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9. Calling pt 6
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Thank you for coming everyone, and I would also like to thank our online listeners, for joining us today—We will open up in prayer.

Father we are thankful to you for your anointing, and for the Spirit of God which dwells within each one of us personally. Father we are thankful to you for this gift, for the abilities, for the opportunities which we have by your Holy Spirit in our spirit. We believe Father—on the basis of your word—that by the anointing of your Holy Spirit which we received from Jesus—we believe that in Him we are Already enriched with everything. Every word, every knowledge... we believe that in Him—we don't have lack in any Godly gifting. Father we are thankful to you for the gifts, for the opportunities, for the abilities which we already have by your Spirit in our spirit. And father, forgive us personally, if we were in anything inattentive... to your requests, to your instructions...  if we were limiting you in anything, if we were putting up obstacles, resistances—to the action of your Holy Spirit—we repent in the name of Jesus. We ask you, by your spirit of Truth—instruct us onto your truth. Help each one of us to enter into our calling & to fulfill Your will in all fullness and without any lack. We desire to know your will... and we receive that by your spirit of truth, that by your anointing, by your spirit of wisdom—you illuminate the eyes of our hearts and will make each one of us capable to understand and accept MORE... so that we would know what is the hope of your calling for each one of us. Thank you Holy Spirit for the anointing. We are thankful to you for those abilities and opportunities that are Right Now formulating the direction of our thoughts, words and actions... and we believe that we will Not remain the same. We believe that where the spirit of the Lord is—there is freedom... and we Accept our freedom. Thank you Holy Spirit. We are thankful to you for the freedom from ignorance in regards to calling. We are thankful to you that you open up to us OUR path, and that you direct us. We are thankful to you Jesus, that Right Now—the soul blind—receive their sight, and the tortured, receive their freedom—in the name of Jesus. We believe that we will be taught by the Lord, and we accept,  that Right Now, by the power of the Holy spirit, there will Not be on this place—any lying spirit, there will not be—any religious spirit, there will not be—any spirit of fear, spirit of sickness, spirit of infirmity, spirit of lack—there will not be, in the name of Jesus. And father, I pray for all who hear. I take authority over every annoying, irritating, distracting and confusing spirit—and I command them—to leave all who hear—in the name of Jesus. We agree that where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. Thank you for the anointing, and we bless you in the name of Jesus... AMEN.

Glory to God for the anointing.

Level 2 Lesson 9 – Calling part 6 – by Oleg Remez, translated by Irina Narivonchik

As always, I will read our foundational verse: John 6:38—These are the words of the Standard and Image of the Spiritual creation man... IN EVERYTHING! Jesus says: For I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, but the will of Him (the Father) who sent Me. In studying scripture, we have already discovered—in the first level—that Every Person... is a Spiritual Creation. Naturally, Every person has Come Down from Heaven... as a spiritual creation, In The Flesh—with a specifically Determined by God purpose. That's why these words of Jesus—they are very Relevant for Each one of us. “For I have come down from heaven, Not To Do My Own Will.” basically, each one of us can read this as a personal directive from God: “You have come down from heaven Not to do your own will—but the will of the Father, who sent you.” you can look at this as an intimate request, not just simply the words of Jesus.

Also, we said: that calling, of which we are talking about—it consists of determined by God Tasks. Therefore, a calling—IS a Task from God... tasks which are laid out by God in a specific order, and they have a determined by God place of their realization... and we will talk more of this later on.

Also we said: that everyone who is born again—on the basis of His covenant—Has a right to turn to God, and to Know their calling.

Also we said: that a calling is Not something you will learn. A calling of God is who you are—Already. We spoke of who you are in your mind—and usually, this is a profession—which you received in this world according to the demands of this world. But, there is the one that you are in Your Spirit... and this—is Not in any way determined by what the demands are in this world. What is in your spirit—is the Will of God. Therefore, there is the one you are in your mind, and there is the one you are in your spirit... and the one you are in your spirit, Specifically—Is Who You Are. Therefore, spirits—or the spiritual creation man—is differentiated by—not professions in the mind, but by the calling... in the spirit, and we already spoke of this a bit.

Let's go over a few main moments from our last lesson, where we spoke of the Provision of calling. One of the Important points is: that the provider of man in calling—can Only be... the One who calls him. And I made an emphasis on that it's specifically the one who calls—also provides. So if you will be called by people, then they will be, on some level—responsible for you. But, usually, this responsibility isn't acknowledged. So it's best of all if the question of calling, of provision—be taken care of by God. People can call you for a certain period of time, but, to build some long range plans on a human calling... I don't recommend this for you.

Whenever you are called by people, Always take into account that this will be for a period, a fragment of time... that will perhaps finish at some point in the future... and you will still need to move in the calling of God. So that you don't get discouraged and disappointed in people—Never make bid on the calling of man, Always remain in the expectation of the calling of God.

The subject of calling—we have been looking at it on the example of the calling and provision of Jesus. As we read in Luke 4:18-19, where Jesus speaks of the provision of His calling, and he speaks of Who has called him. “The Spirit of the LORD is upon Me, Because He has anointed Me, These words—have become a foundation for us, to claim—that in calling—the provider is the Spirit of God. Specifically, it's the Spirit of God that is the Provision for calling! “brother Oleg, wait a moment! What if I need a car, what does the spirit of God have anything to do with this?” in the spirit of God—there's Everything... and that's exactly what scripture says: “that in Him—you are enriched with everything.

In the spirit of God—dwells All necessary power for the realization, for the acquisition, for Everything necessary FOR calling. The Spirit of God—IS the provision FOR calling.... and on our last lesson, we noted the important point—that a Calling IS You, if one was to talk of calling, it would be talking of you.... and the ANOINTING-which is the Spirit of God... the Anointing is GOD—FOR the realization of your calling. In other words, God Himself, the Spirit of God—IS the provision of the calling of God... and always remember this. Therefore, in speaking of calling—never lean off into the materialistic side—always remember, that calling—is directly tied to GOD, and specifically—with the Spirit of God. Always keep this in mind.

I recalled a few main moments from our last lesson, and today—our subject is called: unclaimed power of God for calling. Unclaimed Power of God—for Calling.

Taking into account our previous lesson, in which we said that the spirit of God—or, as Jesus said, “the Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, for He has anointed Me...” taking into account that the spirit of God, in Power—is the provision for calling, then today we will talk specifically of the UNCLAIMED power for calling.

Of course, we can't ignore a few important moments that have to do with the word 'anointing', because anointing—IS the power—of the Spirit of God... and therefore, I would like to recall a few moments that have to do with the word 'anointing' specifically.

The word 'anointing', or 'Christ' you see in the new testament

on the basis of Isaiah 10:27, we can say the following: that this is the power of the Holy Spirit which takes off the burden and demolishes yokes. In other words, when we use the word “Christ”, we.. translate it—and view this word—as ANOINTING, which speaks of the personality of the Spirit of God. But in speaking of the word “Anointing,” we speak of the personality of the spirit of God—making an emphasis on His Power. Always remember—that in using the word “anointing” we in no way note the personality of the Man... we Note the personality of God. But, in using This Particular word—we say that This Power—dwells On and In Man. So, if I wanted to talk to you of the power of the spirit of God—outside of Man, then I would say, “the Power of God—In God.” but, if I wanted to talk to you of the power of God—that is In Man... then I will say, “anointing,” by this—saying... that the power of God dwells on some specific person. On the flesh or In the flesh.

So the word 'anointing' doesn't negate the personality of the triune God. The word 'anointing' speaks of the use a specific person by the spirit of God.

Also, I will recall the definition of the word “anointed”, because in scripture—this word is used frequently, especially in the new testament. The word “anointed” again makes an emphasis on GOD that dwells on a specific person. It makes an emphasis on the power of God which is accessible to a specific person. In other words, when we use the word “anointed” then we say that a specific person has the power of God for a specific purpose. This could be calling, this could be some ministry.

In whole—we unite the word 'anointing and anointed' and we come to the following conclusion: that anointing—is God that dwells On and In the flesh of Man, and making the flesh capable of doing what it can't do by itself. You always speak of this when you call yourselves “Christians.” in calling yourselves 'Christians', you basically say: “it's no longer I that live.. but Christ lives in Me” God lives in me,” Godly abilities and Godly opportunities live in me”.

But what's the difference when you simply call yourself “christian” and when you call yourself “called by God anointed”? The difference is in that—through that you were born again, and were filled with the spirit of God... you received Power—for life. You have the power of the Holy Spirit for life. This power manifests in the gifts of the Holy spirit, in the fruits of the Holy Spirit, in the Full armor of God. notice—that when you encounter some physical difficulties, you apply physical strength... and notice, that when you use physical strength—you don't even pray about it first... because this is natural for you.

And I can tell you—that when you encounter spiritual difficulties, then you can immediately apply Spiritual Strength—because it is ALSO accessible to you—just the same is physical strength is. ALL the gifts... are CALLED Gifts—with the purpose... of that you USE THEM! On the other hand, we just got used working with physical strength, that when we encounter spiritual problems, then we continue to attempt using physical strength—but spiritual strength needs to be used... and its specifically the power of God for life—that you need to use whenever you encounter any spiritual difficulties or problems. The power of God for life—you received through being born again.

Power for Calling—you will receive when God will call you, for a specific, Godly ordained mission. Then he will give you the power as well.... and God knows when this will happen.

So, the power for life you already have... and power for calling you will receive on the day that God will call you.

So I recalled a few main moments... and today we will begin to study a cycle of subjects that have to do with extremes. This is one of the extremes that we will be looking at today—the Unclaimed power of God for calling.

We will be talking of those who have already entered their calling. We will be talking of people who have Already Entered—into something... are Doing something.... the calling of God has already been sounded in their life.... but, the power of God for their calling—remains unclaimed. How is this possible? Let's look at the following example:

perhaps you have encountered this in your life: imagine... someone gave you a large sum of money, and told you WHY or with what purpose he gave it to you... and is now waiting for a result from you. You... have become so engrossed with doing something, that you Forgot WHY you received this money. In other words, you have money in your hands, but you don't recall exactly why it was given to you. Perhaps this has never happened to you, but.... in certain periods of life... when the head is so full of other questions—and a child is sent to the store, and is told a list of things to buy... and he goes... and then comes back with nothing but the buns... and the list actually contained 5 or 6 items. Perhaps this never occurred with you—but this has happened in my family... when we sent our daughter to the store, gave her some tasks—and she came back with nothing but ice cream :) and she says, “well, I was going, and I met my friend, and we got to talking, and went to the store... and I didn't remember anything but the ice cream”

I think that there have been similar moments in our lives.

I know that many of us know of Kenneth Haggan. This is a great man of God. In his life—there was this situation: in the period of time that He served, there only existed knowledge of a few callings. Or, in his time, they only knew and acknowledged (for the most part) the calling of Pastor, and Evangelist. And there was the following school of thought... that if you were not called to be a Pastor, then you were called to be an Evangelist... and if you weren't called to be an Evangelist, then you were called to be a Pastor.... and most people thought and moved in this way. And Kenneth Haggan began to serve as a Pastor in his time... and he had a certain success. His church grew, he liked being a pastor... but, in his spirit—there was a dissatisfaction, no peace.... even having some sort of provision, having some sort of “Enough”... as he was a pastor, the church was taking care of Him... was supplying him... but he didn't have any peace in his spirit.

The spirit was constantly unhappy with what he was doing... and one day, in turning to God—God said: “I haven't called you to be a Pastor.” and he's like... “OK! I understand!” but, as his head contained only one other possibility... the “if you haven't called me to be a Pastor—then I'm called to be an Evangelist”... “Wife, lets get our things together... we're called to be evangelists.” so they got their things together, they got their whole family together, packed into an RV... and began to drive around the country. They did this for 2 years, they spent All that they had... and, as the bible says “came to a worse state”. In 2 years... ending up in an even worse state... he turned to God. “Lord, I'm serving—as an evangelist... but I don't see things in my life manifesting that are in other evangelists lives! When I was a pastor—I had something, at least... but now, I don't have anything at all!” and the Lord says, “I didn't call you to be an evangelist.... “then who am I?!... a Teacher!” why didn't you tell me this right away?.... “you didn't ask!” :)

I am simply saying—how in His Mind—there were only these 2 things.... and he didn't know of the question, “who am I?” because—his mind simply had this position, Only. And he says, “why didn't you tell me?”... “because you didn't ask.”

You see, God isn't going to be forcing you to Be anyone... you Yourselves are supposed to begin this dialogue—but, I want you to see the following in this story: when God called him, God called him into ministry—and he went where he knew to go. look—he HEARD the call, the POWER came... but this power—was for a specific purpose.... and he was moving in the areas that he knew! NOT the one he was called in! And that success that he had—it had more to do with the care of a church... but, when he began to move—as he thought he should—in the calling of an evangelist... he lost whatever he did have. Question: was there provision? Yes there was. Then why didn't he have His? Because he wasn't in what he was called in. was the Provision there? Yes. Was there Power? Yes. Then why didn't he have this? Because he wasn't in what he was supposed to be in... for both the provision and the power. This is called—the Unclaimed power of God for calling.... when It Is There... and THIS is what we will be talking about today.

“Brother Oleg, such things happen?” even more frequently than you think—because you may hear the call of God... but it's very important to Know the Specifics... What are you called to... the Specifics.

For today, when believers hear the word “calling” they frequently understand.. or misunderstand... that this calling is for one of the 5-fold ministries of the church... but a calling can be in a completely different direction—understand, that God also needs lawyers, and accountants, and doctors... for today, there are Many professions in which he wants to see his people in—in politics, and in economics.... therefore, if God is calling—and you sense the call of God—then this doesn't mean that he will be immediately leading you into one of the 5-fold ministries of the church! For today, yes—I'll agree that there is a very LARGE need for ministers in the House of God... but there is also a need in politics, in economics, and so on. Therefore, if you hear the call of God—then it's very important to talk about specifics.... specifically WHERE does he want you to begin to move in?

In other words, we can see—out of this story—that the call of God Was There. Of course—the provision, and specifically the power For the calling—was also given. But Ignorance in the specificity of the calling—was leaving the power unclaimed... and the EFFORTS that were happening in the direction they were happening in.... were torturous. This speaks to us that—the unclaimed power of God for calling—is when God called, supplied man with the power of God for calling.... but the man doesn't know, Specifically—his calling. And the things he does—seem right to him, but he—doesn't experience the power, the support, the provision... he applies enormous effort—without result!

All who accept the call of God—to enter into their calling—Also Always accept the anointing of the Holy Spirit in which is also the provision for calling. And Ignorance in the question of calling—leaves the provision, the power for calling... unclaimed. therefore—if you don't know exactly WHAT you are called to, then you will not be able to use what you are already provided for—in all fullness.

If you don't know what Specifically you are called for—then you will not be able to USE the provision in all fullness.

In other words, ignorance in the question of the Name of Calling—leaves the provision of the calling, and specifically—the anointing and all that it contains—Unclaimed... unclaimed accessible power.

Let's look at another example, a very bright example—from the book of Acts. We are familiar with Saul.... tell me, did Saul strive to serve God? Oh, absolutely—he was more intense than anyone of us and many other believers! But, despite this—what he was moving in, and the power that he used—was this something of Gods? No. What power did Saul use for the realization of what he was moving in? Physical power, and the power of Authority of the Scribes and the High Priests. Notice, in using this power, and moving in the way he was moving—he met God... and God said, “my dear one—you are doing something you weren't asked to do!” Saul—Thank God—didn't argue with God, but simply asked, “then what Do I need to be doing if I'm not supposed to be doing what I'm doing?” and God said, “OK, you will be told!”

notice, that when Jesus turned to Saul... for Saul, the Provision was already provided—for the calling that he was Called for—on the other hand, he was just moving in someone else's calling... and if the Lord Jesus wouldn't have stopped him in this—then he would have continued in it! He would have remained in disobedience—which would always lead him to death, and the Provision would have remained Unclaimed. And notice—that when Saul found out What he is called for... then what did he do? He Left the previous provision—and I will read to you how he did this. Philippians 3:7-8 He writes here: But what things were gain to me, what was previously my provision, what was previously my success, these I have counted loss for Christ for Anointing. For the spirit of God—and this IS the provision For calling... I have counted a loss. 8 Yet indeed I also count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ of ANOINTING of Jesus my Lord, for whom for Jesus, I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them as rubbish, that I may gain Anointing. Or to dwell in Godly provision.

In my life—I also came to this line. In entering my calling, in my mind—I was constantly in conflict... and why? Because I KNEW how to acquire money... without God... through that profession that I had in the world. It wasn't qualified—or, more accurately—wasn't certified, but I KNEW how to do this... and this was in demand! So I could make money in this way! And I did do this for a season.... but the time came when God told me to leave this! And imagine the situation in the head! When you understand that you should leave something... but, you don't yet know-in the mind-how to receive Full Provision.

On the other hand, the Holy Spirit didn't leave, and started to Teach, as with Saul! You will not be able to be in 2 places at once! I know many teachings that have to do with being in both—but scripture itself teaches—that ones who preach the gospel, or ones who are in Full Ministry—must live from the giving. Why such demands? Because God wants those who are called into full ministry to depend Fully and Only on Him—for Everything! This isn't easy—I didn't say this was easy! But, on the other hand—you will never run to anyone else, and will never build relations for the sake of provision.

“well brother Oleg, what if God called me to be in finance? I will probably not encounter anything like this...” no, he'll just name you Such amounts... that you will think about it... especially when it comes to giving them away!

All the disciples of Lord Jesus had... busyiness. They all worked—and many of them did Useful and very important for society—Things. But notice, that the call of God illuminated their TRUE calling. They were doing Good things—they weren't doing Evil things... but the call of God illuminated the situation.

I want to read from one of the teachings of Jesus, Matthew 7:21 and these words—are very sobering... many know these words, but I would like to read them to you again. Jesus says: “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven.” here it says—the will of the Father. Let me bring in a corrective: there is the Written will of God—it's written in the Gospels of the New testament and in the books of the Old testament—the Written Will of God. There is also the INDIVIDUAL will of God. The Individual will of God has to do with Your Calling—and it's written into Your Spirit. In this Teaching—or in this, what we are just read—Jesus is speaking of the Individual Will of God. I will read again, be attentive: “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. 22 Many will say to Me in that day, or the day of Judgment ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’  in other words, if we look at these 3 points in scripture—than we see, that there IS the Will of God for all this! We can't say that they were going against the will of God! We can't say that they weren't Fulfilling the will of God—the Written will of God. But, Jesus says—that the things they were doing---was Lawlessness! Let me read to you: 23 And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; a very interesting question—“Jesus, why didn't you know them?” because they never ASKED him.. what to do. You understand the difference? They Never asked HIM what they should do. All that they did—was Use that, which is accessible by the covenant—and they did this because this was glorifying the name of God. This wasn't them doing this—this was the name of the Lord doing this. But, in doing this—they never asked, “Lord, what plans do you have for us? What do you want us to do? What is YOUR schedule for the week for me? What is your plan for the month? What do we do? Where do we go? What do you want me to do Lord?” they never asked this... and that's why, when they stood before the Lord, he says: “I never knew you” you hear? “I Never Knew You.. depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’ here is the answer—depart from me... you who do that... which you weren't asked to do!

Clear, precise and understandable. Tell me, were they doing something bad? no. and what they Were doing—was in demand! I think that many of them had a ministry of casting out demons... and some had they prophetic ministry... and they thought they were doing an Important Godly Work—because why? Because they saw results! But notice—that results are not an indicator of obedience. specifically—the will of God, or the realization of the will of God—HERE is where the obedience is... that's why it's so important to ask the Lord, “what do you want me to do?” “what direction do you want me to move in?” “what subject do you want me to open up?” but, in speaking with you---with those who are GOING into their calling, who are moving into their calling... for you, it's very important to desire the calling of God—to KNOW it, to first of all—Know It. This is very important.

The mission of the Spirit of God in the life of Every Believer—is to open up their calling, and to help in receiving Everything necessary For calling. This is written about in John 16:13 However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, come where? Will come to earth, will come into the life of every believer... when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears from God He will speak; and He will tell you of yours... things to come.

Also, in 1 Corinthians 2:12 Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, that we might know the things that have been freely given to us by God. The Spirit of God came into our lives—so that we wouldn't remain ignorant. So that we would do the will of God. In the period of the Old Testament—God personally came to people, and personally called. Why? Because at that time—the spirit of God was Not in people. The spirit of God couldn't witness to their spirit of Who they are and What they were to do... so God individually came to people and chose them … and told them... “get up, lets go...” as to Abraham in Genesis 12 Now the LORD had said to Abram: “Get out of your country, From your family And from your father’s house, To a land that I will show you. 2 I will make you a great nation; I will bless you And make your name great; And you shall be a blessing. 3 I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you; And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” in other words, God called Abraham—Personally. God called Moses—personally. God called Jeremiah—Personally. Why, In the period of the Old Testament, did HE call people Personally? Because in that period of time—the spirit of God was Not in their spirit.

But in the period of the New Testament, where does the spirit of God dwell? It dwells within Every Born-again Believer. Therefore, from the moment of being born again, the spirit of God witnesses to our spirit. In other words, the spirit of God, from the moment of being born—works over each one of us... so that we would Know our calling, and would be, Right now, preparing for its realization. Another question... do we talk with Him on this subject? Do we Desire to fulfill our calling? As Saul on the way to Damascus—Jesus stopped Him, & then he asked the question. We don't need to wait for the moment when we are STOPPED... we need to ask this question while we are still in Motion.

I also know many testimonies when people were Stopped—at some period... and why were they stopped? Because their entire life was going Against the will of God, and God Himself stopped them—because at those points, they were already standing at the edge of destruction. But again, they were moving in an incorrect direction because they did NOT know the right way.

This knowledge that you are acquiring, it will help you to Not create an experiment out of your lives. Without Waiting for the moment when you will find yourselves in a pigsty—and will then remember the Provision of God—you Already, Right Now—have the opportunity, in your prayer room, to set out the correct priorities... and not to set a huge list before God, thinking, “I wonder what will be fulfilled out of this...” but, in entering the prayer room—to Find Out HIS list... and then, now KNOWING what you have a need of—before you ask—move according to this list. Receiving direction in the prayer room—what direction to move in, what to do, where to go... and in praying, you will see, in the things you will be praying for—once again, which you received from Him—and you will See what direction your calling is in.

if you will be active in this area, then nonsense will be continuously decreasing.. with every day of prayer—because God is interested in that your lives don't contain nonsense... at all! And the spirit of Truth came into your lives—to instruct you onto the TRUTH.... and not to lead you by the method of Trial & Error. The Method of Trial & Error is used by ones who don't know their calling. The ones who don't know the will of God. “but brother Oleg, I don't know the will of God either!” but you know the one who will lead you there!

If we take the Old Testament, if we take the spirit of God that was leading the children of Israel to the Land of Promise—then according to the Promise to Abraham, God led them there by the Shortest Possible Most Direct Route. The Shortest Route! But we see that the Children of Israel didn't receive this call, for various reasons. So God is INTERESTED in that each one of you would live Without experiments! And the spirit of Truth is in your lives—will instruct you onto every truth.

What does a day begin with? With the question, “Lord, what do you want me to do?” or, “Lord, here is what I need blessed today...?” on the one hand, God will not be getting upset at you... but he will NOT be blessing what he didn't previously already bless. There is that which he ALREADY blessed. Scripture says that “He blessed us in Him with Every Spiritual Blessing in the Heavens.” do I need to ask God to bless this, this & that... perhaps it's much more correct to find out what is ALREADY blessed...? when I find out what is Already Blessed—I can see IN WHAT I AM ALREADY SUCCESSFUL IN... and I don't need to make anything up. So relations with God—they are built not on the requests, on their own... but in that we Find out and Then CREATE. We Find out—then Create.

It is the same in family relations. The Parents always take care of their children—ahead of time. Children don't even think about what they need... but the parents are already preparing the resources for the purchasing of whatever is needed. Children only begin to think about whatever.... and the parents are ready to go and purchase whatever.

I am showing you this picture—so that you would, now, in your prayer room—would work over the question of Your Calling. So that when God calls you—you wouldn't be busy with nonsense, but would be Already Prepared. Of course, in being here—you WILL be prepared for this, because I believe that you are Already praying, Already prophesying, Already applying effort. I believe that not one of you will yourselves in a situation like Saul did—where you will be Actively moving in something, and that you will need to be quickly rescued... because your actively-ness is more of the destructive than constructive variety.

For today, there ARE such components, and I encountered these types of people more than once... that they are Very Active—especially in Forums, in various internet programs... the flip side of this is that they always keep you on your toes. On the other hand, I don't want the lives of these people to destruct. But what they're doing—they think they're doing this for the LORD! This is the amazing part.

Not one person—who stands on the path of a called one—EVER thinks that he's doing this for satan... I can tell you this for sure. Not a single one. Not a single one who tries to put spokes in your wheels ever thinks that he's doing this for satan. Ever. ALL think that they're doing this for the Lord... but, they never ask if the Lord needs this! Something—someone—pushes them to do this. So, whenever you are planning on doing something, it's better that you ask—Does the Lord need this? Because this teaching, “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,”... it doesn't say that they Didn't serve—it doesn't say that they didn't do Anything... the worked with EFFORT! But, the Lord didn't need any of this—and Saul is an example of this. Saul is an example. Therefore, what you do today—is very important and good—and continue to do it, but always hold your hand on the pulse of the spirit of God... because a day will come—when God will call you, will provide you with Power, and it would be good for you to know... the specific Name of Your Calling. The SPECIFIC name, you hear? So that you wouldn't be able to mix it up with anything... because as soon as you enter your calling, and this is not a guarantee or a prophesy... but I'm just saying—that people will immediately be found... and not just one... who will periodically come up to you and tell you that you are doing something that no one needs. People Still come up to me and tell me this.

The amazing thing is—the ones who come up and say this are the ones in who's life you don't see any real fruit. Simply, nothing... but they talk as ones through whom God talks. And you know what I say? Show me God in your life. Out of your fruit. Where is God fruitful in your life?... “oh, I'm single...” and, it starts, the excuses. So I don't get upset at such people, but so that you would understand—that in moving in your calling, there will always be those who will attempt to stop you. Don't blame them, in no way—because they don't know what they do... but you need to perfectly know—what you are called to. YOU must know PERFECTLY & CLEARLY... and if needed, then affirm and re-affirm this 5, 10, 20 times. God will not get upset at you if you will come to him Again and Ask him for the 150th time. “could you remind me what you called me to?” He won't get upset! He'll tell you Again what you were called to! So Absolutely have a Perfect and Clear knowledge of what you are called to. And if you clearly and perfectly know what you are called to... then STOP asking God this question... and begin to find out All that is needed for the REALIZATION of this calling. therefore—in the period of the New Testament, the spirit of God dwells in ALL born again believers, and from birth—Everyone has Access to Know in which direction to move in. therefore, no one out of the born-again will be able to say, that they didn't know!

You Already know your calling. You may not know it in your mind, but you know it in your spirit! Your spirit knows—who you are … and if you will be sufficiently attentive to the process going on in your spirit—and not in your head—then there is a huge probability that you will have an excellent image of what you are called to. A good image.

Even right now You can now begin to set certain exams for yourselves... tests, and you can notice which interests you more, what you are drawn to more. I was never drawn to sow for example. I know that I'm not called to sow. There are things that don't interest you in any way... and you can think, “What draws me?” not in the mind, but simply draws you. You can make a list for yourselves. This can be 5 points, or 6... simply, think about it! “why am I drawn here? There...? what's the motive..? simply analyze things. And ask the spirit of God, “show me!” “show me!” “maybe one of these 5 points... you are already waiting for me there—and I'm still wasting time in the warehouse... if you will Desire this—then you will For Sure know. Absolutely. Because the spirit of God—is in your life—with a Specific purpose... so that you would Know, so that you would Enter, and so that would have the Provision.... especially seeing as you have Beautiful Promises, and from the sermon on the mount: Matthew 5:6 Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, For they shall be filled. This is guaranteed to you! “THIRST for righteousness... for they shall be filled.

rivers of flowing waters will be poured out over those who THIRST... you must strive, desire.. to fulfill your mission. And in desiring of this, you will Absolutely know your mission. I am not saying that you must Leave Everything to prove to God your level of thirst... most frequently, foolishness is proved by such ways. Don't be in a hurry to leave everything. Don't be in a hurry to leave everything—your part... is the prayer room! Demonstrate your desire in the Prayer room. Also, demonstrate your desire in those ministries that you are a part of—because the faithful in others, will be put over their own. Don't ever just leave things until you enter your calling. I know that many believers make this mistake. They hadn't yet entered into their calling, but they leave everything, they leave work, they leave the ministry.... and that's it... “I'm going to wait until God tells me where to go” you already made a mistake in this case. Don't leave your ministry—what you are doing—until you Perfectly know what you are called to. Your part—is the prayer room, is prophesying, is listening, is prophesying, is listening... and so on. Spend more time in the prayer room. especially—to prophesy and to pray in the spirit... and to listen... and to LISTEN.

You know, right now I wouldn't recommend to many believers to move anywhere, into any direction... I mean, to enter into what you think is your calling—if you hadn't yet learned to Hear the Spirit of God. Because the realization of calling—it is always done Only through the LISTENING of the Spirit of God. Only through hearing.

In regards to sowing and reaping—there's nothing simpler, because this is a law. But the law of sowing and reaping will never tell you—your Tasks from God. The law of sowing and reaping: you sowed... and you stand on the word—that your harvest is coming in. you input your faith—not into the law, but into God. The law just simply works, without question... but to receive a task from the Lord—you will need to HEAR.

I want to tell you... that the harvest comes as provision for the task! If you don't find out the task... then when the harvest will come, you will use it where you shouldn't! And in using it a few times for the incorrect thing—next time, the harvest may not come... or—YOU will be outside of the harvest lane. Therefore, the tasks always remain #1, because provision comes for the task.

Therefore, most frequently this happens as a package. You receive a task from the Lord, You sow seed... and the task is provisioned through the harvest of your seed... and it always moves in this way! That's why we always speak of how important it is to learn to Sow Now... and how important it is to learn to Hear Now.... because, in either case... you will need to move in these 2 areas.

We spoke of: that you need to sow when? Every day. I know that many don't do this... although I know that they will want provision for Every day. But... it's, “as you want men to do to you....” you need to sow seed Every Day. During the course of the day—hold your hand on the pulse, so that at any moment—you would be ready to release your faith in obedience to the Lord, “everyone give how you have decided in your heart”. Every day... hold your hand on the pulse. Every day... be ready to release. Let it be just $1, but release it... over the fields, over the waters. This is provision of your calling. Always remember this... and if you left this sowing, of which we spoke about—on our first level, 4th or 5th lesson... then I recommend that you get back to it! Because the provision of calling—it demands certain resources, and these resources are already formulated now, today... so that when you enter your calling, you will not think of “where to get it from” but would think about how to receive... and this is a different question. You will not be pressuring people, and you will not need to motivate or provoke them... or will be telling them how important it is for them that you do this.... :)

and so, we are talking of the importance of that You know your calling—with the purpose, that the provision for calling, which is in the anointing of the Holy Spirit... would be received by you in all fullness. But ignorance in regards to calling leaves the power of the Holy Spirit for calling—Unclaimed.

I am talking of when God called you, of when God turned to you... but, you didn't understand.. to what, exactly. Simply, didn't understand. “brother Oleg, is it possible to not understand what you're being called to? Of course it is! You simply hear that you are being called. He is telling you—to begin to move... but you may think that he is calling you to move in what you are Already moving in—but there is a huge probability that that is Not what you are called to. For example, in what I was moving in.... if I had thought that God was calling me to move in that—then believe me, I would have been in such disobedience long since, that I don't know if I would be alive today. But, as I had turned to Him, and affirmed.. once, twice.. 3 times... I had a perfect witness of what I was called to—and this gave me boldness in certain actions—especially ones that had to do with finances. Because in the area of finances, there are always people who are happy to blame. But if you have boldness from God, witness from God, and God tells you to do such—then you will have this boldness, and the blame will not have any power.

In other words, you always need to have a clear and perfect witness from God—of what to do. I also know people who have entered their calling, but NOT KNOWING IF IT IS FROM GOD OR NOT... they weren't able to receive the provision. They, in having received their provision, they immediately left. That's it. Because they can't sustain the family, they can't live anymore... they can't they can't they can't... for one simple reason: because they are not Sure in that WHAT they started to do—if it is from God. And of course, you can always find people who will tell you, “that this is not from God, stop this, if God would have needed this—he would have provided for it long since...” like one person who came up to me one day, and said: “brother Oleg, I always thought—that if God will call me, he will provide for me first with everything necessary.... and then will tell me to enter” I tell him.. “he already provided you with everything necessary!” he says, “where is it then?” I say, “in your spirit!” “no” he says, “I need it so that I can see it...”

anyway, you understand the situation that occurs with calling. Understand... if this would have been That Easy, then Everyone in church today would have Long Since been in their callings. But the specialty of calling is that you can move in it Only by Faith. Only by Faith. So for today, not many believers—those who have access to be in their calling, 100%--not many are in calling... because Faith is the one thing you can live by in calling. In no other way. And Apostle Paul writes about this: that what was previously a privilege to me, what was of value—which I could rely on... I counted as rubbish to acquire That provision, in which my calling will be realized - in all fullness and without any lack.

This is the position. But today we are talking of: if a person Doesn't know his calling—doesn't know Specifically what it is... then this power, this provision—remains Unclaimed. simply—unclaimed. It is there... it's in your spirit... you carry it around with you... and something is always telling you that God is already calling you.... but, in not knowing WHO you are—you are constantly in conflict!

And you try one extreme... you try another... you pray for someone, and they get healed, and “oh, they got healed! I'm in the ministry of healing!” you begin to move in that direction... and all you get are bruises. “oh, I probably heard wrong. I will try to cast out demons” you try, you're successful... “oh, maybe my ministry is in the casting out of demons!” you begin to move in it... and problems. You think, “Maybe I'll try this... try this... try that...” Never move in this method! NEVER! The prayer room is the way! Perhaps you need to take a fast... 1day, 2days... some solitude... and simply be in fasting and prayer—and LISTEN...! 'Lord, what do you want me to do?” and perhaps you need to make a decision... “that until I know EXACTLY, PERCISELY what I am called to—I am not doing anything” but only do this when you have a perfect and clear CALL from God that you need to MOVE... but you don't know WHAT to do or WHERE to move. If you don't yet have this call from God... in no way do such a thing! They must be very firmly grounded.... and believe me, you Will Know when he has called you—because when he calls you, you will not be able to remain the same. You will not mix this up with ANYTHING!

This is like when the mother of John the Baptist encountered the mother of Jesus—the babe leaped. You will not mix this up with anything. This is it. You will become a new person. In this moment, you will no longer be able to remain the same. That's it. You will react to everything differently... this is the same as... your fist love. That's it, no more plans. You will not be able to mix this up with anything.

So don't make any decisions such as, “Lord, I am leaving everything... and if you don't tell me, I'll die.” and he'll say, “my dear one, you will be called in 10 years to full ministry” “but I already left everything!” “I didn't ask you to do this—I will call you in 1o years!” “well what am going to be doing these 10 years?!” now THIS is a serious discussion!

Now this is what you should have asked first... before you hurried to leave everything. I know a brother, he So wanted to create a family—and he turned to the Lord, “well, comon! How long am I supposed to be patient for?!” the Lord's like, no problem! In 5 years you will have....! and he says, “no, this is not from the Lord! Before 2 or 3 witnesses...” and the lord affirmed it... once.... twice.... 3 times....

so it's better to affirm, and re-affirm and re-affirm to be sure—than dropping everything... and finding out afterward that you should have waited.

As Abraham said, “you haven't given me...” believe me, no one will get upset if you say this—and you haven't dropped anything yet, left anything yet, or broke anything yet.... and you don't need to justify, to start again.

So while you haven't left anything yet—today, strive to... if to enter, then to enter for sure. For Sure! Because I know that many have fallen—because they leave everything... without knowing the correct timing... and they justify with various scriptures. So don't be in a hurry to leave everything. Learn to listen to and to hear the spirit of God. This is something that you will Always need, in Every situation.... and don't stop sowing—you will not be able to realize your calling without it. You will always depend on people if you don't learn to sow today.

So learn to depend on the Lord in provision, and learn to listen to the voice of God... and all this has to do with—that you would know where your calling is. Which direction your calling is in.

it is important that you have: a quality prayer room, prophesy over your life... Godly guidance, “Lord you will show me My way...” I STILL pray with these scriptures... and why? Because is STILL want Him to Direct me, to Guide me, to Talk to me, and to Hold me in His hand.... I still pray with these scriptures—even though I already know my calling, and I'm moving in my provision... without any difficulty. I just want there to Always be—Godly control over me. This control I'm fully in agreement with. I pray about this... and this is my manifestation of Will—that he control me... because his control is for my good.

So I will emphasize again: that the prayer room—the quality prayer room... is vital. The prayer room will help to transfer the knowledge from your spirit to your mind.

Don't look for reasons why not—look for reasons why it must work.

Let's thank God...!

Father we are thankful to you for the anointing, for the spirit of God. We are thankful to you for Your plan and Your intentions... and we are thankful to you that the spirit of truth instructed each one of us onto your truth... has told us our future, has illuminated the eyes of our hearts... and may we KNOW our calling... and may we Fulfill it in all fullness and without any lack in the name of Jesus. We are thankful to you Jesus, and we ask you—hold each one of us with a strong Hand, a Mighty Arm. We ask you—help us not to lean off to the right or the left. And we receive with thanksgiving... your instruction, your guidance... and we believe Lord—that we will be taught by the Lord. Thank you for your anointing, and that we Will complete our calling... in the name of Jesus, AMEN.

(you...) may your days be... as days of heaven upon the earth.

כמו בימים של גן עדן על פני האדמה.

הימים שלך עשוי להיות מוכפל

Eli, ha  shelha-yamim shelha eau

as/like     in/days/like      garden of Eden/paradise     on the earth

kav/mem/vav        kmo?        

beyt/yud/mem/yud/f.mem        beh ymim?

shin/lamed... gimel/f.nun... ayin/dalet/f.nun        shel....gan...eden?

ayin/lamed.... pey/nun/yud... hey/aleph/dalet/mem/hey        al...pnaie...ha-adamah?