Towering Infernal

Blocks fall from sky

Catch falling blocks with finger touch and drag to top of stack

Higher the stack, higher the score

Additional if time:

Some blocks explode!? Must drag to safe distance...

Top block has cat on it?! Cutesy and adds bit of character.


How does camera work?

How to end game/detect stack falling over?

Bouncy Cubes?!


Bouncy cubes mostly caused by excess velocity, so zero on release

Camera-Focus on current top block

Camera-Another camera that shows whole stack (well most of it)

Top block is most important


Just in case I need to do some damping...

Lessons Learned from messing with Alpha 1

Hate the camera weaving from side to side, x needs to be fixed!

To Do

Implement menu system - Done

Implement scoring system - Done

Do some music (rising bleepy stuff)

Add some sound effects - Done (used thanks to Stephen Lavelle

Add tutorial screen