Operation: Firestorm

Gameplay - Changelog

This list includes most gameplay-related (not visual) changes in Operation: Firestorm.

General Changes

All Tanks – Rate of Fire halved, damage doubled

All Missile infantry – Rate of Fire halved, damage doubled

AA units have been re-balanced. Damage and range values should be more equal now. Also a new T3 AA vehicle will be added for each faction.

Additional Tech building added for each faction.

Aircraft has been re-balanced. Damage, speed and HP balance has been improved.

Rank limit is lifted. After rank 5 players can rank up to rank 21, which allows to unlock everything at max rank.

Rank limits for generals powers are set to 1-2-3-4-5, instead of 1-3-5

Neutral tech buildings (Oil Derricks, etc.) will rebuild themselves, after being destroyed.

Scout unit (Listening Outpost, Radar van) - vision ranges increased.

Fighter Jets – vision ranges increased.


The basic USA faction – which is not playable, but on which all Generals are based – has received a number of gameplay changes from Zero Hour:

Completely new additions:

Tech Center – requires Airfield or War Factory. Provides various upgrades.

Hunter Artillery – available at T2 (Tech Center), basic artillery

Apache Gunship – attack helicopter. Fills Comanche's role.

Advanced Missiles – Upgrade. Increases Avenger and Patriot damage.

<classified> - T3 Anti-Air vehicle.

<more to come>


Rocket Avenger – Airforce and SOCOM generals only. Less damage and cost; reduced PDL rate of fire.

Patriot Battery – increased damage and range

Firebase – increased damage and range

Strategy Center – requires Tech Center to be built. Increased HP

Paladin Tank – increased HP, damage and costs.

Aurora – increased AoE

Raptor – changed to a pure AA unit.

Stealth Fighter – uses bombs instead of missiles, increased damage.

Comanche – exclusive for Airforce; stealthed; stealth-detection; AA missiles. No rocket Pods

Colonel Burton – increased explosives damage. Armed with an OICW (very original :P)

Pathfinder – damage reduced. Available at rank 2.

Supply Drop Zones – HP increased, bugs fixed.

Ambulance – Replaced with a different vehicle that fills the same role

Spy Drone (Generals Power) – this unit is now constructed at the Command Center.

MOAB – exclusive to Airforce General

<much more that I can't remember>


Changes to the (non-playable) basic China faction:

New Additions:

Hacker Outpost – 4-slot Internet Center. Provides protections for hackers.

<T3 Tech building> - unlocks additional upgrades. For now each General has a unique one.

Mortar Infantry – this never before seen unit serves as light artillery.

<T3 Heavy Tank> - unique for each General

Tornado Missile System – Heavy AA vehicle

Chimera Bomber – T2 Bomber. Creates Firestorms.

Iron Dragon – T3 Gunship-Jet, effective vs. ground units.

Spy Plane ability – available in Propaganda Center


Redguard – received QBZ-95 assault rifles

Battlemaster – added machine gun

MiG – No longer fires napalm missiles. Gets Thermobarical missiles with upgrades.

Helix – Napalm Bomb upgrades is global

Gattling Cannon – damage increased

Overlord – damage, HP increased, requires Rank 3 unlock. Build limit of 6

Troop Crawler – now comes with a speaker tower

Black Lotus – can now kick (and kill) infantry

Nuclear Missile – increased damage and radius

Carpet Bomb – now a 3-level power delivered by 1, 2, or 3 Badger-Bombers


Changes to the (non-playable) basic GLA faction:

New Additions:

AT-Gun emplacement – new defense building, effective vs tanks (you don't say)

Secret Lab (name might change) – T3 tech building

Chameleon SAM Launcher – T3 Anti Air vehicle

Airfield – do I really need to explain this?

Hind – Transport and Attack Helicopter

MiG 29 – multirole fighter

Su-25 – buildable carpet bomber

New aircraft weapon upgrade

New aircraft armor upgrade

Salvage Upgrade – You can buy 1 salvage upgrade manually per unit (requires Junk Repair)

Jihad – new ability, works like boost.

G6-Howitzer – medium artillery unit.

Molotov Cocktails – Ability for Rebels and Technicals


SCUD-Launcher – Rank 3 unlock, increased damage, decreased mobility

Stinger Site – increased damage

Tunnel – increased damage

Technical – salvage upgrades replaced with larger machine guns; decreased cost

Rocket buggy – added salvage upgrades

Quad Cannon – reduced damage

Bomb Truck – Disguise ability removed; added camo nets upgrade for permanent stealth.

Jarmen Kell – added Sabotage ability (works like a multi-use Saboteur)

Rebel Ambush – added RPG troops.

Black Market – money output reduced

Radar Van – Camo Nets upgrade added.

Note that this list is probably incomplete and also does not include each general's unique units and buildings yet.