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Police: 112    
Ambulance: 112    

Medical Help 

  1. National Domestic Violence Hotline
    Offers counselling and crisis response for women who are facing domestic violence and need immediate help.
    Address: Tbilisi        
    Helpline: 309 903
  2. Anti-Violence Network of Georgia (AVNG)
    Offers counselling, rehabilitative support and shelter for survivors of violence.
    Address: Zurab Chavchavadze street 9, 0112 Tbilisi        
    Phone: +995 (0) 322 726 717
  3. Public Health Foundation of Georgia
    Provides child support and support for women in the form of healthcare, protection and medical resource. It also supports children's needs, particularly children who have faced violence.
    Address: 4 Edisher Magalashvili Street, Apt. 1. Tblisi, Batumi, 2a Tabidze Street.
    Helpline: 116 111
    Phone: 2 421 422 Office.
    Phone: 225 830 Office.
  4. Anti- Violence Network of Georgia
    Provides free legal consultations and assistance, psycho-social support and counselling, crisis assistance and the support of a social worker to those who are vulnerable to or have faced violence.  
    Address: 9, Zurab Chavchavadze street (former Sherozia street), 0112, Tbilisi
    Hotline: (+99532) 2726717
    Phone: (+99532) 2950679
  5. National Domestic Violence Hotline        
    Provides counselling support to survivors of violence.                
    309 903                
  6. Tbilisi Crisis Center of ‘Sakhli’ Advice Center for Women        
    Provides counselling support to survivors of violence.                
    995 5952 32 101

Legal Help 

  1. Advice Center for Women SAKHLI
    Offers legal advice and counselling for women who are vulnerable to or have survived violence.  
    Address: Ingorokva Street 26, Tbilisi        
    Phone: +995 (0) 329 890 80

Resources (Food, Shelter, Clothing, Crisis Response)

  1. Union Sapari
    Offers assistance for women who have survived or are facing violence.
    Address: Tbilisi, Anjaparidze Str. #9.
    Phone: (+995532) 2 22 06 89"