Isaac Chng (13) S1-03 EL/LA

Level Test Corrections (Grammarly)

"Good morning Ally! Had a good rest? I made some bacon for you! Come and get it!" Adam said, delightfully. Ally walked up to Adam. His tail wagged like a fly swatter. Taking the bacon from his hand, Ally tucked in. He wolfed down the whole piece. Ally was Adam's dog. Adam had a very unusual affection towards his dog. He did not treat Ally like a pet, rather as a buddy. Like a human. Ally had a rather unusual feed; he ate just like his owner. Instead of dog biscuits as treats, Adam gave Ally strips of freshly-fried bacon and the occasional chunks of steak.

Whenever Adam ran out of food to cook, he would go to the supermarket with Ally. Whenever Ally barked at something that he wanted, Adam would place it in his basket. People looked at Adam and his dog with strange looks, sometimes whispering to their partners about it.

If Adam wanted to go to the park to exercise, he would bring along Ally as well. As they ran, they met some other dogs. When someone running with their dog overtook them, Adam would move faster so that he and his dog would always be in first place. Ally would accompany Adam in making childish chants towards the other dogs. Adam would blow raspberries at the other owners while Ally would bark at the other dogs. The two were inseparable in a special way.

"Come on buddy; let's go home," Adam said to Ally. They strolled back to their bungalow in a dozy manner. Tired, Adam opened the door. He was too lazy to cook proper dinner then.

Just then, an idea struck Adam. He could make instant noodles for the both of them. He took out a packet of spicy curry noodles and a pack of top-notch, mouth burning spicy noodles. "Which one do you want, Ally?" Adam said. Ally pointed with his paw to the extra hot noodles. Adam got to work, pouring boiling water in the noodles. Once he finished, Adam put the noodles in a bowl for Ally. Not a dog bowl, but a ceramic bowl that both he and Adam had one each. Ally scoffed the noodles, his tail wagging. He was clearly enjoying the meal.

There are many different dog and owner duos in the world, but Adam and Alex were the unique, inseparable pair of the lot. Adam and Ally loved living with each other.