HS Activities / Student Council / Club Meetings

REMINDER to all clubs/committees/classes to take down all flyers after you have finished an event.

Club/Committee meetings:

Take the time to explore your options, ask questions, and consider participating in an activity that might interest you by going to the first one or two meetings to see if it is what you are looking for and if you can make a long term commitment to it or not. (you are NOT a member unless you attend all their meetings and are active. Attendance will be taken)

The following clubs will meet all year round, every other Day C during Flex Block

Group 1: Jan 21 & Feb 3, 14, 26 & Mar 9, 20 & Apr 1, 21 & May 1, 15

Group 2: Jan 15, 28 & Feb 7, 20 & Mar 3, 13, 26 & Apr 8, 27 & May 11, 21

Committees & Events will only meet when needed...announcements will be placed in the bulletin beforehand.

RISing Coffee Committee in R404

Red Cross Events in Ad 115

Note: Any group of students who still want to do any activities/events/trips should inform Ms. Shirley asap. These will fall under the category of HS Projects and still require a lead teacher/advisor for a particular activity or trip once it is approved.

Fundraising Guidelines: