What I Need To Demonstrate:

That you have knowledge of what makes a person well physically, mentally/emotionally, socially, and spiritually, and that you have developed practices for keeping yourself well.

What I Need To Do:

Document regular practices you have developed for maintaining your wellness in at least two of Physical, Mental/Emotional, Social, Spiritual wellness.

Will My Reflection Be Approved?


You provide evidence of a regular practice you engage in to support your wellness in two of physical, mental/emotional, social or spiritual wellness and reflect on how these practices have benefited you.

Not Yet.

You engage in some wellness practices but they are not necessarily intentional or regular, or do not reflect on the impact of the practice on your life.



  • Do not seem to particularly value wellness.
  • Hold an idea of wellness based on popular constructs rather than knowledge.
  • Do not respect the choices of others with respect to health and wellness.