Online Meeting Resources Toolkit for Facilitators
During Coronavirus Pandemic

by Facilitators for Pandemic Response group and other collaborators

Table of Contents 

Online Meeting Resources Toolkit for Facilitators
During Coronavirus Pandemic

About this Document        2

Useful Online Meeting/Working Practices        3

Facilitation        4

Inclusion Practices        5

Moving Online        7

Virtual Teams        8

Covid-19 related        9

Misc        9

Tool Resources/Technology Stewardship        10

Getting Going with Online Education        19

Liberating Structures        21

COVID-19 Related Credible Data Sources        22

Individual Company Responses        25

Moving Online in Specific Contexts        26

Distributed Teams: Regular Team Meeting (5-10 people):        26

Thematic meeting held few times a year (15-20 ppl):        26

Special events / workshop (15-50 ppl):        27

Larger events (75+ppl): Conferences, Trade Shows, Arts, etc.        27

Isolated Individuals/Support        28

Education disrupted by School Closures        28

Artifacts from Facilitators for
Covid Response Zoom Gatherings

About this Document

Friends, as we scramble to move our offline interactions online, this is an emerging initial place to share, curate and organize resources. It could really use the loving attention of a great curator!  Feel free to reach out to nancy dot white at gmail if you need! This document is a Creative Commons 4.0 Share Alike License

f4c discussion group

Thanks from Nancy White to all who are curating, adding and cleaning up the doc.

A special thanks to content curator Robin Good for having cleaned up and organized this document.
Thanks to everyone else for the generosity and spirit.

Useful Online Meeting/Working Practices

Hosting a Virtual Public Meeting for a Large Population - Dr. Larry Schooler

How to Host an Online Meeting

How to Host a Distributed Meeting: Google Hangouts: (video)

Zoom Meeting Basics - a two-page PDF for newcomers 9EUZ5

Amy Lenzo’s Easy Peasy Zoom Tech Guide 

Wildly Supportive’s Zoom Resources 

Better Online Meetings - John Smith’s tips for

Tips for Hosting Online Conversation

Hosting college-style discussions over video: short collection of advice
Moderating Discussions Over Video 

Effective Ways to Start Meetings - Richard Cohen

So You Want to Host a Web Meeting? - Nancy White

Virtual Icebreakers - Beth Kanter

Nonprofit Virtual Meeting Resources (lots of others)

A selection of virtual meeting facilitation resources:
Boosting Connection And Crushing Loneliness - PeopleStorming


  • The Definitive Guide To Facilitating Remote Workshops - Insights, tools and case studies from digital-first companies ex and expert facilitators

Tips for Online Retreats and Meetings

  • Leading Groups Online - ebook - a down-and-dirty guide to leading online courses, meetings, trainings, and events during the coronavirus pandemic

  • Web events that connect the how to guide by Judy Rees:

Inclusion Practices

Remote Work

Content sourced from thought leaders, 12,000+ remote developers, trending Twitter threads, and top-cited articles.

Moving Online

  • Moving meetings online - Emerging blog series from Nancy White

Virtual Teams

Virtually Connecting - website magazine

Covid-19 related

collectively.  The focus is on responding to COVID-19.
Mad Tea and COVID-19


Tool Resources/Technology Stewardship

More Tools

Live webinars 

Free small group video conferencing (no-installs)


Group Video Calls

  • Skype

Live streaming

Audio Conferencing

Other Tools

  • Presentation tool. Slido for Education: a package for educators to power up interaction during their lectures and virtual classes free until July 1
  • Learning content discovery platform for finding the best resources like articles, videos, books, online courses, Free. 

  • Live presentation platform for up to 1,000 person events, with small group and staged options. Paid. 
  • Conversation and discussion platform. Paid.
  • Real-time collaboration with 1:1 video meetings, breakout rooms, webinar sessions.
    Specializes in online career fairs for universities. Paid.
  • Collaborative leadership and democratic management system for remote and in-person teams. Round Sky Solutions
  • Asynchronous meetings
  • Measure effectiveness of online meetings

  • Mural - Trialable and paid-for online whiteboard with export options and multiple licensing setups 

  • Miro - Free online whiteboarding tool 

Technology Stewardship

Virtual Communities

Companies and Groups Offering to Support Online Events

Experts - Consultants

  • A national network of trainers, advisors, and visionaries -
  • IngeniousPeoplesKnowledge Consultants - working across modalities (asynchronous/synchronous; hybrid online/face-2-face; 1-on-1 and group - process design, facilitation, coaching and mentoring.
  • Network of leaders of distributed teams - Remote How

  • Virtual unconferences, medium sized workshops

Rees McCann - Judy Rees and Steve McCann

  • Four-part virtual workshop series - Planning and Leading Engaging Virtual Meetings by Guided Insights. I customize each series for the organization and meeting type(s), including a unique case study and corresponding role-plays. 

Free Access - Free Licenses

Interesting articles


Getting Going with Online Education

Liberating Structures

  • Relevant Articles, Videos and Resources on Liberating Structures selected by Nancy White


Other stuff - These are all basically raw meeting notes or draft documents that require further work
(*these documents need to be cleaned up and summarized by their respective authors. As they are they quite useless to the public at large)

COVID-19 Related Credible Data Sources

 Relevant Events

Events Cancellations

Individual Company Responses

  • COVID-19 communication templates - insights and templates from 100+ managers at companies like GitLab, Coinbase, and LifeLabs. It includes:

✅An essential checklist for your company response

😷Sample policies for health, travel and remote work transition

Moving Online in Specific Contexts

How can we switch up planned meetings from Face to Face to Online if people stop traveling?

Some principles when doing online vs. presence

  • Realtime and asynchronous sections can be combined
  • Several short realtime meetings work better than one long meeting (approx. 90 per mtg)
  • Documentation can be done easily in collaboration
  • Online meetings require being explicit about how relationships are managed (check-in to see how people are feeling, ways for doing small talk and networking, etc.)
  • Insist on pre-work and prep (and make it compelling!); keeping people engaged means you have to dive right into the conversation
  • Web Events That Connect

What does NOT work well online?

Distributed Teams: Regular Team Meeting (5-10 people):

Daily, weekly sort of stuff.

Thematic meeting held few times a year (15-20 ppl):

How do we move our regular thematic meetings online. Remote teams that have quarterly F2F; trainings, etc.

Special events / workshop (15-50 ppl):

“We have important work to do that we have traditionally gathered F2F to do. We can’t NOT do this work. How do we do it?”

Larger events (75+ppl): Conferences, Trade Shows, Arts, etc.

I.e. How do we move a big F2F event online - quickly? Should we? Should we postpone? Decision making criteria? Risk issues of NOT moving online?

Isolated Individuals/Support

As we practice physical social distancing to avoid virus transmission, how can we virtually support isolated individuals w/ the virus or caring for those with the virus? This can range from social/emotional support, to coordinating physical support (delivery of groceries, helping with child or elder care, etc.)

Education disrupted by School Closures

This is beyond the “how to learn online” (see Education section above). Possible areas for focus: supporting students with no access to internet, parents w/ no childcare, food insecure families, teacher isolation (my bet is the kids won’t be getting sick, but teachers will and kids will be vectors to take virus home to extended family - this is a big domino effect area)

  • I’m looking to co-create some curriculums for families who are choosing (or required) to pull young kids out of school (I am taking two kids out of school tomorrow, ages 4 and 7). If anyone viewing this is interested please be in touch! Sita [at]

Artifacts from Facilitators for
        Covid Response Zoom Gatherings

  • March 12th, Using the Liberating Structure TRIZ online to figure out what meeting habits to STOP doing (instead of porting miserable meetings online!) GDrive folder contains audio, video recordings, slides and artifacts from Zoom gathering (53+ people from around the world). Thanks to Fernando for tech hosting, Elana Centor for recording and Beth Kanter for tidy-up work! TRIZ Online Template under update.
  • March 13th - Using the Liberating Structure “Ecocycle Planning” to take a step back and prioritize moving online. A Fishbowl with WFP’s tech team where they ecocycled live in front of us and 30+ people offered insights and advice, both directly to the WFP team and at a meta level about ecocycle and ecocycle in the online environment. GDrive folder contains audio, video recordings, slides and artifacts from Zoom gathering. Ecocycle Online Template. Thanks to the team at WFP, Michaela for lending a tech hosting hand, Elana Centor for recording and Beth Kanter for tidy-up work!
  • Slides and Chat Notes from March 21 session on Using Liberating Structures to get and give help online. (No recording)