BBQ1 - Mar 1991

Jersey beat England 7-4 in the 10th International between the sides at the Metropole Hotel...past records are given. Jersey Ladies win 4-3.

The 9th British Pairs was once again held at the Landsdowne Hotel, Eastbourne: Kev Tunstall and Tony Martin are the winners, with John Burrows and Chas Jones runners-up. Kevin Clark and Mick Lingham win the Plate. (All previous winners listed)

Simon Tinto wished to hear from all counties so that he could perform a collation of all league rules nationwide.

A feature from the Jersey Evening Post is reproduced showing the line up of the Jersey Mens and Ladies representative sides.

BBQ2 - June 1991

10 leagues took part in the Inter-Area 7-a-side, Newbury and Wokingham amongst them.

The 3rd Charity Singles Tournament takes place at the Crest Hotel, High Wycombe on 19/5/91: Kevin Tunstall wins an epic final against Mick Lingham by 18k to 17k. Paul Sainsbury wins the playoff for 3rd place.

The 17th All-England Indivs was played at AERE Harwell, Kent Murray wins, Chas Jones is runner-up and Tony Franks 3rd. All previous winners from 1975-on are listed.

In the 18th Ladies' equivalent, Myra Hawkins is the winner, with Jan Taylor runner-up and Chris Toner (nee Cole) 3rd.

There was a league in Berkshire known as Country Houses

Kent took on England in a friendly International Challenge (1st XI, 2nd XI and Ladies)

BBQ3 - Oct 1991

The 20th County Championships were played in 3 divisions: Berks win Div.1 from runners-up Kent; Surrey are relegated. Sussex win Div.2 from Northants with Wiltshire relegated; and Leics win a three-team Div.3 from South Yorks and Somerset.  Kent won the 19th Ladies from Berkshire; Sussex won Div.2 from Hampshire and will replace Oxon next year in Div.1.

The 3rd Wessex Open is played at Portsmouth and Pete Farrelly defeated Tony Martin in the Final. John Burrows beat S.Searle to take 3rd place.

BBQ4 - Jan 1992

Jersey's Steve Ahier wins the 11th British Isles Open from a line-up of over 400, defeating Surrey's Simon Tinto in the final. Dennis Helleur beats Tim Douglas in an all-Jersey 3rd place playoff. Peter Farrelly, Sue Banting, Terry Oakley and Steve Mariner make the quarter-finals.

The 19th NBBA Team Championships were played at HLRA, Harwell on 24th Nov: Teams were:

The Victorian (Kent)(Winners); Eastfield Arms (Hants); Stocks,Beenham (Berks); Willingham SSC (Cambs)

Rose & Crown (Wilts)(Third), Dolphin (Oxon); Flying Scud (Surrey); Shapway Inn (Somerset)

Sussex Arms, Brighton (Sussex)(Runners-up); RAFA Club (Bucks); Stirrup Cup SC (Nthnts); Anchor Inn (Leics)

Also played in this quarter:

9th National Off-the-Spot singles - Winner K.T; Runner-up Mick Lingham;

5th National Under-22s - Winner Kevin Clark; Runner-up P.Scouse (Berks)

Southern Counties Ladies Team event(at the Dragoon, Maidstone) - Winners Kent, Runners-up Surrey.

2nd National O-50s - Winner Bill Trinder (Berks); Runner-up Dennis.Barefield (also Berks).

At 1991 AGM: "now only 13 affiliated counties: Lincs, Avon and Herts have withdrawn"

BBQ5 - Apr 1992

England beat Jersey 11-0 in the home (11th) International on 8/2/1992 at the Chequers Thistle Hotel, Horley.  England Ladies win 9-1.

10th British Open Pairs held at the Lansdowne Hotel, Eastbourne: Winners are Steve Biggs and Pete Farrelly; runners-up Keith Sheard and Phil Spencer. The Plate is won by D.Dibley and C.James.

The 1st Berks Open was played at the Sun, Reading on 22nd March. John Burrows is the winner, Bill Trinder the runner-up. Losing semi-finalists were Keith Lewendon and Kevin Tunstall.

Kent Inter-League was played, and Canterbury Faversham and Maidstone were amongst the teams who took part.

Evidence that in 1967 there was a North Berks v South Berks inter-area challenge between Abingdon and Reading.

On April 12th 1992 Portsmouth competed in the Inter-Area for the first time.

BBQ6 - July 1992

On 4th May 1992 the 1st BIOC Ladies was held at the Lion Reading. Kent's Viv Wright is the winner, Surrey's Gail Woods the runner-up. Losing semifinalists were Jan Taylor and Dawn Flattery.

In the 4th Charity Singles, held at H/Wycombe, won by KT from Kent Murray, 3rd Placed Steve Searle (from Hants) hit three breaks of over 20k


The 18th All-England Singles (Mens and 19th Ladies) were held at Harwell on 14th June. In the Finals, Keith Sheard beat Bernie McCluskey, and Jan Taylor beat Chris Toner.

High Wycombe took England on in April and Kent took 'em on again in June.

Newbury and Wokingham still participating in the Inter-Area.

BBQ7 - Oct 1992

The 21st County Championships were played at Harwell and this time Kent were Champions and Berks (winners for the previous 3 years) were runners-up. Sussex are relegated. Hants won Div 2, from Surrey with Leics relegated. Somerset won Div.3 from Wiltshire and S.Yorks. In the 20th Ladies equivalent, Berks won Div.1 from Sussex, with Surrey relegated, whilst in Div.2 Oxon won with Hants runners-up.

10th National Off-the-Spot at Harwell: "Always played previously in pubs and clubs, but now completely staged by the AEBBA, a playoff was organised involving the last 2 from each county: Six groups of four, with the winner of each group going through to return and play in November, plus two more from a qualifying playoff on the day."

Those qualifying and therefore returning on Nov.22nd are : A.Donovan; S.Tinto; D.Claydon; J.Burrows; K.Tunstall; A.Chambers; R.Kenrick; J.Addley and P.Jury.

The 4th Wessex Open was held at the St James Hos.SC at Portsmouth: John Burrows beat Tony Walsh in the final and Kevin Tunstall beat Les Green in the 3rd place playoff. Chris Newson won the Plate, beating Pete Burton in the final.

Southern Counties playoffs took place between Kent, Sussex and Hants at the Dragoon, Maidstone.

Kent interleague was won by Maidstone, Canterbury (3rd) and Faversham (5th) still thriving.

Kent plan to stage an Open in April of next year.

BBQ8 - Jan 1993

20th All-England Team Champs in Harwell (22nd Nov 1992): The Lawrence from Hants won and the Bird-in-Hand (Berks) were runners-up.

The 10th AE Off-spot singles also held in Nov: John Burrows (Bucks) beat Alan Donovan from Berks in the final.

Roy Taylor (Sussex) is the 6th National Under22 champion - he beat Kent's Curt Driver in the final at Harwell from a 28-player line-up.

Oxford's Pete Lee beats Sussex's Dave Cook in the 3rd National over50s in Harwell.

With the number of competitions at National level increasing, a Grand Prix is planned for later in the year.

The 12th British Isles Open, at the Inn on the Park, St Helier, Jersey is won by Dennis Helleur in a very close final from Harry Barbet. Steve Mariner won the third place playoff from Kent Murray. Don Cadec, Phil Hawkins, Terry Girard and Phil Deller make the quarterfinals.

BBQ9 - Apr 1993

1st Oxon Open held at Berinsfield SSC: Les Green beats Bernie McCluskey in the Final. Semi-finalists were Keith Sheard and Terry Race.


The 12th International was held at the Mayfair Hotel, St Helier with the result  Jersey 7, England 4 for the men   )A very young England lineup shows (top row) Peter Farrelly, Keith Lewendon, Phil Hawkins, Bernie McCluskey, Simon Tinto, Les Green, Kevin Clark; (bottom row) Keith Sheard, Kevin Tunstall, Paul Sainsbury and Steve Mariner.)


The ladies international finished Jersey 4, England 3. (England Ladies, L to R, top row: Jan Taylor, Sue Leach, Debbie Surman, Pauline Withey; bottom row: Gail Woods, Sue Banting, Alison Norman)

The 2nd Berks Open is held at Caversham Dance and Fitness Centre, Reading: In the Final, Les Green beats Oxon's Max Dick. Semifinalists are Kevin Clark and Tony Walsh.

11th British Pairs held for the first time at the Queens Hotel, Bournemouth: Bernie McCluskey and Paul Yeo are victors in the final over Tony Walsh and Derek Soper.

Article reproduced from 1936……."Inaugural tournament at Newbury an unqualified success" and "Leagues being formed in many parts of the country".

BBQ10 - July 1993

1st Kent Classic held at Westgate Hall, Canterbury: local boys take the spoils, Mick Nicholl the winner and Mark Woods is runner-up. K.T and Chas Jones are the defeated semifinalists. A Plate is run and Keith Lewendon beats Ian Moquet in the Final.

Wokingham and Newbury are still going in the Inter-area competition

The 2nd BIOC Ladies Open is staged at the Millers Arms, Caversham: Sue Banting beats Viv Wright in the final.

Simon Tinto recalls:

“The Ladies British Open began in 1992 when Berkshire Chairman Phil Hawkins staged the first event at the Lion in Reading. The great Viv Wright (Kent) had already won no less than 10 Ladies All-England Singles titles and it came as no surprise when she won the inaugural Ladies British Open, beating Gail Woods in the final.

A year later the tournament went to the Millers Arms in Reading and the Surrey Ladies turned out in force, but only Sue Banting survived the first round.  She then treated us to a series of heart-stopping matches, most of which went to the wire, but made mincemeat of Viv Wright in the final. On the way to victory she beat four fellow Internationals who between them had won no less than 17 All-England Singles titles.!”  

The 5th Charity singles was hosted by Wokingham BB Organization at the Nike Leisuresport Complex at Bracknell: K.T beats Chas Jones in the Final, and Max Dick beats John Burrows for 3rd place.


The 19th All-England Individuals were played, Mens competition was won by Pete Farrelly, Keith Sheard losing out in the final by pegging 19k when chasing a target of 21.8k set by Farrelly. Viv Wright won the 20th (her 10th) All-England Ladies title by beating Jean Over.

Mention of previous winners of the All-England ladies…….2 ladies dominant in the first 12 years, only Jean Over (Brackenridge) spoiling the party in 1983.

These were Viv Wright (previously Bacon and Shepherd) 1974; 1977-82; 1985; 1986 and Chris Newson (previously Cole, Stillwell and Toner) 1975,1976 & 1984

BBQ11 - Oct 1993

The 22nd County Championships were played at Harwell on Sept 26th: Berks regained the title, last year's winners Kent being relegated. Oxon were runners-up. Surrey won Div.2 with Sussex runners-up and Cambs finishing below Somerset and being relegated. Wilts won Div.3 with Leics runners-up.

Kent won the 21st Ladies, with Sussex the runners-up and Oxon relegated. Surrey headed Div.2 from runners-up Bucks.

11th National Off-the-spot now known as the "Alternative Rules" was held at Harwell on 10th October. Each county could sent up to three players. The competition was won by Bernie McCluskey with Hastings player Sean Taylor the runner-up.

The first-ever Ladies Open Pairs was held at the Frenches Club, Redhill on 18th July: I an all-Kent final, Viv Wright and Sylvia Vaughan beat Jan Taylor and Jill O'Brien. Surrey's A.Norman and S.Cole took the Plate, beating Janey Macoy and Ann Keen in the final.

The Fifth Wessex Open took place at Portsmouth, K.T. beating Keith Sheard in a strange final, Keith losing his opening break of 2k and not getting another go whilst Kevin scored a relentless 36k over the two legs. Semi-finalists were Chris Tupper and Tony Walsh, Chris winning the playoff for 3rd place. Mark James was Plate winner, with Chris Grimmett the runner-up.

BBQ12 - Jan 1994

Kevin Tunstall.jpg

Kevin Tunstall becomes the third English winner of the (13th) British Isles Open Championship in Jersey (after Bernie McCluskey and Dave Harris). He beats Graham Bisson in the Final. Dennis Helleur beats Tommy Tobin for 3rd place and Fred Jeanne, Phil Hawkins, Peter Farrelly and Graham Lewis make it to the quarterfinals.

21st National Team Championships were played at HLRA at Harwell on 21/11/93: The standard is very high and The Lion from Ash (Sandwich) become the fourth Kent side to win the title, they beat the Flying Scud 3-1 in the Final.

1st Grand Prix Masters was played, won by Bernie McCluskey from K.T. A trophy and £200 prize money was provided by Total Tyre and Exhaust, and a further £500 in sponsorship is promised for next year.

The fourth National Over50's is won by Bill Trinder, who also won it in 1991. He beats Mick Nichol in the Final.

Whilst in the 7th National Under-22s, Sussex's Sean Taylor beats Berkshire's Mark Turner.

Northants have secured a sponsorship deal with Griggs & Co (Doc Martins) and are planning to stage their first Open.

Steve Biggs completes an unbeaten 29-match run in this league.

BBQ13 - Apr 1994

The 2nd Oxon Open is staged at the Berinsfield Community Centre: winner is Kevin Clark (Kent) and Runner-up Peter Phillips (Oxon); Chris Saville and Eric Mills (both from Kent) were semi-finalists. Pete Jury and Malcolm Leveridge entered from Wilts.

England host Jersey in the 13th International at the Chequers, Horley and win 9-2. England Ladies win 10-2.

Paul Sainsbury wins the 3rd Berks Open, beating 21-y-o Sean Taylor from Hastings in the Final. Losing semifinalists were Harry Leeson and Dennis Claydon.

Local news: Brighton stage their first '3BQ Masters' and also run a 22-a-side (14 men, 8 ladies) Charity Shield Mixed team Interleague Challenge with Redhill

Redhill stage their first Redhill Team Invitation (other teams: Brighton, Portsmouth and Wokingham) Brighton win it, with Redhill A the runners-up in a high-scoring competition.

In the 12th British Open Pairs at Bournemouth, Kevin Tunstall and Tony Martin are the winners and Steve Biggs and Pete Farrelly runners-up. Geoff Jukes/Tony Cross and Les Green/Chris Saville make the Semifinals. Kevin Godfrey/Maxi McDonnell win the Plate from Keith MacDonald and Pete Whitear from Cambs.

BBQ14 - July 1994

The 2nd Kent Open was held at the Westgate Hall, Canterbury and was won by Kevin Clark with Dennis Atkins the runner-up. Semi-finalists were Steve Mariner and Paul Sainsbury. The Plate went to Curt Driver, with John Fullager the runner-up.

The 3rd British Isles Ladies Open was held at the Millers Arms, Caversham and was won by Jan Taylor with Alison Norman the runner-up. Semi-finalists were Gail Woods and Pauline Withey. Gail Woods had the highest break of 17170, whilst Pauline received an 'outstanding achievement' award for beating Sue Banting from 6550 down with a 13150 break.  Simon Tinto adds the following:

“Alison Norman was in the form of her life, having just reached both the (domestic) Ladies Singles and Pairs finals, and she sailed through the tournament, beating a number of England colleagues along the way. She should have beaten Jan Taylor (Kent) in the final after building a 9k lead with her break to come, but an early mistake let Jan in and Alison was left with the runners-up trophy.”

The 6th Charity Singles ws played at the John Nike Leisuresport Complex, Bracknell and a total of £381 was raised for the National Asthma Campaign. Geoff Jukes won his first National event and a week for 2 in Jersey, with Keith Lewendon the runner-up and recipient of a weekend for 2 in Bournemouth. Third was Tony Walsh and fourth was Chas Jones.  Simon Tinto recalls:

“Geoff gave an astonishing performance, in seven matches, all over two legs, he made ten five-figure scores (including nine breaks of over 10k) and ran the table out three times including one break of 20,260 and averaged 12,740 per leg. His opponent in the Final was All-England Chairman Keith Lewendon, a former International and captain of the power-house Berkshire County team, but on the day he was no match for Geoff !”

The First Sussex Open was held on 5/6/1994 at the Kings Arms Eastbourne (an off-the-spot tournament was staged the day before) Winner was Tony Walsh with Mark Brewster the runner-up. Max Dick and Steve Mariner were semifinalists.

And the First 'Doc Martins' Northants Open was held at the Diamonds Centre, Nene Park, Irthlingborough on 26/6/1994 with a prize fund of £3,000. Winner was Les Green with runner-up Mick Lingham, both of Kent. Jon Bamsey and Chas Jones were semifinalists. A Plate competition was run, with winner Phil Hawkins and runner-up Curt Driver. Semifinalists were Sue Banting and Tony Martin. Wiltshire were represented by Melvin Leveridge who made it as far as the fourth round.

The 20th All-England singles were played with Kevin Tunstall the winner of the Mens with Chris Saville runner-up, and Jan Taylor winning the 21st Ladies equivalent from runner-up Pauline Withey.

The 2nd Ladies Open Pairs was held at the Frenches Club (Redhill)  with Gail Woods and Sue Banting the winners, from Jan Taylor and Jill O'Brien. Sue Leach and Chris Toner were Plate winners from Ann Keen and Janie Macoy.

A Medway Invitation Team Competition was held at the Stirling Sports Centre, Rochester on 10/7/1994. All the current England Top Ten were invited to play with their normal pub teams, alongside the top teams from Kent, with a £240 prize fund. From the line-up of 16 teams, the Hen & Chicks A (Medway) emerged triumphant from the Hop Poles, Canterbury. Losing Semi-finalists were the Dragoon B, Maidstone and the Bird-in-Hand from Berkshire.

BBQ15 - Oct 1994

In the 23rd County  Championships, held at Hubert's Bar in Ascot on September 25th, Bucks won Div.1 from Berks (with Oxon 3rd, Surrey 4th and Hants relegated in 5th place; Kent won Div.2 from Sussex, with Northants 3rd and Wiltshire 4th and a "no-show" from Somerset. Cambs were awarded Div 3 title by default (following the withdrawal of both S.Yorks and Leicester) and are promoted to Div.2 for next year.

In the 22nd Ladies' equivalent, played a week later, Sussex triumphed from last year's winners Kent with Berks third and Surrey fourth. Oxford won a two-team Div.2 from Bucks.

Kevin Tunstall won the 12th National Off-the-Spot from Steve Mariner, with John Burrows and Bernie McCluskey losing semifinalists. K.T. records a break of 23,400 on the way to victory, and  is now current holder of five National titles !

Steve Mariner was once again a runner-up, this time in the 6th Wessex Open at Portsmouth, to Les Green. Keith Sheard beat Mark Brewster in a third-place playoff. Sussex's Ian Goulding won the Plate, from Kent's Eric Mills.

A players' performance analysis of the British Isles Open in Jersey is given, with a profusion of Jersey players (16 out of 27) having regularly reached the later stages.

Local news: Andover win Hampshire's A Division, with Southampton the runners-up. Winchester are still in existence; Portsmouth win honours at 'B' and 'C' level.

BBQ16 - Jan 1995

The Final of the 14th British Isles Open at the Inn-on-the-Park, Jersey was won by Kevin Tunstall (his second win) by 17,800 to 17,010 from Tony Walsh. Les Green won a 3rd-place playoff from Geoff Pitt. An ensuing round of drinks cost K.T. £55 !  Bob Chapple, Mark Brewster, Fred Jeanne and Micky Daw are quarter-finalists.

No 'minor counties' took part in the 22nd National Team Championships, played at the Royal Berks Hos SC (Reading) on 20/11/94 and won by the Sun (Reading) over the Romans (Southwick) who had received a wild card entry, having been denied a place in the final the previous year due to an administrative error (finishing level on points but having won more matches).

Alan Howes of Kent beat Sussex's Gareth Lloyd in the final of the 8th National Under-22s - the last year of eligibility for both players. Alan scores a total of 25k over the two legs.

Kent's John Fullagher beat Hampshire's Jack Lockyer in the 5th National Over-50s.

The 2nd Grand Prix Masters was staged at the Royal Berks Hospital Social Club, and players were asked to adhere to a dress code (waistcoat, bow tie, black trousers and shoes) as the semifinals and final were to be filmed as a demo to be sent to various television companies....both semi-finals and the Final lived up to expectations, with KT beating Les Green in one semifinal by 20550 to 18760 and Tony Walsh winning the other from Paul Sainsbury by 20450 to 20130.

Kevin Tunstall then took the Final by 21450 to 20260 - six frames of perfect bar billiards, but what would it look like on screen ?

News from Despatches.....Lewes make a comeback to Sussex County Interleague after an absence of 15 years.

Inter-town challenges take place between Portsmouth and Worthing, and Brighton v "the Redhill Mob". Steve Mariner and Sue Banting get wed; Guernsey are to be included on the International scene from now on.

Finally, from the AEBBA AGM: "The loss of Somerset and South Yorks this year was very much regretted."

BBQ17 – Apr 1995

The 3rd Oxfordshire Open is held at Berinsfield Club on 21/1/95 and sees Keith Sheard win his first Open title,


beating K.T. in the Final to win £800 prize money and scoring 8 breaks of more than 18.5k along the way. Pete Burton and Steve Mariner are semifinalists. Oxon's Terry Cook wins the Plate, with West-Sussex's Mick Freeman runner-up.


  England win the International in Jersey 7-4…….


………...and the Ladies International finishes 5-2 to England..


The 4th Berkshire Open is stages at the Royal Berks Hospital Club in Reading, and is won by Les Green, his 5th Open title. Kevin Clark, also Kent is runner-up. Surrey duo Geoff Jukes and Greg Hughan are semifinalists. Geoff Pitt wins the Plate from Ian Moquet. An interesting slant for the Speed break competition: back holes are marked 50-40-100-40-50, with the 50's scoring 10 and 500 for the 200 ! KT masters this and wins with 4920.

13th British Open Pairs is held at the Queens in Bournemouth, won by Chris Saville and Les Green from Paul Sainsbury and Keith Lewenden. Losing semifinalists are Greg Hughan/Simon Tinto from Surrey and Keith Sheard/Ian Moquet of Oxon.

The Plate is won by Kent duo Dave Freeman and Kevin Brocklebank with Roger Chilton and Chris Newson (Hants) runners-up.

Local news: new Faversham Secretary is Alan Parr.

S.Yorks: Charlie Wheeler retires after a career spanning 45 years, taking him from Oxford to Berks to Bucks to Northants to Doncaster (South Yorks) and finally back to Berks.

Redhill Invitation is won by Redhill A from Brighton.

Southern Counties was played on 4th March: Sussex won the Mens comp from Kent, Hants and Surrey, and the Ladies comp from Surrey, Kent and Hants.

BBQ18 – July 1995

3rd Kent Classic is won by local lad Andy Harcourt, playing in only his second Open. Oxon's Max Dick is runner-up. Curt Driver and Pete Burton are losing semifinalists. Kent Murray wins the Plate, from Les Green.

4th British Isles Ladies Open takes place at the Millers Arms, Caversham and is won by Sue Mariner from Myra Hawkins.

Semifinalists are Alison Norman and Sue Redmond.

7th Charity Singles at Bracknell: Steve Biggs (Northants) wins from Dennis Atkins, with Simon Tinto third and Eric Hill fourth. A holiday in Jersey goes to the winner and a holiday in Bournemouth to the runner-up.

2nd Sussex Open was played on 4th June at the Inland Revenue Club Worthing. Steve Mariner is the Winner, with Tony Walsh runner-up. Keith Sheard and Chas Jones are the semifinalists. A Ladies-Only plate is run, won by Gail Woods with Sue Loughran runner-up.

2nd (Northants) Doc Martins Open played at Diamonds Centre, Nene Park on 25th June. Kevin Tunstall is the winner, from Kent's Mick Lingham. Pete Phillips and Max Dick are losing semifinalists. Gail Woods wins the (Open) Plate, Sue Leach is runner-up.

P.Jury represented Wilts in the 21st All-England singles at the Royal Berks Hos. Social Club, Reading on 9th July. John Burrows (Bucks) wins the event from Kent's Chris Grimmett. Chris Toner beats Gail Woods by just 410 in the Final of the 22nd Ladies equivalent.

3rd Ladies Inter-Area was played at Reading on 25th March. Reading A win, with Oxford runner-up for the third year running.

Wokingham took part in the Mens equivalent the next day. Wallingford beat Cambridge 5-1 in the Final.

Local news: Canterbury League still going, with 2 divisions…..seasons honours recorded.

Newbury League also still going, with A and B League, honours winners recorded.

Maidstone League still going with FOUR divisions – seasons honours recorded.

BBQ19 – Oct 1995

The 24th County Championships held at Berks in Sept: Berks won for the 7th time since 1984, with Bucks runners-up. Surrey were relegated, to be replaced in the top division next year by Hants who won Div.2 from Sussex.

In the 23rd Ladies County event, Surrey won all their matches but from Div.2.......Berks topped Div.1.from Oxon and Sussex will take the drop.  Simon Tinto recalls:

“By 1995 the Ladies County Championship had been restructured so that the seven teams all played each other, but were segregated for the purposes of the 1st and 2nd Division titles.

Surrey had been relegated on a desperately disappointing day in 1994, but a year later they went to the Royal Berkshire Hospital Club in Reading, thrashed the rest of England, won the tournament outright, but only came away with the Division 2 trophy !

Sussex, the defending Champions, never recovered from a 1-6 hiding and were relegated, while Kent are still trying to work out how they lost 0-7 when a 4-3 win over Surrey would have given them the All-England title.

In 1996, the Surrey Ladies returned to Reading as the team promoted from Division 2, and made no mistake in winning their first All-England Championship.”

3rd Ladies Open Pairs held in July at the Frenches, Redhill: Myra Hawkins and Jill Josey were the winners, and Sue Mariner and Gail Woods the runners-up. Jan Taylor and Alison Norman won the Plate from Viv Wright and S,Vaughan.

The 13th Alternative Rules was won by Mark Turner from Kevin Tunstall. Semi-finalists were Kevin Clark and Alan Donovan.


The 7th Wessex Open was staged at the St James Hospital SC, Portsmouth and was won by Keith Sheard from Les Green. Gareth Lloyd won a 3rd place playoff from Phil Hawkins. Gail Woods once again made a Plate Final, but this time lost, to Paul Sainsbury.(Pictured l to r: Lloyd, Sheard, Green, Hawkins and (right),: Keith with the trophy)

The Jim Summers trophy was fought for between the Hampshire Leagues: Portsmouth, Andover, Southampton and Winchester.

A special Oxon 60th Anniversary tournament was staged, won by Keith Sheard from Kevin Tunstall, with Pete Ewins winning the Plate.

BBQ20 – Jan 1996

15th British Isles Open Championship; Nigel Bisson retires as Jersey League President...he does well, makes the Semifinal ! Tony Walsh is the Champion, beating Mark Brewster in the Final, with Farrelly the other semi-finalist.

Vernon Festou, Jim Millward, Tony Morton and Chris Saville make it to the last eight.

23rd National Team Championships are held at the Royal Berks Hos SC, Reading on 19/11/95: Romans, Southwick beat Crown and Thistle, Oxford 3-1 in the final.

3rd Grand Prix Masters was played at Reading, Paul Sainsbury winning the £1000 first prize, K.T. the runner-up.

The 6th National Over-50s was won by Bill Trinder, Allan Lacey the runner-up.

18-y-o Ian Street from Eastbourne defeats Mark Sawyer in Final of the 9th National U-22s and will have a free run at a title defence next year as Mark will be too old.

Local news : Southern Counties (Team): 1 – Phoenix (Hants); 2 – Windmill (Kent) 3- Frenches (Surrey) 4- Ham Hotel (Sussex)

Southern Counties (Indivs): 1 – Simon Tinto (Surrey); 2- Roger Taylor (Sussex); 3- Chris Grimmett (Kent); 4- Barry Radford (Hants)

Southern Counties (Ladies): 1 – Jan Taylor (Kent); 2 - Chris Toner (Hants); 3- Gail Woods (Surrey); 4- Sheila O’Brien (Sussex).

Sadly Wiltshire have withdrawn from the Association, as they only have three tables left in the county. Although Leicestershire have not officially withdrawn, they have not replied to any approaches and have not paid their 1995 subscription.

Eric Hill voted in as President of the AEBBA. The new Secretary is Dave Barnes.

Royal Berkshire Hos Social Club is closing, events are now to be held at the P.O Club, Reading.

BBQ21 – March 1996

4th Oxon Open held at Cowley Conservative Club is won by K.T. from Ian Moquet. Semi-~Finalists are Curt Driver and Dennis Atkins. Surrey's Dave Gray wins the Plate, with Pauline Withey runner-up.


15th International between England and Jersey at the Chequers Hotel, Horley: England win 10-1. England Ladies beat Jersey Ladies 12-0


Simon Tinto scores back-to-back 23k breaks in the 5th Berkshire Open, won by last year’s runner-up, Kevin Clark. Keith Sheard is runner-up, with Max Dick and Paul Sainsbury semifinalists.

14th British Open Pairs at the Queens,Bournemouth: Kevin Tustall and Tony Martin win, beating Keith Sheard and Ian Moquet in the final. Les Green and Chris Saville win the Plate, from Simon Tinto and Greg Hughan.

Six teams still compete at Kent Interleague: 1 –Medway ; 2- Canterbury; 3- Tunbridge Wells; 4- Faversham; 5- Dover and Deal; 6- Maidstone.

Wokingham take part in the Redhill Team Invitation and as a novelty take on “The Rest” afterwards in a 9-a-side challenge.

After the Southern Counties, won by Kent from Hampshire and the ladies by Sussex from Surrey, challenge matches between the Winners and The Rest were organised with the following results: Kent men 6, The Rest 1; Sussex ladies 5, The Rest 2.

BBQ22 – July 1996

3rd Northants Open held on 28th April: In a really high scoring competition, Jon Burrows emerges the winner, 23k - 23k over Keith Sheard. The finalists from last year, K.T. and Mick Lingham, lose in the semifinals. Paul Wing wins the Plate, from Northants' Steve Oram.

5th BIOC Ladies Open held 12th May at the Millers Arms, Caversham: Gail Woods is the winner, Pauline Withey the runner-up and semifinalists are Sue Mariner and Myra Hawkins.  Simon Tinto recalls:

“Gail Woods was in brilliant form and cruised past everyone with a string of high scores. The only opponent to give her any real trouble was the England Ladies Captain Pauline Withey (Oxon) who opened the final with a 6000 break, but by the time she returned to the table about half-way through the second leg, Gail was 10,000 in the lead and couldn’t be denied the title of British Open Champion.”

3rd Sussex Open held on 2nd June: Mark Sawyer beats Geoff Pitt in an all-Wokingham final. Oxon's Pete Lee and Sussex's Mark James are semifinalists. A Ladies-only Plate is run, won by Jan Taylor with Surrey's Denise Hoadley runner-up.

4th Kent Classic weekend held at Masonic Hall, Chatham: incorporated the first Kent Minnows, for players outside the top 50 in the National Rankings: Alan Howes beat Richard Powell in an all-Kent final. Tony Lewis beat Chris Lawman in the final of the Plate. In the Open itself, Steve Mariner beat Max Dick in the Final, with Kevin Clark and Jan Taylor making the semifinals. Gareth Lloyd beat Pete Farrelly in the Plate final.

22nd All-England Individuals: K.T. the winner, Tony Walsh runner-up. In the Ladies, Jan Taylor beat Sue Mariner in the 23rd final.

Local news – Wokingham and Canterbury leagues are still going.

BBQ23 – Nov 1996

4th Ladies Open Pairs held in July at the Frenches, Redhill: won by Gail Woods and Sue Mariner from Janie McCoy and Ann Keen, Gail making an 11k break in the Final. Edith Wain and Ruth Collett win the Plate from Sue Loughran and Judy Munnoch.

The 8th Charity Singles was held in Sept at Bracknell: Jim Millward wins the Jersey holiday and Kevin Clark the Bournemouth holiday for the runner-up. 3rd is Jon Bamsey and 4th Paul Wing.

The 25th County Championships take place at Reading: Berks are Champs with Oxon Runners-up and Hants are relegated. Sussex win Div.2 from Surrey. In the 24th Ladies event, Surrey win from Berks with Kent relegated. Sussex win Div 2 by an incredible margin.

The 14th Alternative Rules took place, with Kevin Clark winning from Bernie McCluskey. Tunstall and Tupper make the semis. (With Kevin Clark making a 22,960 break on his way to the title, this is destined to be the last year the competition is played under this format - until reinstated in May 2013 as the “1st National Off-the-Spot “ - Ed.)

8th Wessex Open held in Oct at British Gas SC, Portsmouth. Dennis Atkins wins, beating Tony Woolvin in the Final. In a classic 3rd place playoff, Mark James plays the table out for 13k only to see Geoff Jukes to do the same back with 16k. Gareth Lloyd beats Alan Shaw in the Plate final.


16th British Isles Open at Jersey at the new venue of the Hotel De Normandie  is won by Surrey's Terry Oakley with Jersey's Don Cadec the runner-up. Kevin Tunstall and Tony Walsh are semifinalists. A Shubert and Kent trio Mick Lingham, Les Green and Chris Saville complete the quarterfinal lineup.   Simon Tinto recalls:

“With Terry's break to come in the second leg of the Final, and trailing by only 1200, he unaccountably opened with only 600. Once again, the ballls were all over the place with Terry still behind, but Don attacked, sinking three balls twice in a row to leave two whites behind the 10-hole.

This wouldn't be a problem playing English rules, but off-the-spot it's a different proposition requiring a spinner outside the 50-hole and off the side and top cushions just to make contact.

Don played the shot of his life, sinking all three balls to get the break back and he seemed to be heading for the title when a ball whipped out of the 50-hole.

Terry cleared the balls and made a break of nearly 6000, leaving the table when he knew he'd done enough. The final score over two legs was 6850 to 4770.”

The 24th National Team Championships took place at new venue the Post Office Club, Reading on 17th November. The Romans retain their title, beating the Bird-in-hand (Tilehurst, Berks) 3-1 in the final.

In the 10th National Under-22s held in November at Reading, Kent's Peter Mitchell beats Sussex's Ian Street in the final.

7th National Over-50s is won by Ernie Jordan of Bucks, he beats Oxon's Allan Lacey in the final: Ernie scores 27k over the two legs.

4th Grand Prix Masters is retained by Paul Sainsbury, who beats Keith Sheard by 20k - 18k in the final to take the £1000 first prize. It is the last year of sponsorship but Sainsbury is told that he can keep the gold cup if he wins it a third year in succession.

BBQ24 – Jan 1997

Keith Sheard has become the top-ranked player, the first change since rankings started in 1991. And Gail Woods has taken over top ladies spot.

Local news: “A Gloucestershire pub now has a table and are considering entering the All-England.

Southern Counties Team championships: 1- Windmill, Rochester; 2- Oakwood, Portsmouth; 3- Flying Scud, Redhill; 4 – Windmill Z, Crawley.

Southern Counties Ladies Indivs: 1- Jan Taylor; 2- Jean Over; 3- Gail Woods; 4- Bez Rowley.

New changes announced for the Alternative Rules later this year: Balls will be grouped in a triangle of six balls behind the 100 hole for the start of each leg.

BBQ25 – March 1997

The 5th Oxon Open, held at Cowley Con Club, is won by Bucks' John Burrows from Oxon's Stuart Giles. Kevin Clark and Maxi McDonnell are semifinalists. Paul Wing wins the Plate from Chris Saville.

The Internationals are held at the Woodville Hotel, St Helier and it's Jersey 5 England 6 for the men and Jersey 2 England 5 for the Ladies.

The 6th Berkshire Open is won by John Burrows from Les Green - Phil Hawkins and Pete Farrelly the semifinalists. In the quaintly named "Plus Competition", Chris Lawman (Northants) beats Paul Douglas (Oxon) and for a further £50 challenge Burrows beat Lawman 9k to 0 in an 8-minute timed break.

The 15th British Open Pairs is held at Bournemouth: Bill Trinder and Mark Sawyer are winners, Chris Saville and Les Green the runners-up. Mark Brewster/Mick Lingham and Kevin Tunstall/Tony Martin are semifinalists. Pete Lee and Pete Welch (Oxon) win the Plate from Mark Turner and Paul Scouse from Berks.

Local news: Maidstone still thriving.

Redhill Invitation won by Redhill A from Wokingham.

BBQ26 – July 1997

4th Northants Open held in April is won by new dad Kevin Clark. Paul Sainsbury is runner-up, with Geoff Pitt and Keith Sheard the other semifinalists. Gary Johnson wins the Plate from Ian Moquet.


4th Sussex Open held on 1st June, and for the first time, this included a Mens Plate along with a Ladies Plate. The event is won by Keith Sheard (left) from Mark Brewster (right). Steve Mariner and Ian Street are semifinalists. Sean Taylor wins the Mens Plate from Alan Messer, and Jan Taylor beats Anna Taylor (no relation - Sean's missus) in the Ladies Plate.

9th Charity Singles is held at new venue the Admiral Cunningham in Bracknell and is won by Kevin Tunstall, with Mark Sawyer the runner-up. 3rd is Alan Chaloner and 4th Tony Walsh after a coin toss. Dennis Atkins wins the Plate and JJ Addley of Kent is runner-up.

Les Green and Jan Taylor win the All England Mens (23rd) and Ladies (24th) to provide a Kent double, their first. Only Hertfordshire (3 times) and Sussex (once) have managed this before – in the early 1980s. Les beat Mark Sawyer and Jan beat Penny Burch in their respective finals.

The 5th Ladies Open Pairs was staged at the Frenches Club on 20th July. Surrey pair Josie Hogan and Sally Mortimer beat Jan Taylor and Alison Norman in the final. The Plate went to Myra Hawkins and Jill Josey, who beat mother-and-daughter Carol and Heather Banting in the Final.

Local news – Canterbury still going with 2 divisions. And Wokingham still going in the Inter-Area.

BBQ27 – Oct 1997

5th Kent Classic weekend (incorporating the 2nd Kent Minnows) held in September at the Snowdon Welfare Club, Aylesham. The Minnows (open to players not in the Top 50 Rankings) was won by Kent's Simon Degray, with Surrey's Dave Bewey the runner-up. Kent duo Alan Shubert and Gary Speller were winner and runner-up respectively in the Minnowa' Plate.

In the Open itself, Berkshire duo Paul Sainsbury and Mark Turner were winner and runner-up, with Alan Howes and Steve Huntley losing semifinalists, whilst Les Green won the Plate with Gary Johnson runner-up.

In Sept, Oxon win the (26th) County Championships for only the second time in their history (the first being 14 years previously) with Berks runners-up and Kent relegated, Northants winning Div.2, whilst the 25th Ladies County Championship is won by Sussex from Surrey, with Kent winning Div.Two and Oxon relegated from Div.One.

The 15th Alternative rules is held at Reading on 12th Oct and for the first time is played as “Triangles” version.

Jim Millward proves triumphant, over Keith Sheard in the final. Semifinalists were Tony Woolvin and Les Green.

9th Mermaid (Wessex) Open is staged at the new venue of Moneyfields SSC. Gary Johnson wins, with Ray Sturgess runner-up. Semifinalists were Max Dick and Paul Wing. Tony Woolvin wins the Plate and Lorin Clough is runner-up.

BBQ28 – Dec 1997

17th British Isles Open held in Jersey at the Hotel De Normandiie, St Saviour. Reg Mannell represents Lancs. Jim Millward wins the event, from Jersey's Steve Ahier (winner in 1990 and 1991). Eric Hill and Steve Mariner make the semi-finals. The quarterfinal lineup is completed by Trevor Gallienne, Mick Eouzan, Chris Tupper and a teenage Gareth Lloyd.

10-y-old Steven Sheard wins the first ever Junior World Championship in Jersey from a field of ten under-15s.

The 25th National Team Championship took place in Reading on 16/11/97 but the trophy stays in Sussex as the Stadium (Hove) beat the Red Lion (High Wycombe) in the final.

Analysis is given of Sussex players’ ‘rotation’ in the National Team Champs over 11 years.

The 11th National under-22s was played at Reading in November: Darren Isard of Bucks beats Adam Cox of Berks in the final.

The 8th National Over-50s is finally won by Allan Lacey - runner-up in the two previous years. He triumphs over 3-times winner Bill Trinder in the final.

5th Grand Prix Masters was won by John Burrows over Paul Sainsbury, denying the latter the chance to keep the perpetual trophy.

30th Nov: 1st Mixed Pairs Open held at the Alexandra Bowling Club, Hilsea, Portsmouth. Husband-and-wife team Les and Ann Green win, overturning a 13k 1st leg deficit to beat Tony Woolvin and Doreen Yorke with a 14.8k reply.

Local news: 1st November: Southern Counties Team K/O held at the Stadium Tavern. 1-Phoenix; 2- Good Intent; 3- Flying Scud; 4 – Windmill Z The Southern Counties Indivs is held the same day.

2nd November a “Stadium Open Off-the-Spot Singles” is staged. Won by Paul Wing from Mark Sawyer. Organiser Steve Mariner wins the Plate.

BBQ29 – Apr 1998

6th Oxon Open is won by John Burrows from Paul Sainsbury. Les Green and Keith Sheard are semifinalists. Gary Johnson wins the Plate, from Pete Welch.

Following the resignation at the AGM by KT as England Captain after a successful 14 years, Bernie McCluskey takes over. Jersey fail to send a Ladies team to play England. England men win 17-5, Jersey still looking for their first win on English soil.

16th British Open Pairs is won again by K.T. and Tony Martin - their fourth success since 1991. Runners-up are Tony Willis and Jon Bamsey. Semifinalists are Bill Trinder/Mark Sawyer and Chris Lawman/Steve Oram. Roger Taylor and Paul Barnett win the Plate from Bernie McCluskey and Paul Yeo.

Local news: 1st Inter-Area under-21 competition held at Reading on Sat 21st March. 18-y-o Adam Cox beats 19-y-o Damien Coates in the final.

Wokingham still feature in the Inter-Area one-day challenge.

Mark Sawyer sets a World Record for a single break at the White Horse, Wokingham, after the league match that night. A first attempt yielded ‘only’ 29,850, but on the next attempt he scored 31,850. He was clocked at 8200 on 5 minutes and 16,000 in 10 minutes. The bar was timed at 18 mins 48 secs.

BBQ30 – July 1998

Charity Singles and Kent Classic are cancelled due to lack of support. BIOC Ladies to be moved to Redhill for Surrey to organise.

The 5th Northants Open is staged on 26th April. Keith Sheard wins, Paul Sainsbury is runner-up. Kevin Tunstall and Mark Turner are semifinalists. Andy Walker of Northants is Plate winner, Dino Clark of Bucks the runner-up.

The 5th Sussex Open is staged on 7th June. Kevin Tunstall wins, Paul Sainsbury is runner-up. Mark Turner and Ray Hussey are semifinalists. Kim Beeching wins the Ladies Plate from Diane Welburn. Local boy John Slee wins the Mens Plate from Tony Woolvin.

The 24th All-England Individuals is won by John Burrows from Tony Woolvin. The 25th Ladies event goes again to Jan Taylor who completes a hatrick in this event. Runner-up is Kim Beeching.

Local news: Wokingham’s longstanding Secretary Rob Michael has moved to Devon.

BBQ31 – Oct 1998

Three Opens had been cancelled this year (Wessex,Charity and Kent), plus the Ladies Open (twice now) due to lack of entries.

Lists given of national finalists (Ladies and Men) over the years……Viv Wright 15 finals and Kevin Tunstall 29 - and counting !

The 6th BIOC Ladies Pairs held at Redhill is won by Myra Hawkins and Jill Josey, from Sheila King and Denise Hoadley by a mere 580 points over 4 legs. Sue Mariner and Gail Woods win the Plate from Sue Loughran and Ding Johnson.

The 7th Berkshire Open goes to K.T. from Paul Sainsbury; Mark Sawyer and Mark Turner complete the semifinal lineup.

Chris Lawman retained the 'Berkshire Open Plus' title (a competition for lower-ranked players, played concurrently) by beating Oxon's Dave Evans in the Final.

Oxon retain the 27th County Championship with Berks runners-up. Northants are relegated. Kent win Div.2.

Kent A win the 26th Ladies County Championships from Surrey. Sussex are relegated, whilst Oxfordshire win Div.2

The 16th Alternative Rules (with an extra tweak of the balls going to the triangle every time the table was cleared) was won by Les Green from Mark Brewster, with Steve Mariner and Doug Carswell the beaten semifinalists.

Local news: Cambridge make it to their first-ever Inter-Area final where they will face Wycombe A.

Kent leagues: no mention now of Canterbury, but confirmed Faversham league in existence.

An all-Mariner (Sue v Steve) Brighton Masters final.

Excellent newspaper cutting from the Financial Times on page 21.

A list of prize money winners between 1991 and 1998 is provided on the last page.

BBQ32 – Jan 1999

18th British Isles Open Championships are held at Jersey. Keith Sheard becomes the Champion, he beats Jersey's Nick Barnett in the final. Semifinalists are Mark Turner and Dennis Claydon. with Mark Brewster, Bill Trinder, Tex Anderson and Trevor Gallienne making the Last Eight.

In fact the Sheards land a unique double – World Champion (Keith) and Junior World Champion son Steven who beats James Jeanne in the final of the 2nd Juniors’.

26th National Team Championships played on 15/11/1998 is won by the Democrats Club of Oxford from the Sun C of Reading.

The 12th National Under-22s is won once again by Darren Isard from Adam Cox. Darren scores just under 30k over the two legs.

The 9th National Over-50s has a record 39 entries and is won by Wallingford's Pete Lee from Ernie Jordan (ex-Watford, now Bucks).

The 6th Grand Prix Masters is won by Les Green from Mark Turner.

Mixed Pairs - featured in the next edition.

Local news: Portsmouth have separate Winter and Summer leagues and a Mixed Sunday Night League as well as hosting Hampshire County competitions.

Reading also run a summer league.

BBQ33 – Apr 1999

Pot Black magazine will not be including any more coverage of bar billiards.

Jersey win the International scoring their first win over England since 1993, and with their best ever scoreline of 14-8. But England ladies win 8-4.

Mark Sawyer wins the 7th Oxon Open, beating KT 23k – 22k in the Final. Throughout the day he had seven scores of 20k plus, and set up a record break for Ranking events of 29000 in his Quarter-final second leg (to follow 24760 in the first leg), a record which which remains unbeaten to this day. Semifinalists were Leon Beer and Bob Toye. Plate winner was Keith Sheard, who had earlier scored a 26000 break of his own, with Gary Johnson runner-up.

The 17th British Open Pairs was held once again at Bournemouth, and was a second-time win for Les Green and Chris Saville, who beat Mark Sawyer and Bill Trinder in the final. Losing semifinalists were Derk Payne/Stuart Giles and Steve Biggs/Pete Farrelly. Andy Haines and Dino Clark won the Plate, from Pete Lee and Ian Moquet.

BIOC Ladies - report delayed, may appear in next issue !

2nd BIOC Mixed Pairs staged at the Alexandra Bowling Club, Hilsea, Portsmouth on 29th November 1998, organised by Paul Wing. (The previous day Hants had staged a one-day Singles competition, won by Dennis Atkins.) Myra Hawkins dominates the Final and wins it with hubby Phil, with Jim Millward and Su Galleymore runners-up. SemiFinalists were Penny Burch/Keith Lewenden and Pauline Withey/Keith Sheard.

BBQ34- July 1999

Farrelly wins the 6th Sussex Open at the age of 47, which he reckons is the oldest Ranking event winner since Mick Nichol of Canterbury, winner of the Kent Classic in 1993 at the age of 50. Kevin Tunstall is runner-up and Paul Barnett and Gary Johnson semifinalists. Anna Taylor wins the Ladies Plate from Gina Sherratt and Paul Wing the Mens Plate from Bill Trinder.

The 6th Kent Classic weekend is reinstated on the calendar and takes place 26/27 June 1999 at the Cliffe Village Hall, nr Rochester. Lorin Clough wins the Minnows (open to players outside the Top 50) and a welcome £100, Garry Speller of Kent is runner-up. The Plate is won by Mark Woods from Dave Bewey.

KT lands the Kent Classic itself, the only major title which had so far eluded him ! He beats Oxon's Roy Clough in the final. Two Marks - Sawyer and Brewster - are semifinalists. Paul Wing wins the Plate, with Pauline Withey runner-up.

Surrey’s Gail Woods retains the 6th Ladies BIOC Open, last played for in 1996. Diana Welburn is runner-up. Two Alisons contest the Plate final, Ali Norman overcoming Alison Shilling.

But Kim Beeching (Sussex) wins the 26th All-England Ladies title when she beats Myra Hawkins in the final. Paul Sainsbury wins the 25th Mens event from Keith Sheard.

Twelve enter the 13th National under-22s, won for the third year running by Darren Isard. He is now 20 so is entitled to two further goes. Runner-up is 13-y-o Steven Sheard: the mind boggles !

Jersey beat Guernsey in the Inter-Insular challenge, and also the Channel Islands Team Championship, both by 5-1 scorelines.

BBQ35- Oct 1999

The 7th British Ladies Open Pairs staged once again, and Myra Hawkins and Jill Josey retain the title won last year, they beat Sue Mariner and Gail Woods in the final. Josie Hogan and Sally Mortimer win the Plate, Sue Leach and Chris Toner are runners-up.

The 10th Charity Singles returned after not being played in 1998: All four semi-finalists are from Berkshire, with Mark Turner the winner, Bernie McCluskey the runner-up and Mark Sawyer and Bill Trinder semifinalists. Oxon's Pete Burton wins the Plate, Hampshire's Paul Wing is runner-up. It however proved to be the last time this event was staged.

There is a shock as the mighty Berkshire are relegated from Div One of the 28th County Championships, won for the first time for 7 years by Kent with Oxon second. Northants win Div.2 from Surrey but Surrey win the (25th) Ladies again, from Berks with Oxon relegated. Sussex win Div.2.

K.T. won his third (17th) Alternative Rules title, beating Ray Hussey in the Final.

A Redhill 5-a-side Ladies Invitation tournament was staged on 4/9/1999 with the following results:

1 – Dover; 2- Medway; 3- Brighton; 4- Redhill A; 5- Oxford; 6- Redhill B.

BBQ36- Dec 1999

Peter Noel.jpg

Jersey’s Peter Noel wins the 19th British Isles Open Championship (henceforward to be known as the World Championship) a few weeks before his 70th birthday. Runner-up is Terry Race with Graham Bisson and Paul Wing semifinalists, and Nigel Ryall, Martin Carre, Jason Holley and Dave Constable quarterfinalists.

 A 'Top Gun' section for best loser in each round is won by Dave Gallichan. Steven Sheard completes a hat-trick of World Junior (u-16) titles, beating Justin Cotillard in the 3rd final.

27th National Team Championship (14/11/99) is won by the Chequers, Dorchester (Oxon) from the Downview, Worthing.

Chris Saville wins the 10th National over50s at his first attempt, beating Ernie Jordan in the final and scoring 22k over the two legs.. Semifinalists were Pete Lee and Alec Hastings.

Mark Turner beats K.T. in the 7th Grand Prix Masters final.

BBQ37 – Mar 2000

Ladies County henceforth reduced to 5-a-side, and B and C teams allowed.

Dorset admitted to the AEBBA. (Presumably for Eric Hill)

Denise Wills partners Kevin Tunstall to the 3rd National Mixed Pairs title: runners-up are Chris Tupper and Alison Shilling. Semifinalists are Ernie Jordan/Dawn Flattery and Keith Sheard/Pauline Withey.

Oxon’s Ian Moquet wins the 8th Oxon Open, Mark Sawyer is runner-up. Semifinalists are Les Green and Keith Sheard. Ernie Jordan wins the Plate with Pete Burton runner-up.

England and Jersey draw 11-all at Horley, which means Jersey retain the championship (as they won it last year on home soil). But the England Ladies win 9-1 !

The 18th British Open Pairs takes place at Bournemouth and is won by Kevin Clark and Mark Brewster, K.T. and Tony Martin have to be content with runners-up this time. Brothers Roy and Lorin Clough were semifinalists, along with Les Green and Chris Saville. Ian Moquet and Geoff Jukes were Plate winners, with Bucks pair Brian Ray and Steve Buckle the runners-up.

BBQ38 – July 2000

Obituary for Dennis Alderson

Sue Mariner wins the 7th BIOC Ladies, beating Bella Stoner in the Final. Kent pair Diana Welburn and Janie Macoy are semifinalists. Gail Woods wins the Plate with Bucks' Rosie Higham runner-up.

KT wins the returning 10th Wessex (Mermaid) Open from Keith Sheard. Geoff Jukes and Mark Sawyer were semifinalists. Chris Saville wins the Plate, from Steve Huntley.

Fazza wins the 7th Sussex Open from Jersey’s Graham Bisson (and becomes "only the third player ever to retain an Open title in England") K.T. and newly-emerged star Nigel Senior are semifinalists.

One Plate only is run from now on for all players, and Steve Mariner wins, the runner-up being Geoff Jukes.

KT wins his fourth All-England Individual title - the 26th - (equalling McCluskey's record), the runner-up being Jim Millward.

Jane Wood wins the AEBBA-run 1st Special Ladies Open, held at the PO Club, Reading. Surrey’s Josie Hogan is runner-up. Myra Hawkins wins the Plate, from Sandra Tebby.

Darren Isard (Bucks) makes it 4 in a row in the 14th National Under-22s. Adam Cox is runner-up again.

The TV Team Trophy (Oxford Select v West Oxford) is staged before the cameras with Eynsham’s Andrew Wilson producing and directing a 50-minute promotional video of the match, won 7-1 by Oxford.

Local news: Wokingham still feature in the Inter-Area 7-a-side championships.

Nick Barnett beats Don Cadec for the Jersey Masters title. Graham Bisson beats Trevor Gallienne 14k - 12k for the Channel Islands Individual title. Jersey beat Guernsey 5-1 in the Inter-Insular, and Esplanade beat Baulkliners 6-0 in the Team K/O for a clean sweep of honours.

BBQ39 – Nov 2000

Limited content – rankings only……

BBQ40 – Jan 2001

Jan Taylor and Alison Norman win the 8th British Ladies Pairs at the Frenches Club, Redhill, the last time this is played; they beat Josie Hogan and Sally Mortimer in the final. Semifinalists are Diana Welburn/Jill O'Brien and Gail Woods/Sue Mariner and Clare Shaw and Dea Gray win the Plate, from Enid Wain and Ruth Collett. The event, along with other pub sports  is covered by Australian Radio and a transcript of their transmission can be found HERE  (Open page and click on “Show transcript”)

The first Buckinghamshire Open is staged at the Irish Association Club, High Wycombe on Sun 10th Sept 2000. Kent’s Les Green is the winner, shortly before his emigration to Greece. Bucks’ own Ernie Jordan is runner-up and Ray Hussey and Jon Bamsey make the semifinals. Keith Sheard wins the Plate from Darren Isard.

Oxford win the 29th County Championships from Sussex with Northants being relegated. Surrey win Div.2, keeping Berks down in the lower division. With three B teams swelling the ranks, Surrey win the 28th Ladies’ event from Kent A with Berkshire being relegated. Oxon A and B take first and second place in Div.2.

The 18th Alternative Rules is won by K.T. by a slender margin of 50pts over Barry Holt. Semifinalists were Phil Hawkins and 14-y-o Steven Sheard. Tony Woolvin wins the Plate from Alan Chaloner.

The 20th British Isles Open (Jersey) is re-styled the World Championships and Bernie McCluskey is the first World Champion, beating Jersey’s Bob King in the Final. Semifinalists were K.T and Nigel Ryall. Richard Deadman is one of only two Sussex players to make the Quarter-finals, the other being Peter O’Brien. with Les Green and Lorin Clough completing the lineup. Nine players from Avon, four from Yorks and one from Somerset took part:.....

Avon: Dean Coles; Richard Grainger; Nick Pearce; Andy Pinder; Andy Allen; John Brain; John Mitchell; Matt Matthews; Rob Palmer,

Yorks: Jamie Miller; Graham Greenwood; Robert Martin; Paul Hastings.

Somerset: Jeff Grant.

Steven Sheard defeats James Jeanne again for his fourth Junior World title.

28th National Team Championships (19/11/2000): Chequers (Dorchester) retain the title, beating the Swan (Worthing) 3.5- 0.5 in the final.

Myra Hawkins defeats Penny Burch to take the 27th Ladies All-England title.

Chris Saville retains the (11th) National Over-50s title, overcoming Geoff Pitt in the final, banging in 28k over 2 legs.

Keith Lewenden and Ian Moquet are the semifinalists.

Keith Sheard wins the 8th Grand Prix Masters, his first win of this event. He beats KT 20k - 18k in the Final.

BBQ 41 – Apr 2001

Local news only: Wokingham still participating in the Inter-area 7-a-side and the Cup. Ladies Comp is now down to only 4 teams.

BBQ 42 – Aug 2001

9th Oxfordshire Open is won by Berkshire’s Tony Walsh from Bernie McCluskey – also from Berks. Semifinalists are KT and Les Green. Kevin Pringle (Oxon) wins the Plate from Syl Murphy (Bucks).

More International players’ profiles given. Jersey win the International 6-5, but England Ladies win 5-0.

Mark Brewster and Kevin Clark beat McCluskey and Paul Sainsbury in the final of the 19th British Open Pairs at Bournemouth. Semifinalists were Phil Hawkins/Eric Hill and Dennis Claydon/Alan Challoner. Steve Biggs and Pete Farrelly win the Plate from M.Walton and Roger Bowen.

Bella Stoner goes one better than last year, winning the 8th British Isles Ladies Open from Alison Norman. Pauline Withey and Denise Wills are semifinalists. Sheena Wood wins the Plate from Hampshire’s Fran Unwin who is shortly moving to run a pub in Bristol.

K.T. wins the 11th Wessex ( Mermaid) Open from Mark Turner. Semifinalists are Mike Messenbird and Dennis Atkins. Geoff Jukes beats Chris Saville in the Plate final.

Guernsey record their first win against Jersey in the Inter-Insular (3-all and highest aggregate overall) Jersey team champs Trinity Arms beat Guernsey champs Rohais 3-2 in the Team Challenge but Trevor Gallienne serves up another Guernsey victory by beating Nick Barnett for the C.I. Individual title.

K.T wins the 8th Sussex Open from Dino Clark of Bucks. Sue Mariner beats hubby Steve by 18120 – 18110 in an early round.Harry Barbet and Jim Millward are semifinalists. Tony Martin wins the Plate from local player Paul Phillips.

Mark James wins the 27th All-England Singles, beating Gary Johnson in the Final.


Pauline Withey wins the 2nd Special Ladies Open from Jane Wood (Janet Burns and Dawn Flattery the semifinalists) and Joyce Mannell wins the Plate from Myra Hawkins.

Oxford stage a Millennium Competition for 60 players, won by Pete Farrelly who beat Terry Cook in the Final. Ray Sturgess wins the Plate.

BBQ 43 – Oct 2001

Only two take part in the 15th National Under-22’s, Steven Sheard beats Dominic Kuligowicz in a best-of-five match with some close games.

Ladies Pairs Open was cancelled due to lack of interest.

Paul Sainsbury wins the 2nd Bucks Open from Kevin Tunstall, Dennis Atkins and Mark Turner are semifinalists. Tony Walsh wins the Plate from Ray Sturgess.

Oxon win the 30th County Championships from Bucks, Berks win Div 2 and will replace Sussex in Div 1 next season.

Sussex win the 29th Ladies County from Oxon A, and again Berks win Div.2. Kent A are relegated.

Phil Hawkins wins the 19th Alternative Rules, beating Dennis Atkins in the Final. Richard Hockey of Hants wins the Plate, from Don Cook of Bucks.

BBQ 44 – Jan 2002

England teams selected for forthcoming International, to be played at the Novotel, West Quay, Southampton.

South Gloucestershire have paid a subscription to join All-England with Mark Allfrey and Fran Unwin (ex Portsmouth) moving to the Bristol area.

The deaths were announced of three stalwarts of the game: Harry Carey (Kent); Aileen Dunne (former Northants ladies captain) and John Buttle (Northants, and former B-B Ltd rep for the Midlands area).

A National Over 60’s competition to be run alongside the Over 50’s from now on.

A summary of all National tournament winners and runners-up to date is given - very useful as a cross reference. Also, a full explanation given of Fazza’s ‘unofficial’ National Ranking Points system.

Jim Millward wins the 2nd World Championship, beating K.T in the final. Jersey's Bob King and Nick Barnett are semifinalists. Dave Evans, John Mitchell and Sussex duo Chris Tupper and Mark James are quarterfinalists.

Rod Langlois wins the inaugural Plate competition from Keith Lewenden. Steven Sheard beats James Jeanne in the Junior Final to make it 5-in-a-row.

18/11/2001: Caversham WMC beat the Stadium, Hove 3-1 in the final of the 29th National Team Championships.

Jan Taylor wins the 28th Ladies All-England Indivs, beating Pauline Withey in the Final.

Ray Hussey wins the Over50’s, he beats Tony Martin in the Final.

Keith Sheard beats K.T in a repeat of last year’s Grand Prix Final, now in its 9th year.

A summary of the formation and early years of the All-England Association, now celebrating 30 years of existence.

No sign of Wokingham in the Inter-Area line-up, but Portsmouth have applied to join next year.

BBQ 45 – Apr 2002

Jersey pull off an amazing 12-10 victory to defeat England for the first time on English soil. But England's ladies triumph 10-2.

K.T. beats McCluskey in the finals of the 10th Oxon Open – his 32nd major title. Local lads Pete Burton and Steve Huntley are semifinalists. Stuart Florey wins the Plate with Tony Ewen runner-up.

Mark James and Jim Millward win the 20th National Pairs at Bournemouth, they beat Kevin Tunstall and Tony Martin in the Final. McCluskey/Sainsbury and Jukes/Atkins are semifinalists. The Plate is won by Nigel Senior and Michelle Baden who beat Gary Johnson and Leon Beer in the Final.

After many years of trying to arrange a convenient date, Cambridge won the first-ever “A14 Ashes” 8-1 on 27/10/2001 v Northants at the Six Mile Bottom Club. A return challenge is arranged for 1st April next year.

BBQ 46 – July 2002

News that Dave Harris, winner of the British Isles Open in Jersey in 1986, has died in a motor-cycle accident at the age of 54.

9th BIOC Ladies Open won by Sue Mariner, she beats Bella Stoner in the final. Semifinalists are Josie Hogan and Jane Wood. Plate is won by Pauline Withey from Jenny Abbott.

Keith Sheard wins the 12th Mermaid/Wessex Open from K.T. Chris Newson and Dennis Atkins are semifinalists. Mark Turner wins the Plate from Steven Sheard.


Steve Mariner beats Keith Sheard in the final of the 9th Sussex Open. Paul Sainsbury and John Burrows are semifinalists. Colin Southouse wins the Plate, beating Sue Mariner in the Final.

Nigel Senior beats Phil Hawkins in the final of the 28th All-England Individuals at PO Club, Reading and stakes his England claim. Mark Allfrey represented S.Glos, the first ‘minor county’ to be represented since Eric Hill’s representation for Dorset.

Pauline Withey beats Janet Burns in the 3rd Special Ladies. Dawn Flattery wins the Plate from Fran Unwin.

The 16th National Under 22’s has 8 entries this year as opposed to only 2 last year – but the finalists are the same, this time 16-y-o Dominic Kuligowicz turning the tables on Steven Sheard.

On July 7th the 4th National Mixed Pairs was held (previously last staged in 1999): Stuart Florey and Jenny Abbot beat Dennis Atkins and Sue Leach in the Final. Both pairings have since married their partners ! SemiFinalists were Paul and Jane Wood and Ernie Jordan and Dawn Flattery.

On 11th August 2002 the 8th Berkshire Open was staged (the first since 1998) KT beats Mark Turner in the Final. Steve Biggs and Phil Hawkins are semifinalists. Dino Clark beat Keith Lewendon in the Plate final.

BBQ 47 – Nov 2002

An obituary for Wolfie Storch of Wallingford, taken at the age of 43 due to cancer. His sons Chris and Joe are becoming well known on the b-b circuit.

K.T. is still looking for his first Bucks Open win, he loses to Keith Sheard in the final of the 3rd….. Tony Webster and Terry Isard are semifinalists. Dennis Atkins wins the Plate from Phil Hawkins.

Oxon win the 31st County Championships from Surrey (the latter's best-ever showing). Hants will replace Bucks next year in Div.1 Oxon have now lifted the title for 6 of the last 7 years.

Sussex win the 30th Ladies’ from Oxon A and Kent A win Div.2. Diana Welburn makes the top break of the day (10,190). Berks are relegated.

Dennis Atkins beats Keith Sheard in the final of the 20th Alternative Rules, K.T. and Barry Holt the semifinalists. Peter Soanes wins the Plate, from an in-form Diana Welburn.

BBQ 48 – Jan 2003

Ken Hussey (B-B Ltd) reported to the AGM that they now rent less than 250 tables in the UK and will only support existing events without taking on any new ones – which also means withdrawal of any hitherto sponsorships.

Jersey bounce back to win the Inter-Insular v Guernsey 5-1, and Dennis Helleur beats Trevor Gallienne for the Islands’ Individual Championship.


Terry Race defeats Jersey’s Nigel Ryall to lift the 3rd World Championship. Jersey's Mike Matthews and Guernsey's Trevor Gallienne make the semifinals. Mark James was the only other mainlander to make the last 8 (emulating his previous year) - accompanied by Jersey trio Dennis Helleur, Dave Gallichan and Nigel Bisson.

Sam McHugh enters, representing Middlesex and John Renton enters from Herts. Sue Mariner beats Jersey’s James Jeanne in the Plate Final, with Worthing’s Ian Thomas and Eastbourne’s Chris Goodes the losing semifinalists. The 6th Junior World Championship (an all-Jersey affair) is won by Matthew Mallory from Justin Cotillard.

17/11/2002: Alma (Deal) win the 30th National Team Championships, beating Chequers, Dorchester (Oxon) 3-1 in the final. A case of snatching victory out of the jaws of defeat as two Chequers players lost 6k breaks within minutes of each other to allow the Alma to take control (- with a final frame decider which would have involved K.T. not needed).

Surrey’s Josie Hogan is the 29th All-England Ladies Champion, she beats Joyce Mannell in the final.

Keith Lewendon beats Chris Saville in the 13th Over 50s final.

Oxford’s Pete Lee won the inaugural Over60’s : he beat Sussex’s Charlie Cooper in the final.


Bernie McCluskey (pictured) wins the 10th Grand Prix Masters, beating Paul Wing who was a sponsor of the competition.

BBQ 49 – Apr 2003


At long last, England win 7-4 on Jersey soil. England ladies beat their counterparts 5-1.

Dennis Atkins wins the 11th Oxon Open, beating Eastbourne’s Ian Street in the final. Tony Willis and Ray Sturgess make the Semis. Geoff Jukes wins the Plate final from Alan Messer.


Paul Sainsbury (left) and Bernie McCluskey win the 21st National Pairs at Bournemouth from Dino Clark and Andy Haines. KT and Tony Martin win the Plate.


Runners-up Andy Haines (left) and Dino Clark

BBQ 50 – June 2003

29th All-England Indiv.Championships, once again South Glos is represented by Mark Allfrey. The competition is won by John Burrows over K.T.

Dawn Flattery wins the AEBBA-run 4th Special Ladies from Jane Carless. Jane Wood wins the Plate from newcomer Samantha Field of Hants.

A month earlier. In March, the 10th BIOC Ladies Open had been staged at the Frenches Club Redhill with Bella Stoner the winner from Jan Taylor. Josie Hogan was Plate winner from Samantha Field.

Guernsey win the Inter-Insular 4-2 and Trevor Gallienne is Islands Champion after narrowly defeating Fred Jeanne – deputising for Jersey’s champ Graham Bisson.

The Oxfordshire-only Wolfie Storch Memorial Charity (Free-draw) Pairs was held at Cholsey and was well-supported. Jenny Abbott and Chris Newson emerged as worthy winners, with Roger Bowen and Darren Hunt the runners-up.

K.T wins the 10th Sussex Open from Tony Walsh, semifinalists are Ian Street and Geoff Pitt.  Mark James wins the Plate from Eastbourne’s Roy Jenkins.

A compendium is provided of all past winners and runners-up of national events, the basis of which formed the Roll of Honour on the AEBBA website.

BBQ 51 – Nov 2003

Paul Wing wins the 7th Kent Classic (last played 1999) from runner-up Paul Sainsbury.Tony Walsh and K.T were beaten semifinalists. Bucks’ Andy Haines wins the Plate from Pete Sainsbury. Paul Wing is the first-ever winner of an Open for Hampshire.

Mark James wins the 9th Berks Open from Leon Beer. Semifinalists are Geoff Jukes and Stuart Mepham. Keith Sheard beats Dave May in the Plate Final.

KT beats a newly-married Dennis Atkins in the 4th Bucks Open Final. Semifinalists were Keith Sheard and Mark James. Paul Wing beats Chris Newson in the Plate Final. KT has now won each Open at least once.

Oxon win the 32nd County Championships again; Sussex win Div 2 and Surrey are relegated. Sussex A win the 31st Ladies County event and Berkshire win Div 2.

In the 17th National Under22’s Steven Sheard beats Chris Reeves in the final.

K.T. beats Keith Sheard in the 21st Alternative Rules final. Jane Carless makes the Plate final but loses out to Alan Chaloner.

A Roll of Honour given for the Inter-Area Cup, 1963 – 2003.

BBQ 52 – Jan 2004


Jim Millward becomes 3-times World Champ at Jersey, beating Terry Race in the Final of the 4th.. Semifinalists were Steve Mariner and Dennis Helleur, with Jersey’s Graham Marrett and Dave Gallichan and Sussex’s Terry Molloy and Paul Barnett making up the quarter-final lineup. Jersey’s Don Cadec wins the Plate Final from Mark James. Jersey’s Matthew Mallory is the 7th Junior World Champion, Guernsey’s Luke Oliver the runner-up.

Pauline Withey wins the 30th Ladies All-England for the very first time: she beats Alison Norman in the final.

The Chequers, Dorchester win the 31st National team event for Oxon on 16/11/2003:, They beat the Stadium from Sussex 3-1 in the final.

KT and Su Galleymore beat Dave Alder and Jackie Watson in the 5th National Mixed Pairs final. Chris Newson/Sue Atkins and Pete and Peggy Farrelly are semifinalists.

Bill Trinder wins the 14th National over50’s title - his fourth - beating Alan Chaloner in the final.

Wallingford’s Derek Payne, finalist in the very first ‘Jersey’, wins the second Over60’s competition, defeating Dave France in the final. ‘Evergreens’ Charlie Gildersleve and Gina Sherrat make it to the semifinal stage.

KT beats Mark James in the 11th Grand Prix Masters final.

From the AGM………for ease of operation, the usual events held at Reading are being concentrated into the period mid-Sept to late November, with Mr Hussey’s tables being stored in between at the PO Club. Players are also being invited to ‘sponsor a table’.

Dave Barnes suggested that organising counties might consider staging a ‘Minnows’ event for lower-ranked players rather than the Plate – as the latter ‘seemed to be full of top players these days’ .

England beat a Redhill XI 30-15 in a Preparation Match at the Frenches Club, Redhill.

BBQ 53 – Apr 2004

Obituary for Sussex table operator Ralph Tarratt who died on 17/2/2004 at the age of 93.

Report received of a Pool hall in Atlanta with a bar billiards table in use. They have 14 more stored in the basement.

A full compendium given of how Pete Farrelly’s ranking system works.

England beat Jersey 22-11 in the International at the Renaissance Hotel, Gatwick.

Mark Turner wins the 12th Oxon Open, replying to KT’s break in the final of 20,110 with 20,370. Semifinalists were Keith Sheard and John Burrows.


Gary Johnson wins the Plate from Ray Sturgess.

McCluskey and Paul Sainsbury retain the 22nd National Pairs,(Bournemouth) beating Keith Sheard and Ray Sturgess in the final. Eric Hill and Phil Hawkins beat Gareth Lloyd and Ricky Dewdney in the Plate final.

Sue Mariner wins the 11th BIOC Ladies Open title - her fifth - at the Frenches, Redhill, beating Alison Norman in the final. Bella Stoner defeats Gina Sherrat in the Plate.

BBQ 54 – July 2004

Jersey beat Guernsey 5-1 in the Inter-Insular. Gallienne beats Graham Bisson to take the CI Individual title.

Kevin Tunstall partners Christopher Storch to win the 2nd Wolfie Storch memorial. Dennis Atkins and Sabrina Storch are the runners-up.

KT wins the 11th Sussex Open, beating Tony Martin in the Final. Mark James and Neale Chamberlain make the semi-finals. Pete Sainsbury defeated Barry Holt in the Plate final.

Bernie McCluskey beats Tony Woolvin in the 8th Kent Classic (played on Tarratt Tables): both play the table out in the Final. Mark James and Ian Street were beaten semifinalists. Mark Brewster beats Neale Chamberlain in the Plate Final.

Alan Challoner wins all 28 league matches, the first to go through a season unbeaten in Portsmouth since Roger Keogh in 1968/69

BBQ 55 – Oct 2004

Bucks Open is cancelled due to a double booking of the venue.

Berks Open is cancelled due to the low entry of ‘only’ 65 applicants !!!

An obituary included for David Gray of Redhill and Surrey.

A full list given of Major competition winners over the years, and a separate breakdown give of Kevin Tunstall’s achievements.

Oxon win Div 1 of the 33rd County Championships from Sussex, and Bucks win Div 2 from Surrey.

Oxford ladies make it a county double when their A’s win the 32nd Ladies County – from Sussex A. Surrey A win Div.2 from Oxon B.

Tony Walsh wins the 30th Mens All-England Indivs, runner-up is Geoff Jukes.

Pauline Withey wins the 31st Ladies All-England from Diana Welburn.

24/10/2004: Caversham WMC win the 32nd National Team Comp, beating Swan Worthing in the Finals.

Jane Wood wins the 5th Special Ladies Open, beating Ruth Collett (also Oxon but who has now moved to Warwickshire). Myra Hawkins wins the Plate from Jenny Parsons.

Tony Woolvin wins the 22nd Alternative Rules from KT. Pete Farrelly wins the Plate from Richard Wooton.

Reading Ladies are now participating in the Inter-Area C Shield following cancellation of the Ladies section.

BBQ 56 – Jan 2005

Fazza resigns as Tournament Director for a catalogue of personal reasons.

Terry Race beats Nigel Ryall for his second World title - the 5th to be staged.. Tunstall and McCluskey are losing semifinalists, with Bob Chapple, Terry Oakley, Dave Reeves and Neil Higgins the other quarterfinalists.

Graham Bisson beats Keith Sheard in the final of the Plate. Nicholas Wren of Kent is the 8th Junior World Champion, beating Guernsey’s Ben Wilding in the final.

Kevin Tunstall and Su Galleymore win the 6th National Mixed Pairs, they beat Richard Wooton and Jean Over in the final. SemiFinalists were Paul & Jane Wood and Phil & Myra Hawkins.

Chris Reeves wins the 18th National Under22’s, beating Steve Sheard in the final.

Pete Burton wins the 15th National Over50s – from Steve Biggs. Bill Trinder takes the 3rd Over60s, from Cliff Slade.

Mark Turner wins the 12th Grand Prix Masters, from Sussex’s Dave Reeves.

BBQ 57 – Spring 2005

A flowery description given of proceedings at an EGM held during Bournemouth. Nigel Senior is appointed the new T.D.

Some problems/misunderstandings occurring at the Ladies Open – hopefully resolved for the future.

England clinch an exciting 23-22 win in Jersey. All-time records in Internationals for both sides since inauguration are provided.


The England team in 2005

Farrelly beats Richard Wooton in the 13th Oxon Open. Kevin Tunstall and Nigel Senior make the semifinals. Dave France beats Tony Webster in the Plate final.

Keith Sheard and Ray Sturgess win the 23rd National Pairs,(Bournemouth) from surprise package Dave Hampton and Lauren Beales of Littlehampton, Sussex. Ray Hussey and Andy Godden win the Plate from Alan Brackenridge and Jean Over.


Pauline Withey wins the 12th B.I. Ladies Open from Jane Wood; Sue Oakley beats Sue Atkins in the Plate final.

BBQ 58 – Summer 2005

News of the marriages of Brian Daniels and Mary Irish; Jim Millward and Heather Banting, and (a year earlier) Paul and Jan Sainsbury. Congrats to all.

The 13th Mermaid Open (last played in 2002 as the Wessex Open) was staged at Moneyfields Social Club, Portsmouth, by Brian and Mary Daniels and went off without a hitch…..K.T. was the winner and Paul Sainsbury the runner-up. Losing semifinalists were Glenn Chubb and Leon Beer. Barry Radford beats Dave Rowley in an all-Pompey Plate final.

It’s Guernsey 3, Jersey 3 in the Inter-Insular, played at Les Cordeliers, with the home side winning on aggregate score. But Steve Ahier wins the CI Individual championship from Matt Ogier.

The inaugural England v Guernsey International took place at the Stadium, Hove on 4th June: Played as a 5-a-side and with a southern England bias. The England team of Steve Mariner, Geoff Jukes, Chris Saville, Nigel Senior and Jim Millward managed a 14-1 scoreline. It is hoped that this will become a regular annual fixture.

The 12th Sussex Open took place the next day at the Inland Revenue SC, Worthing, and was won by Keith Sheard, with Jim Millward the runner-up. Losing Semi-finalists were Glenn Chubb and Mark Turner. K.T. beat Barry Holt in the Plate final.

19-y-o Steven Sheard wins his first Open, the 9th Kent Classic, beating a 62-y-o Dave France in the Final. Barry Holt and Richard Wooton make the Semifinals. Ray Sturgess overcomes Nigel Senior in the Plate final.

A 1977 scoresheet from the Yorkshire TV’s Indoor League is provided.

Jersey players’ current rankings are given.

A list of lost bygone venues from Reading provided by Charlie Wheeler.

BBQ 59 – Autumn 2005

An obituary for Arthur Stacey, a past AEBBA Secretary from the 1970s.

A full analysis of KT’s performances in Opens, with some surprising stats on the few people who have ever beaten him !

The return of the (5th) Bucks Open (not played last year)… is won by Dennis Atkins, who beats Kent Murray in the final. Losing semifinalists were Tony Walsh and Terry Isard. Tony Webster beat Barry Vass in the Plate final.

The (10th) Berkshire Open, also cancelled last year, returns and is won by K.T. from Tony Walsh. Paul Sainsbury and Keith Sheard make the semifinals. Chris Saville beats Dennis Atkins in the Plate final.

Sussex win the (34th) County Championship for the first time since 1981. Oxon are runners-up. Northants win Div.2 with Surrey runners-up.

Sussex do the double in the 33rd Ladies Team championship – the A’s win Div.1 and the B’s win Div.2.


Championship winning Sussex A Ladies (l. to r. Jean Over, Bella Stoner, Michelle Baden, Kim Beeching, Sue Mariner)

KT wins a record fifth All-England Individual Championship, the 31st, beating Barry Holt in the Final.

Jane Carless is a surprise winner of the 32nd All-England Ladies, beating Jean Over in the Final.

23/10/2005: Morris Motors SSC from Oxford win the 33rd National Team Championship from Surrey’s South Park Constitutional Club (Reigate)

Pauline Withey wins the 6th Special Ladies to add to her All-England Ladies title won earlier. She beats Jean Over in the final. Berkshire’s Sue Redmond wins the Plate from Bucks’ Marilyn Izzard.


A Northants squad completed an 8-County challenge over the weekend of Aug 13/14. (Pictured l to r are Chris Lawman, Ian Jellis, Simon Coleman, Jason Neal, Mick Loake, Steve Oram and Andy Chambers.)

Reading and Oxford both run Summer Leagues.

BBQ60 – Winter 2005/6

Away International v Guernsey has been arranged for May 6th, but a new Guernsey Open remains on the back burner.

Pete Farrelly beats Chris Saville in the final of the 23rd Alternative Rules. Pauline Withey takes the Plate – against Richard Wooton, runner-up for the second year.

Graeme Le Monnier wins the 6th World Championship, the first time since 1999 it has not gone to the Mainland……Harry Barbet is runner-up. Graham Bisson and KT are semifinalists. Jim Millward, Chris Saville, Terry Race and Dave Hampton complete the last 8 lineup.

 Paul Barnett wins the Plate, Paul Sainsbury the runner-up. Nick Wren retains the Junior World Championship, the 9th, Guernsey’s Luke Oliver once again runner-up.

A full resumee is given of quarterfinals for each of the 25 years that the competition has been running. And an all-time achievements list is given (only 7 mainlanders feature in the top 17 !)

Keith Sheard and Pauline Withey win the 7th National Mixed Pairs, beating Jim Millward and Sue Mariner in the Final. SemiFinalists were Richard Wooton/Jean Over and Bill Trinder/Jane Carless.

With only 2 entering the 19th National Under-25s, Steven Sheard beats Chris Reeves 4-1 in a best-of-7-frames format.

Eric Hill beats Dave Constable to win the 16th National Over-50s

In the 4th Over-60s, the final between Tony Martin and Bill Trinder finishes in a tie, Tony then wins after a 3-minute timed break playoff.

KT wins a very close 13th Grand Prix Masters final from Keith Sheard. Losing semi-finalists are Pete Farrelly and Glenn Chubb.

Local reports from both Jersey and Guernsey submitted.

Issue finishes with an amusing account by Nick Brown of his experience in a league match.

BBQ61 – Spring 2006

An obituary given for twice British Isles Open Champion Peter Noel of Jersey.

Details of Surrey v England practice matches, Ladies and Men.

It’s England 24, Jersey 9 in the Mens and England 14 Jersey 1 in the Ladies Internationals, played at the Skylane Hotel, Horley.

18/2/2006: Nigel Senior wins his first Open, the 14th Oxfordshire: he beats Dennis Claydon in the Final. Dennis Atkins and Jon Bamsey reach the semi-finals. Phil Collins bursts onto the scene and wins the Plate, beating Pete Sainsbury.

The 13th BIOC Ladies Open is won by Pauline Withey who beats Jean Over in the Final. Sue Atkins wins the Plate from Jenny Parsons.

K.T and Tony Martin win the 24th National Pairs (Bournemouth), from Nigel Senior and Richard Wooton. Jim Millward and Glenn Chub win the Plate, from Tony Walsh and Chris Saville.

Gareth Lloyd wins his first major title – the 14th Mermaid Open, beating KT in the final, and initiating the “Brighton Curry Club”. Semi-Finalists are Dave France and Chris Saville. Dave Hampton wins the Plate, from Mal Spier.

It’s Jersey 4, Guernsey 2 in the Inter-Insular (played at the Bouley Bay, 29/4/2006). Mick Eouzan beats Trevor Gallienne for the Islands Championship. Africa House beat Layabouts (c/o the Plough, St Peter Port) 4-1 in the C.I.Team Championship.


The first Guernsey v England International to be played on Guerney soil took place at Les Cordeliers Hotel with the result of 33-19 to England.

Jenny Abbot and 10-y-o Callum Bowler win the Wolfie Storch Pairs, from Phil Collins and Sandra Storch.

Issue finishes with a press article and photo of the Guernsey representative side.

BBQ62 – Summer 2006

Obituaries for Arthur Bedford, a Life Vice-President of the AEBBA, and Tex Anderson, a Jersey stalwart.

A further explanation of the concept of how Ranking Points are awarded, with an agreement by PF to some minor changes.

The 13th Sussex Open is won by Keith Sheard – his Eighth Open win…..he beats Ian Lelliott in the Final. Ian Street and Mark Turner are the Semi-Finalists. Tony Woolvin wins the Plate from Pete Farrelly.

Kevin Tunstall beats Barry Holt in the final of the 10th Kent Classic. Keith Sheard and Chris Reeves are semifinalists. Gareth Lloyd wins the Plate final from Ray Sturgess.

KT also wins the 6th Bucks Open, beating Tony Walsh in the final. Dave Alder and Tony Martin make the semifinals. Ray Hussey wins the Plate from Phil Collins.

In “Despatches”, the top-ranked Littlehampton players over the last 11 years are shown. (Stat provided by Dave Hampton)

The Oxford League’s 70th Anniversary one-off Challenge match was staged on June 17th at the Masons Arms. Ray Sturgess won from a lie-up of 40 players with Phil Collins the runner-up. The Plate is won by Jenny Abbott from Bob Allsworth.

BBQ63 – Autumn 2006

An endorsement for the British Bar Billiards Forum !

Some self-imposed changes announced to the National Ranking System.

KT beats Steven Sheard in the final of the 11th Berkshire Open. Semifinalists were Alan Chaloner and Pete Farrelly. Paul Sainsbury beats Ian Lelliott in the Plate final.

A marathon 35th County Championships with 3 healthy divisions (bolstered by extra B teams entering) ends with Oxon A winning Div.1 from runners-up Berks; Hants winning Div.2 from surprise performers Cambs; and Oxon B winning Div.3 from Berks B. Jon Bamsey tops the Averages.

Sussex A win the 34th Ladies Team Championships from Oxon, and Kent win Div.2 from Berks. Jean Over tops the averages.

KT wins the 32nd All-England singles from Geoff Jukes. Myra Hawkins beats Denise Wills for the 33rd Ladies title.

22/10/2006: Horse & Harrow (West Hagbourne) win the 34th National Team comp for Oxon from the Brewery Tap (Sussex).

Pauline Withey wins the 7th Special Ladies Open from Janet Burns of Berks. Jane Wood wins the Plate from Jenny Abbot in an all-Oxon final.

From “Despatches”….Wallingford now run a Summer league, and a report is provided on the Jersey League season, with directions given to the participating venues.

BBQ64 and Final issue – Winter 2006/7

An Oscars-style speech as to why this will be the last-ever BBQ ! And some thankyous, notably to Paul Sainsbury for sponsoring materials for the pamphlet, which has run for 16 years. An offer to continue working out Open schedules for anyone who needs one.

From the AGM…….Dave Alder is the new AEBBA Secretary, taking over from Dave Barnes; Mark Trafford is the new Treasurer. Brian Daniels (of Portsmouth) has taken over the responsibility of table hire for Tournaments/ Opens. Chris Saville given the responsibility for re-drafting the “lost” AEBBA Rules with a target of mid-2007.

Updated Ranking lists given for Ladies and Men – others will have to maintain from now on.

New “tables man” Brian Daniels win the 24th Alternative Rules beating Nigel Senior in the Final. Geoff Jukes and Ray Sturgess made the Semifinals. Keith Sheard wins the Plate, runner-up is Tony Woolvin.

Guernsey Pair Trevor Gallienne and Bob Le Moignan win the inaugural World Championship Pairs from a line up limited to 64 Pairs. Jersey’s Steve Ahier and Graeme Le Monnier are beaten finalists. Semifinalists were Bernie McCluskey and Paul Sainsbury, and Peter Farrelly and Mark Trafford.

Kevin Tunstall wins the 7th World Singles  to match “3-times Champ” Jim Millward – beating him in the Final. It is Kevin’s seventh national title in one season !!  Keith Sheard and Phil Collins make the Semis and Trevor Gallienne, Richard Wooton, Terry Molloy and Harry Barbet all make the quarterfinals. Mark Turner beats Jersey’s Tim Ringsdore for the Plate and Kent’s Nick Wren retains the Junior World title - the tenth to be held. Jersey’s Emma Noel is a worthy runner-up.

This writeup from the Jersey website:

“England captain Kevin Tunstall of Sussex was crowned the 2006 World Champion in Jersey on Sunday night when he defeated fellow international Jim Millward of Brighton.

Tunstall joins Millward, who last triumphed in 2003, as a three-times winner of the title.

Tunstall’s previous successes were way back in 1993 and 1994, although in the interim he has amassed numerous county and league titles and has remained widely considered to be the number 1 player in the country.

The Tournament, which attracted well over 200 players, was played on Saturday & Sunday at the Ommaroo Hotel. There were the usual amount of early surprises, several previous champions biting the dust. Visiting UK players enjoyed their most successful tournament for several years as they provided 23 of the last 32 players.

One round later the field was down to 16 – 15 men & 1 lady. Sue Atkins having a terrific run being the one lady. Sue unluckily not winning the ‘outstanding performance’ prize. Tunstall had enjoyed a trouble free passage and again eased through the fourth round against Dave Hampton of Sussex to earn a mouth watering tie against Guernsey’s Trevor Gallienne, a former champion himself. Another Tunstall win took him to the Semi Finals where the form book held good as he comfortably beat Phil Collins of Oxford.

In the other Semi Final Millward gave a steady performance to oust Oxford’s Keith Sheard, the 1998 winner.

The final itself was definitely a game of two halves. Millward broke off in the first of the two legs and fluffed his opening shot. Fortunately for him, and probably the large watching crowd Tunstall could not cash in and Millward broke back to run in an 8,000 break that took him to a halfway lead of 8,860 points to 2,240.

Tunstall response was not emphatic and a 2,600 opening effort meant he was still behind. This time it was Millward who failed to take advantage. And one more chance for Tunstall was all that was needed; he soon caught Millward and proceeded to knock in a match winning and match finishing break to win the second leg by 11,170 to nil and record a comfortable aggregate victory.

The Plate competition for first and second round losers was won by England International Mark Turner of Oxford who enjoyed a comfortable victory over Jerseyman Tim Ringsdore; again another former World Champion.

The Junior Championship was retained by Nick Wren of Kent, whose age advantage and experience helped him to victory over Jersey’s Emma Noel. A number of promising young local players took part and, given the form of Emma and Zoe Jeanne, it might not be to long before Jersey will be able to claim a first – a female Junior World Champion!

A Doubles Competition was also hosted for the first time on the Friday evening, with 64 pairs entering. The final was between the then defending World Champion Graeme Le Monnier and Steve Ahier, previous local winners, and Guernsey’s Bob Le Moignan and Trevor Gallienne.

The match was a very stop-start affair with none of the players really managing to settle down. Both sides squandered chances and dropped breaks but it was the Sarnians who held things together sufficiently to become the very first Peter Noel Memorial Doubles World Champions.


Winner – Kevin Tunstall

Runner Up – Jim Millward

Semi Finalists – Keith Sheard & Phil Collins

Quarter Finalists – Terry Molloy, Harry Barbet, Trevor Gallienne & Richard Wooton

Last 16 – Sue Atkins, Kevin D’Avione, Clive Thompson, Bernie McCluskey, Dave Hampton, Nigel Senior, Mick Eouzan & Ray Sturgess

Plate Winner – Mark Turner

Runner Up – Tim Ringsdore

Junior Winner – Nick Wren

Runner Up – Emma Noel                         - Sean Le Beuvant”

The 8th National Mixed Pairs has an extended format and is won by Richard Wooton and Jean Over who beat Kev and Hayley Tunstall in the Final. SemiFinalists were Tony Webster/Joyce Mannell and Dave Mitchell/Ann Rowley.

Steven Sheard wins a three-way 20th National Under25s from Chris Reeves, Surrey’s Paul Reece the other competitor.

Kevin Tunstall adds the 14th Grand Prix Masters to his haul, he beats Keith Sheard in an epic final. Pauline Withey won the inaugural Ladies Grand Prix from Janet Burns.

Surrey’s Jason Wadsworth wins the 17th National Over-50s from Oxon’s Tony Martin. But Tony goes on to take the 5th Over60s title by defeating Dave France in the Final.

Included in despatches : a wry letter from Geoff Jukes on the subject of the National Team championships – not all counties are adhering for the criteria of qualification when using guest players (should be excluded when have represented a different county in the same year).