will be asked to download it again, choose the free download
  19. Click on your download so that it opens
  20. Open your template in Paint 
  21. Name it and Save it to your Desktop
  22. Open your project from the Desktop by clicking on it, you are able to print your project. Ask Mrs. Rigney      

              which photo size she prefers.