Welcome to Our Club

The SCSH Tennis Club is an active and vibrant community of tennis players from Sun City Shadow Hills. We have tennis at every level, both social and competitive.

Our club organizes and/or supports:

Men’s doubles six days a week

Women’s doubles five days a week

Two levels of mixed doubles on Sundays

Ten tennis teams, from 3.0 to 4.0 skill levels, playing competitively throughout the Coachella Valley

Monthly tennis and social events throughout the season

Many small groups who get together to play each week

A website rich in information about our club, programs, and members, and through which you can sign up to play or to participate in club social events.

The Tennis Club is not just about tennis.  We are a very social group and get together often, just for fun, even if we aren’t playing tennis.


Join us . . . and enjoy the sun, the fun, and the tennis!


Dennis Sheehan, Tennis Club President