Dear Parent/Guardian:

This year, in an effort to more effectively streamline the English 10 Honors selection process, the Franklin Academy English Department has implemented the following program.  In lieu of separate Honors Challenges like those offered last year as prerequisites for English 10 Honors, the selection process now will be embedded into the English 9 curriculum.  

English 9 students, in order to gain entry into English 10 Honors next year, will be selected based on teacher recommendation, overall average, STAR scores, and satisfactory completion of an entrance examination.  The entrance examination will be part of the English 9 final examination, and not a separate test.  Students wishing to be placed into English 10 Honors next year will be required to complete this section of the final examination, regardless of any exemption based on their 4-quarter average.

Please note that students who are accepted into the English 10 Honors program will retroactively be awarded English 9 Honors credit.  

Additional information about the new English 10 Honors selection process will be available on the district website.

Please acknowledge your receipt of this letter by returning the bottom portion to your son or daughter’s English teacher.  


I, ______________________________________, have read and understand the above information as it outlines and relates to the new English 10 Honors selection process at Franklin Academy High School.


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