10th UUU IRC Meeting Agenda (16/10/2013)

NON BUC issues

  1. Street, trials, freestyle, flatland, muni and road reps need to take ownership of their website sections ( and learn how to edit it). Should we add a muni one? Note Flatland section is now there
  2. Out of date club listings on website?

BUC issues

  1. BUC meeting With NFS potentially going to be first week in november in London (who can make it?
  2. BUC DATE, we need to decide on a date or at least a selection of dates that are appropriate for buc 2014, the sooner we do this the better since it’s very hard to advertise without a date.
  3. Muni. I think we should try and incorporate a comp or at least a ride next year.
  4. Assistance and delegation (we really need more help from attendees)
  5. Payment options – Can we sort out our own payment this year to make the process simpler or are we happy with the system of people paying NFS direct like last year?