Dear County Commissioners. In November, we get to decide the direction of our county government. Is it conducted in secret or out in the open? Operating for the public good or bent on selling off our public assets? Visionary or merely transactional? Let’s get the conversation going by sharing this Open Letter to the County Commissioner Candidates with friends, posting it on social media, and using it to evaluate the four candidates. The future is in our hands, Berks!

#RaiseTheWage  It’s budget time in Harrisburg, which means it’s also time for action on the minimum wage. 1. Tell your legislators to increase PA’s minimum wage to $12 now, then $15/hour. 2. Oppose pre-emption! Pre-emption would prohibit cities like Philadelphia, where the cost of living is higher, from setting a higher minimum wage. 3. One Fair Wage! Tipped workers are paid a separate, lower minimum wage that starts at $2.13/hour at the federal level-a rate that hasn’t changed since 1991. 70% of these workers are women and many are people of color. Relying on tips to make ends meet exposes this already vulnerable population to sexual harassment and abuse. One Fair Wage would require the restaurant industry to pay all employees the full minimum wage.

There is going to be movement on this issue, but we need you to take it over the finish line! Contact your state legislators and tell them to bring Pennsylvania into the 21st Century! Click here to find your rep. 

Lower Prescription Drug Prices! At the federal level, HR1046, the Doggett Bill, is the only one that makes sure drug prices ALWAYS come down, and patients ALWAYS get their meds. Ask Reps Houlahan and Dean to become co-sponsors. Click here for your MoC’s contact information.  At the state level HB 568 needs our support. Ask your state rep to support The Pharmaceutical Cost Transparency Act. Also ask Committee Chair Tina Pickett (R- 110) (717) 783-8238 to bring it up for discussion in the Insurance Committee ASAP and send it back to the House for a vote. In Berks Rep Gary Day is on the committee, and Rep Tom Caltagirone is a co-sponsor. Click here for your rep’s contact info.

Hold this President Accountable!  SIGN OUR PETITION , Share Our Petition, and Use it to Call Your Legislators Today. Demand they hold this president accountable! Click here to read the redacted Mueller report.


Strategy Sessions: Drive down the cost of Rx Medications, Tuesday June 11 at 6:30PM and Wednesday June 12 at 10AM. Call-in information for Tuesday evening is: 605.313.5105, passcode 275893#

Berks County Commissioners’ Meeting, Thursday, June 13th - 10:00 AM - 633 Court St., Reading.

Mohnton & Cumru Listening Canvass, Saturday June 22nd at 11AM and 1PM. Location TBD. Yes, we’re still listening to voters! Radical, isn’t it? One canvass launches at 11:00 AM, another at 1:00 PM. Use this link to register.


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