Personal Memoir Assignment Checklist


·  All work must be typed and DOUBLE SPACED

·  Remember to NAME Your GoogleDoc (Untitled Document is not sufficient). I’d suggest keeping two separate documents, one titled Personal Memoir, and another titled About the Author

·  Check off the steps below as you complete them

·  Keep track of your drafts – you will need to turn them in!


Developing Your Thesis and Concept Map

o   Decide on a theme or common thread

o   Write 3-5 sentences explaining how the people or experiences in your life have helped you become the person you are today.

o   Complete Concept Map – be sure each idea is related to your theme!


**Teacher Conference**

Draft 1

o   Begin drafting your vignettes -- work on one vignette at a time

o   Be sure to include specific details about people and experiences

o   Utilize figurative language and transition words!


**Teacher Conference**

Draft 2: Revise

o   Apply teacher edits

o   Experiment with

Adding interesting vocabulary words

Adding dialogue

o   Proofread for clarity (Does my writing make sense?)


**Peer Conference**

Final Draft

o   Apply peer edits (Check mechanics for grammar, organization, punctuation and spelling).

o   All previous drafts are included with the final draft.

o   Piece includes a MS Heading and clever title.


Finishing Touches

o   About the Author: Write 5-8 sentences about yourself (Think Who/What/Where/When/Why).

o   Cover Illustration: Design a colorful cover that is thematically relevant to your memoir. Be sure to include a title!