A meeting of the Board of Directors of the Greater Lake Sylvia Lake Association (“GLSA”) was held on Saturday, July 14, 2012 at Southside Township Hall commencing at 9:00 a.m.

Present at the meeting were Board members Pat Beithon, Kent Davidson, Jerry Dock, Jerry Euteneuer, Peggy Jo Fortner, Chris Hector, Nancy Hector, Don Holm, Steve Holmstoen, Joe Lepley, Tom Plihal, Carl Swanson and Harry Wahlquist.  Board members Chuck Lingen and Mike McNellis were absent.

Also present for all or portions of the meeting were Don Nelson, Rose Mary Nelson and John Swanson.

Mr. Lepley, as President, called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. and announced that a quorum was present.  Ms. Beithon served as Secretary for the meeting.

Minutes.  Mr. Lepley asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes of the Board meeting held on June 2, 2012.  Upon motion duly made and seconded, the minutes of the Board meeting held on June 2, 2012 were approved as submitted.

Treasurer’s Report.  Ms.  Fortner reviewed the Treasurer’s Report as of June 30, 2012, noting that GLSA had 408 members, total assets of $191,274 of which $15,506 and $52,351 were designated for the 2012 GLSA Picnic and invasive species, respectively.  Mr. Lepley noted that 80% of the property owners on East and West Lake Sylvia were members of GLSA, which is important when addressing local government regarding issues on the Lake.  Ms. Fortner responded to questions from Board members regarding the Treasurer’s Report. Upon motion duly made and seconded, the Treasurer’s Report was approved submitted.

Ms. Fortner then said that she would like to step down as Treasurer effective as of January 1, 2013 but intended to remain on the Board.  She indicated that it is very difficult to transition the role of Treasurer mid-year.  The Board discussed possible candidates to succeed Ms. Fortner as Treasurer.  Ms. Fortner noted that if GLSA received contributions during 2012 in excess of $25,000 or $50,000, GLSA would be required to make a complicated annual non-profit filing.  In that event, she recommended that GLSA hire a certified public accountant with non-profit experience to prepare the filing.  After discussion, Ms. Fortner said she said she would check the $25,000/$50,000 filing trigger and report back to the Board either by email or at a future meeting.

Picnic Committee Report.  Ms. Nelson, as Chair of the 2012 Picnic Committee, reported that 900 reservations had been received by the RSVP deadline and that the Picnic Committee had decided not to accept registrations after the RSVP deadline.  She reported that the greater than expected reservations had been discussed with Jim and Mary Schwebel and they were comfortable with having 900 attendees at the picnic.  Ms. Nelson then reviewed the arrangements for the picnic, including registration tables, catering, refreshments, security, logistics, catering, tent, children’s activities, silent auction and volunteer staffing.  Mr. Nelson reviewed the car and boat parking, garbage disposal and sanitary facility arrangements, noting that the Picnic Committee had made arrangements to have SUVs and/or vans driving the Peninsula Road to transport people to the picnic in an effort to reduce traffic and parking problems.  He also noted additional parking volunteers were needed.  Ms. Nelson reported that Governor Dayton had been invited to the picnic but that he was unable to attend.  Mr. Nelson noted that it was important that Mr. Lepley recognize and thank the Picnic Sponsors during his remarks at the picnic.  The Nelsons responded to questions regarding the picnic arrangements.  Board members thanked the Nelsons for all their work on the picnic.

High Water Committee Report.   Mr. Davidson, as Chair of the High Water Committee, reported that the official water level was below the ordinary high water mark and the voluntary no wake zone status approved by the Board at an earlier meeting was no longer applicable.  He reported that while the water level was above the ordinary high water mark  representatives of the Wright County Sheriff’s Office had removed the voluntary 300 foot no wake signs/buoys stating that the buoys were a hazard and confusing to the general public.  He also reported that the Slow/No Wake buoy in front of Totem Pole Point had been removed on the grounds that there was no record of a Wright County ordinance authorizing the placement of the buoy.  

Mr. Davidson then reported that the Wright County was still working on a permanent high water ordinance for Lake Sylvia and that a permanent ordinance would most likely not be approved and implemented before the end of the summer; however, he was hopeful that a permanent ordinance could be in place by the summer of 2013.

Messrs. Davidson and Lepley responded to questions regarding the voluntary 300 foot no wake zone status and proposed permanent high water ordinance  

Water Patrol Committee Report.   Mr. Davidson reported that the Wright County Sheriff’s Office had changed its philosophy and approach to lake volunteer water patrols and was discouraging volunteer water patrols from engaging with boaters regarding unsafe boating practices or boating violations.  The Sheriff’s Office was recommending that volunteer water patrol members call and report unsafe boating activities and boating violations, giving the make, model and registration information for the offending boats.  Board members discussed the change in approach to volunteer water patrols and whether it made sense for GLSA to continue to have a Water Patrol Committee.  No action was taken by the Board.

Cattails between Lake Sylvia and Lake Moses.  Mr. Davidson reported that the DNR would be was checking for the presence of Eurasian Watermilfoil (“EWM”) in Lake Moses on or about July 23, 2012.  If the DNR determined EWM is present in Lake Moses, the DNR would most likely issue a permit to permit GLSA to cut the cattails in the marsh between Lake Sylvia and Lake Moses.  If a permit was issued, GLSA would then proceed with the purchase of a cutter to remove the cattails in the marsh.

Invasives Committee Report.  Mr. Carl Swanson, as Co-Chair of the Invasive Committee, reported that chemical treatment for Curlyleaf Pondweed (“CLP”) had been completed earlier in late spring, noting that the areas of treatment were only about 1/10 of an acre and that new areas of CLP and EWM had been discovered along the west shore of West Lake Sylvia near Chris and Nancy Hector’s property, which would be treated next spring.  He then reviewed the cost of the chemicals used to treat invasives and the costs to have such treatments done commercially.

Mr. John Swanson, as Co-Chair of the Invasives Committee, reported the EWM treatment activities earlier in the summer, noting that there were 10 new locations and 12 older locations.  He reported that Steve McComas had said that EWM and other weed growth were heavier this summer because of the mild winter.  He reported that EWM had been found near Erickson’s Landing, in Midget May, near Jim and Mary Schwebel’s property and in Tree Farm Bay.  He also noted that the EWM locations were scattered with only approximately 1.5 total acres having EWM and that Shooting Holler Bay was not treated for EWM this summer.  He also noted that Lake John has CLP and EWM.

 Mr. John Swanson and Mr. Carl Swanson responded to questions from Board members regarding CLP and EWM during their reports. .  

Invasive Signage at the Northridge Private Access.  Mr. Lepley reported that invasive species awareness signage had been posted at the Northridge Homeowners Association private access before the July 4th weekend.  

Public Access Inspection.  Mr. Carl Swanson reported on Christmas Lake’s 100% boat inspection program and that Sugar Lake had received a grant from the DNR for 500 hours of paid boat inspection services.  He reported that GLSA’s 2012 grant application for boat inspection funding had been denied by the DNR because Lake Sylvia was not in close proximity to a lake with zebra mussels; however, he intended to reapply for DNR grant monies in 2013.  Based on inspection programs at other lakes, it appears that local units of government can hire and pay for boat inspectors.  After discussion, it was decided to explore the feasibility of having paid boat inspectors at the public access on Lake Sylvia by the start of the 2013 boating season and whether Southside Township would serve as the local governmental unit to contract for the paid boat inspectors with inspection costs paid by GLSA with grant money from the DNR or with GLSA funds.  Mr. Lepley said he would contact Phyllis Latour, who is on the Southside Township Board, about whether the Township would entertain such a proposal.  Ms. Beithon said she would contact Volt, the service providing boat inspectors for the Christmas Lake boat inspection program.  Mr. Carl Swanson noted that it would be important that any paid inspectors be local.  Ms. Beithon said she would also contact the Christmas Lake Homeowners Association regarding their inspection program.  Mr. Nelson said that Ron Mason, who lives on Christmas Lake and has connections to Lake Sylvia, may also be a resource regarding the Christmas Lake boat inspection program.

2013 Nominating Committee.  Mr. Lepley recommended that the Board reestablish the Nominating Committee to assist with the transition of the Treasurer’s position in January 2013 and to identify candidates willing to run for election to the Board in June 2013.  After discussion, Mr. Carl Swanson, Mr. Wahlquist and Ms. Beithon agreed to serve on the 2013 Nominating Committee.

Membership Directories.  Ms. Hector reported that 400 membership directories had been printed, which is fewer than the number of members.  She also noted that certain members had requested and were willing to purchase a second copy of the membership directory.  After discussion, upon motion duly made a seconded, the Board approved the printing of an additional 100 copies of the membership directory.

GLSA History Books.  Ms. Hector reported that 50 additional copies of the GLSA history book had been printed for sale at the picnic and inquired whether additional copies should be printed in light of the anticipated high attendance at the picnic.  She reported that the printing costs were $30 per book.  After discussion, it was decided not to print additional copies of the GLSA history book prior to the picnic.  In the event that all copies of the history book were sold at the picnic, orders should be taken at the picnic with additional copies printed after the picnic.

GLSA Articles and Bylaws Amendment.  Mr. Wahlquist requested that GLSA Articles and Bylaws review be included on the agenda for the September meeting, noting that proposed changes were distributed for review and discussion prior to the May 12, 2012 meeting.

Upon motion duly made, seconded and approved by a unanimous vote, the meeting was adjourned at 10:45 a.m.


                                                Joe Lepley, President



Pat Beithon, Secretary