#179 - Into the Nexus: “We’re both five”

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Intro:  Welcome to Into the Nexus! The Heroes of the Storm podcast!

I’d like to kick today off by saying Astroghath on the Heroes subreddit has the best idea ever.

The subreddit is on a good streak today for additional features as there’s also requests for a spectate feature popping up again.

Talking Point: We haven’t talked hopeful future features in a while. What missing features would you like to see added to Heroes?


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Gamescom Only One Hero?

A new hero will be announced on Monday, August 21.

Heroes of the Storm: Showdown will be a live show including fights between community personalities and pros.

Last year was Machines of War


Eastern Clash

MVP Black vs DeadlyKittens set the longest and shorted record games

Draft Stats

Eastern versus Western Clash


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What makes this game so compelling, even addictive, to make me want to play it, despite the fact that I don't always walk away from it 100% of the time feeling like I enjoyed myself?  Is it the loot boxes or some other carrot at the end of the stick that keeps pulling me back in for just 1 more game?  It is gameplay or a social mechanic?  Or are the good games just so good that they override the bad ones?

Welcome to the hook of competition!



I, too, am quite happy that our Overwatch map is out of rotation.  However, the current brawl (at the time of writing) has me super excited for a potential re-work of the technical design of the map.

Essentially, the map is a true escort/defend type.  It's one lane; one team pushes the payload, one team tries to defend it.  Win condition for escort is to reach the end, win condition for the defend is to run out the timer.  There are checkpoints along the way that extend the timer.  There are instant-heal buffs scattered off the escort track, they are one-time use and do not spread like our typical healing hearts (I don't think).  

I really enjoyed all 3 of my required matches, and am interested in what you all think about this being a potential idea for a rework of the map.  Granted, the idea of a "Core" is completely gone, but could be added in by other methods as another win condition for either team.  Perhaps keeping the single lane, but putting a keep at either end in front of the core.  Since the comps are typically opposites of each other (depending on escort/defend), the Core win condition would diversify the arcade-nature of brawls.  


I am getting back into Heros after a 2 year hiatus. I have been playing quick match and mainly trying to find which heros I enjoy/mesh with. After almost two months back I have found my niche ranged assassins.

I met the hero league requirements so thought I would hop in solo Q and try it out. First game I played  Greymane, we won, life is good. Second game I am last pick and forced to fill with a "melee" based on my teams chat. Now I am not as good on melee, but I wanted to keep good vibes on the team. I picked one of the few melee I have past lvl 5 that wasn't a tank, Kerrigan. After I lock in I get flamed that she is a tier 3 hero, I’m so dumb, stuff like that. Whatever, best foot forward, let’s have a good game. I should also note our draft started with our team first pick being Tyrande and the guy saying he’s not healing anyone else but himself, we'll still need a support. The game goes south fairly quickly and the other teams Illidan is crushing our team, I don't feel like I was doing well on Kerigan either.

Bottom line is, I understand I can't always play my specialty role/Heros and will need to fill from time to time. How many other heroes should I have that I am serviceable at that arent my mains? Like 2 or 3 of each type? Being serviceable at 9 or 12 heros while still maining a few seems a bit daunting.


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