Talia peered closely at the CAD that was sitting on the desk in front of her. All of the screws had been taken out of it, and the top was removed so that the wiring inside was exposed. Something was not connected properly. She had two choices...To either take it to Makes-Things and end up waiting forever to get it back, or to fix it herself.

As she had a less-than-perfect record with the nervous scientist, she had decided to give him a break and just try to fix it herself.

She moved one wire, and then another, being very careful not to accidentally brush anything, or nudge it out of place. Her black hair, still in desperate need of a cut in her opinion, was tied back out of her face. She was aware of something warm on her right side, and knew that it was either Celborn or Halley's Farmir who had come to see what she was up to.

She was sitting cross-legged in the chair. If she had not been fairly short, this would have been very uncomfortable, but as it was she could manage it. She had a habit of keeping her feet off the floor, as in HQ you never knew what might be scurrying around on the ground.

"Ah, there you are," She murmured quietly as she spotted what had to be the culprit - an otherwise innocent-looking blue wire. As she was carefully moving to disconnect it without messing everything up, she pondered over the impending event that was on the mind of every agent working in the LotR division.


As if in answer to her thought, a sound that was much like the emergency broadcast system noise on the radio that one heard sometimes blared through Headquarters.

This caused Talia to nearly hit the ceiling. Her hearing was sensitive, even regular screeching of computers gave her headaches, but this was ten times as awful. The CAD clattered to the floor, scattering parts as it tumbled to a stop. The mini that had been watching scrambled for his fire-proof blanket in the corner, all the while grumbling irritatedly at such a surprise. There was a dull thud from the other room of their response center, which Talia presumed was Halley reacting to the sudden noise.

Just as Talia was saying not-so-polite words in interesting languages, a voice sounded through the PA system, crackling a bit at the start.

This is Upstairs. The PPC is now on Yellow Alert. Three days until the opening of Return of the King. All available agents to report to the Mary Sue division. I repeat. The PPC is now on Yellow Alert.

Talia sighed and reached down to pick up the CAD, now having a lot more repair work to do.

"Yellow Alert, eh? I should have known...Oh, these upcoming weeks are going to be so much fun," Talia muttered sarcastically.

"Yellow Alert...I don't remember there ever being a Yellow Alert at HQ before," Irvine commented as he followed Black into the Tiger Lily's office.

"You haven't been at Headquarters that long," Black replied. He had known that this was coming for a while. He was interested, however, to see what the Tiger Lily had to say to them about it. This was a change from the normal way of things. Usually Black knew about everything before it even happened, but the Tiger Lily tended to change things when she deemed it necessary.

Behind the two agents in black, a small silver dragon walked along slowly. Her large lavender eyes were bright as she tilted her head about, taking in the new surroundings. She occasionally followed Black a little too closely and ended up barging against his legs.

The agent turned around and smiled faintly at her. "Come on, Silvy, there's nothing interesting to see in here. Aside the Tiger Lily herself, of course," He added hastily as he looked up towards the desk looming in front of them.

The little dragon, which only came up to Black's waist when standing, nodded thoughtfully.

Irvine had a healthy respect for the little dracling, and her razor sharp teeth, even though she was, at this point, as gentle as a lamb. Where he had come from, dragons of any kind were bad.

Black had found himself appointed to take care of her, and he had apparently no hesitation around her whatsoever. He treated her just as he would have a human of equivalent age.

There are my agents, a voice purred. The flower before them, an unusually large and vibrantly colored tiger lily, turned to face them. Her two large green leaves were folded in front of her as she regarded the elf, human, and dragon.

Black nodded, Irvine grinned cheekily, and Silvy watched the Tiger Lily with amazement.

I see that Silvanariel is happy with you, Dúros. The Tiger Lily commented with a nod. I knew she would be.

Black nodded again. He carefully set a hand on the young dragon's shoulder, lest she try to jump up on the desk to get a closer look at this unusual plant. The dragon was thus far silent. She wasn't very talkative most of the time, but once she started she was unlikely to stop for a while.

"What about this Yellow Alert?" Irvine asked promptly, doing his best not to fidget. He didn't like standing in this office much. The Tiger Lily made him a little nervous with that stare of hers. "I mean, I know about it, but what of it? We're not included in this stand-by thing...are we?"

Actually, you are, the Tiger Lily looked at him solemnly. The Sunflower Official does need all the help he can get, and I am not one to decline it to him. I offered my best agents, if he should need them.

"Myself and Irvine?" Black asked calmly.

Mhm, the Tiger Lily turned to Black. Of course, I expect that you shall continue to keep track of things, as you are so excellent at, Dúros. Agent Irvine, I thought that you would like an opportunity to prove yourself. After...hm, yes.

Irvine blushed a slight shade of pink and tried to smile. He dropped his gaze, letting his long dark red hair fall over his face. "Yeah...I mean...yes, ma'am," He muttered.

"Me too?" Silvy piped up suddenly.

Black winced.

Maybe, if Dúros agrees, the Tiger Lily waved to Black. Now, I have much to do, and so do all of you. If anything unusual comes up, I will call.

Black nodded and turned around, fairly dragging Silvy, in case she decided to ask more questions. Irvine, at least, didn't need to be encouraged.

As soon as they were out of the door, Irvine let out a heavy sigh.

"Work in the Mary Sue Department? You?" He asked Black as he leaned against the wall. His lively blue eyes were torn between amusement and surprise. He couldn't imagine Agent Black, who was always seemed so aloof, as working anywhere but in the DIA. Perhaps Specials Ops, but nowhere else.

"Why not?" Black shrugged. "I used to."

"You did? Why did I not know that?" Irvine stood up and went after Black. Silvy was once again lagging behind, but not too far.

"Because I didn't tell you?" Black returned.

Irvine sighed again, but brightened quickly. "I'll figure you out yet, I'll have you know. Well, looks like you and me might be hunting some Sues, eh? And Silvy can come too!"

"Er...," Black wasn't sure he wanted to be babysitting the dragon while trying to kill Sues. The thought of babysitting both Silvy and Irvine while trying to kill Sues was even better.

"Can you tell me again," Silvy inquired politely. "Exactly what is a 'Sue'?"

Archivist’s Note: These two stories were written by Artemis, and feature her characters. They are archived here unedited, purely to preserve them.