In Response to Legislative Pressure, Mt. Baker Vapor Relocating Operation to Arizona

BELLINGHAM, Wash - June 2nd, 2015 - In light of ongoing pressure from the Washington State legislature and Governor Jay Inslee, Mt. Baker Vapor LLC has made the decision to relocate operations from their hometown of Bellingham, WA to Mesa, AZ. The transition is set to be complete by October of 2015. Through the course of this they will strive to have zero downtime or interruptions to the normal ordering process at

Mt. Baker Vapor co-owners James Thompson and Jesse Webb are saddened by the need to leave a state that they and many of their employees call home, but are also excited by the opportunity to grow their business in a more welcoming environment. Thompson said that “While we have enjoyed our time building this company in Washington, it has become clear to us through continued proposals by the legislature that our company and those it employs are not welcome in this State.”

There are currently two bills under consideration in Washington State regarding the taxation and sale of vaping products. House Bills 2211 and 1645 seek a 60% tax on the sale of vaping equipment and a ban of online sales, respectively. As a primarily online based retailer, the enactment of this legislation would cripple Mt. Baker Vapor’s ability to continue their operations.

Mt. Baker Vapor considers this a clear existential threat. While these laws have not yet been passed by the legislature, they believe Washington State will continue pursuing excessive taxation and regulation. A similar bill proposing a 95% tax was proposed, but defeated, in 2014. “The Washington State government has given us an intolerable level of uncertainty,” Webb said. “We believe that this move offers us the best opportunity to continue operating while maintaining our position as a leader in the independent vaping community.”

Despite the move, Mt. Baker Vapor hopes that Washington vapers will not become discouraged in the battle against unfair legislation. “We will continue to support everyone fighting for their right to choose the way in which they use vaporizers,” Thompson said. “The vaping community in Washington and around the world has been incredibly supportive during this battle and we would like to thank them for their continued support.”

Webb added that Mt. Baker Vapor hopes this move can be used as a cautionary example for both State and Local governments. “Because of shortsightedness, Washington is losing, while Arizona is gaining, a growing business." He’s also excited about the business opportunities that Arizona presents, saying “Mesa offers us the ability to expand our manufacturing facilities, tap new markets, and diversify our business ventures. We look forward to contributing to their local economy."

About Mt. Baker Vapor

Mt. Baker Vapor was founded in March of 2011 by owners James Thompson and Jesse Webb with the purpose of bringing affordably priced, quality e-juice to vapers around the world. The company’s website features a wide selection of flavored juice, hardware, and other vaping equipment essential to the booming global phenomenon. With over 1,500,000 orders and counting, MBV has established itself as a leading innovator in this cutting edge industry.

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